Judge Jeanine Rips Into Mayor de Blasio “You Dirtbag” – Judge Laura Johnson Released Cop Threat Thug




Published on Jan 3, 2015

” Judge Jeanine Piro’s Opening Statement took on Mayor deBlasio and his reappointment of Judge Laura Johnson. She is the judge who decided to release 18 yr old Devon Coley, the teen who posted pictures and threats on Facebook on Dec. 20th. The picture was of a man pointing a gun inside a police car. The gun had smoke coming out of the barrel of the gun and the caption said “73 next” and it had emojis of a picture of a gun next to an emojis of a cop’s head and then one of an arm being flexed.

  Even though deBlasio is facing negative public opinion of his actions recently from him stirring the racial tensions, he decided that another slap in the face to the NYPD was what he wanted to do. He didn’t hesitate to reappoint this Liberal judge even though he knew that this move, once again, would send another message to the NYPD. “