National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 06.18.15



National Police Misconduct Reporting Project





” Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, June 18, 2015:

  • Calhoun County, Colorado: A deputy was arrested for DUI.
  • Sacramento County, California: A now-former deputy was convicted for selling firearms purchased for law enforcement to a civilian illegally.
  • Salinas, California: An officer has been removed from patrol duty after a recorded violent arrest. He struck the suspect five times with his
  • Update: Buffalo, New York (First reported 05-08-15): An officer will not be charged for actions off duty at a bar where the owner threw a patron down a flight of stairs, leading to his eventual death. Another off-duty officer who was there faces civil rights charges.
  • Deschutes County, Oregon: The sheriff’s office faces a wrongful death suit and a state department of justice investigation for letting an inmate die in custody.
  • Miami-Dade, Florida: A detective was indicted on federal charges for stealing money and other property from motorists.
  • Monroe, Michigan: An officer was fined $850 after he pled guilty to operating while impaired, a lesser charge than DUI. He remains on leave.
  • Bibb County, Georgia: A deputy was arrested for DUI



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