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Published on Mar 14, 2015

” As you know, over 150 teams are took part in International Drone Day. People have joined a local team to them to represent their part of the world and show the public and press that “Drones Are Good”.


  But our work does not end here, for the next chapter of International Drone Day, we are creating another part of International Drone Day called “ The International Drone Community”. Just like with drone day, the IDC is run by local team captains in your area. Being online is great, but we all need people to fly with, take advice from, share our knowledge with, and thats why the IDC is global but its also local.

  We have two rules for the community:

  Number 1 – Show the world that Drones are Good
  Number 2 – Always show your drone in the best light, help new people, and don’t be the person that makes us all look bad.”