National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 06.19.15 To 06.22.15



National Police Misconduct Reporting Project




” Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Saturday, June 19 through Monday, June 22, 2015:

  • Columbus, Ohio: An officer inadvertently shot a four-year-old girl while attempting to shoot the family dog. The girl was wounded in the leg.
  • Boca Raton, Florida: An officer was fired for violating procedure in a shooting incident last year.
  • Erie Township, Michigan: An officer was suspended for actions before and after a domestic altercation that involved a shooting.
  • Prince George’s County, Maryland: The department is being sued by a man after a police cruiser collided with him while he was on an ATV.
  • Fulton County, Georgia: A captain was arrested for pandering during a vice sting in another county.
  • Update: Newton, New Jersey: A now-former officer pled guilty to exposing himself to five men during traffic stops. He is scheduled to be sentenced in August.
  • Osage Nation, Oklahoma: An officer was charged with a felony after a fatal hit-and-run of a pedestrian.
  • Owasso, Oklahoma: An officer was placed on leave while under investigation for use of excessive force.
  • Update: Simpsonville, South Carolina: A now-former officer pled guilty to misconduct. He improperly disposed of evidence in murder case.



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