Two Naked American Sisters Arrested In Siem Reap, Cambodia






” Two Naked American Tourist Sisters, Lindsey and Leslie Adams, Arrested in Siem Reap, Cambodia for taking nude photos at Angkor Wat Cambodia

   American sisters, Lindsey Adams and Leslie Adams, have been arrested for taking nude pictures at the Angkor Wat Temples Complex. They have been arrested but no charges have been filed yet. [Update: Lindsey Adams And Leslie Adams Have Been Charged And Deported To Thailand By Bus]

  Apsara Authority has confirmed that that Lindsey Adams and her sister Leslie Adams were caught at Preah Khan temple taking pictures of each other with their pants down.”





” ” They lowered their pants to their knees and took pictures of their buttocks,” said Keat Bunthan, a senior heritage police official in northwestern Siem Reap province.

  This is clearly very upsetting to many Cambodians, and comes just weeks after a series of naked foreigners have been arrested while naked in Cambodia, including 3 foreigners riding around on their motorbikes naked, 3 french guys taking completely nude pictures from behind in the Angkor Complex, a Western couple having sex on a tuk-tuk and even a Japanese girl releasing pictures of herself posing topless in the Angkor Wat Temple.”



    This is hysterical , no not that the girls were so disrespectful at a Holy shrine , but the fact that their arrest is but the culmination of a rash of the nudie tourism that has been documented recently in Cambodia . Read on