An Introduction To Sledge Hammer – “Gun Crazy – Memorable Moments With The Cast”




Uploaded on Nov 1, 2011

” 14-minute documentary celebrating the best excerpts from spoof cop show “Sledge Hammer!” (that character played by David Rasche) – about the San Francisco detective with the nihilistic and misogynistic tendencies, ably backed up by his sexy sidekick, Dory Doreau (Anne-Marie Martin). Ever the bane of Captain Trunk’s (Harrison Page) life, his humorous antics kept TV audiences of the 1980s entertained and enthralled for two whole series. Move over, ‘Dirty Harry’ Callahan…..

If you’ve never discovered Inspector Hammer before, here are the perfect examples of his hilarious adventures…..

Written and produced by Alan Spencer. Copyright exists.

(The whole “Sledge Hammer!” experience is available on DVD at…) “