National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 05.27.15



National Police Misconduct Reporting Project




” Here are the seven reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, May 27, 2015:

  • Prince George’s County, Maryland: An officer was arrested and charged with first-degree murder for a shooting at fast food restaurant. One man died in the incident and the officer’s ex-wife was injured.
  • Update: Los Angeles, California (First reported 03-18-15): The now-former officer who was wanted for killing a man in an off-duty fight was apprehended in Mexico and extradited to United States.
  • Miami Springs, Florida: An officer was arrested for extortion. He allegedly aided someone he thought to be a drug trafficker who was an undercover FBI agent.
  • Polk County, Florida: A lieutenant was arrested for indecent exposure.
  • Christian County, Missouri: The sheriff resigned after he pled guilty to embezzling county funds. He was sentenced to one year and one day.
  • King County, Washington: A deputy who worked at Sea-Tac airport was fired for a number of violations in one incident. He was found passed out drunk at the helm of a boat and he had left his firearm unattended on shore. When confronted by responding officers, he assaulted them.
  • Springfield, Missouri: An officer won’t be charged for fatally shooting an unarmed man. The officer said he thought man reached for a weapon.



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