SWAT Destroys House Trying To Capture A Shoplifter Hiding Inside




Published on Jun 11, 2015

” Police destroyed a man’s house during a 20-hour standoff with a shoplifter in the small town of Greenwood Village Colorado. Police and SWAT officers were trying to capture a 33-year-old Robert Jonathan Seacat who randomly barged into the home Wednesday afternoon after allegedly shoplifting at a Walmart. Secant was said to have opened fire on police as they tried to apprehend him. After releasinig a nine-year-old boy that was inside the house at the time, SWAT officers set up a perimeter and used tear gas, flash bang grenades and a breaching ram to rip giant holes in the siding. The homeowner, Leo Lech, is very angry at the damage to the home that he bought for his son to live in with his family.

  Commander Dustin Varney justified its excessive force in its efforts to capture Seacat who has an extensive rap sheet in Colorado.

  Mr. Lech says the police acted like paramilitary thugs and have made his house uninhabitable.

  Was it really necessary to destroy an entire house to extract one armed suspect? The City of Greenwood Village should help cover costs not covered by insurance.”