Major Survey Finds Record Low Confidence In Government





” Americans’ confidence in all three branches of government is at or near record lows, according to a major survey that has measured attitudes on the subject for 40 years.

  The 2014 General Social Survey finds only 23 percent of Americans have a great deal of confidence in the Supreme Court, 11 percent in the executive branch and 5 percent in Congress. By contrast, half have a great deal of confidence in the military.”

    Politicians aren’t the only ones to have completely broken faith with the public … the media has sunk as low as the legislators:

” Confidence has decreased since the 1970s, when about a quarter of Americans expressed a great deal of confidence in the press. Now, a record low of 7 percent have a lot of confidence, while 44 percent have hardly any confidence at all.

  Republicans are the least likely to express a lot of confidence in the press, at only 3 percent, but Democrats aren’t far behind at 10 percent.

  Only 1 in 10 has a lot of confidence in television, which is also near a record low.”

     If the Republican party truly believed in limited government and individual responsibility this poll would be fantastic news , but since they are merely the same old “statist” wine in a different bottle the true beneficiaries of government distrust will be the libertarians and perhaps that will be a good thing in the long run .

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