National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 04.07.15



National Police Misconduct Reporting Project





” Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, April 7, 2015:

  • San Francisco, California: Seven officers were suspended over racist texts uncovered during a corruption investigation. Their past cases are under review for bias.
  • Update: Rutland, Vermont (First reported 03-17-15): The officer arrested last month for DUI has been fired.
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico: A man is suing the department for excessive force. The officer at the heart of the suit was fired for insubordination and untruthfulness. The now-former officer had twice been involved in violent interactions that were not recorded by the body camera he was wearing. In addition to the incident in this lawsuit in which he claimed he was assaulted by the plaintiff, he fatally shot a 19-year-old woman. According to the news report, there is no record of the now-former officer receiving any discipline in the shooting case. The news report also notes he is petitioning to get his job with APD reinstated.
  • Update: Fresno, California (First reported 03-27-15): The deputy chief arrested for drug distribution has resigned.
  • Norfolk, Virginia: Four officers are “no longer with” the department after a K9 unit bit a female college student who was being held down by two officers.
  • New York, New York: An officer pled guilty to cocaine trafficking in Florida. He faces 10 years of imprisonment.
  • Honolulu, Hawaii: An officer was arrested for shooting a woman at a bar when off-duty.
  • Hunt County, Texas: A deputy is being investigated after video appears to show him repeatedly striking woman who was months pregnant at the time.



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