National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 05.06.15




National Police Misconduct Reporting Project




” Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, May 6, 2015:

  • Indiana University-Bloomington: A police officer resigned after he was accused of raping a student.
  • DEA: Six agents who left a man alone in a cell without food or water for five days, forcing the man by circumstance to drink his urine to survive, were given short suspensions and reprimands. None of them lost their positions to termination.
  • Dover, Delaware: An officer was indicted for assault. He kicked a man in the head and broke his jaw when responding to a call. The dashcam video of the incident was recently released. The former state attorney general was unable to secure an indictment from a grand jury shortly following the 2013 incident. However, the new attorney general re-presented case to the grand jury and had more success.
  • Columbia County, Florida: Two officers were charged in beating of an inmate at the jail and an attempt to cover it up.
  • Lee County, Florida: A deputy was fired for not responding to 911 call instead finishing his lunch, though he was not on his lunch break. He was sitting with three fellow deputies when he responded verbally to the dispatcher twice but did not move for assistance either time. He waited nearly 30 minutes to tell another deputy to respond. That deputy arrived on the scene 53 minutes after the initial 911 call.  The caller had succumbed to a fatal heart attack. The sheriff said the now-former deputy’s actions were “beyond negligent.”
  • Ramapo, New York: The police department is being sued for stopping four black parole officers at gunpoint and holding them even after they successfully identified themselves.
  • Anne Arundel County, Maryland: An officer was arrested for biting another man’s testicles during a fight.
  • Update: Victoria, Texas (First reported 12-17-14): The officer who was fired for twice tackling and then tasing a 76-year-old man during a traffic stop has been hired by Beeville PD.

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