Happy One Hundredth Birthday To Theodore Roosevelt “Hound Dog” Taylor







” Alligator Records, Chicago’s leading contemporary blues label, might never have been launched at all if not for the crashing, slashing slide guitar antics of Hound Dog Taylor. Bruce Iglauer, then an employee of Delmark Records, couldn’t convince his boss, Bob Koester, of Taylor‘s potential, so Iglauer took matters into his own hands. In 1971, Alligator was born for the express purpose of releasing Hound Dog‘s debut album. We all know what transpired after that.

  Named after President Theodore Roosevelt, Mississippi-native Taylor took up the guitar when he was 20 years old. He made a few appearances on Sonny Boy Williamson‘s fabled KFFA King Biscuit Time radio broadcasts out of Helena, Arkansas, before coming to Chicago in 1942. It was another 15 years before Taylor made blues his full-time vocation, though. Taylor was a favorite on Chicago’s South and West sides during the late ’50s and early ’60s. It’s generally accepted that Freddy King copped a good portion of his classic “Hide Away” from an instrumental he heard Taylor cranking out on the bandstand.

  Taylor‘s pre-Alligator credits were light — only a 1960 single for Cadillac Baby‘s Bea & Baby imprint (“Baby Is Coming Home”/”Take Five”), a 1962 45 for Carl Jones‘ Firma Records (“Christine”/”Alley Music”), and a 1967 effort for Checker (“Watch Out”/”Down Home”) predated his output for Iglauer.” Continue reading






Hound Dog Taylor & the Houserockers
1971 Hound Dog Taylor & the Houserockers Alligator Records
Natural Boogie
1973 Natural Boogie Alligator Records
Beware of the Dog
1975 Beware of the Dog Alligator Records
Genuine Houserocking Music
1982 Genuine Houserocking Music Alligator Records
Freddie's Blues
1994 Freddie’s Blues Wolf
Release the Hound
2004 Release the Hound P-Vine Records



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