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     The likelihood of you being killed by a terrorist explained with a simple graphic . For just one example , you are eight times more likely to be killed by the cops than you are of dying in a terrorist attack .






Nairobi Siege: How The Attack Happened



How attack happened


1. Attack

” Attackers enter building from front entrance, via second floor car park and reportedly also via the basement. Begin shooting and throwing grenades. Thousands of shoppers flee, with attackers reportedly targeting non-Muslims. Hostages taken and reportedly held in cinema and Millionaires Casino.

The attack on the Westgate Shopping Centre in Nairobi unfolded at around noon local time (0900 GMT) on Saturday.

The mall was packed with shoppers and people having lunch.

The multi-storey, upmarket shopping centre is owned by an Israeli businessman, has restaurants, cafes, banks, a large supermarket and a cinema.

The building has six levels – with three devoted to shopping, eating and leisure, a third and fourth containing offices and a dental practice, and a basement underneath.

The attackers are thought to have entered the building from three points.

According to witnesses sitting outside ArtCaffe on the ground floor, one group armed with assault weapons drove up to the main entrance.

The attackers, dressed in black and wearing turbans, began firing and throwing grenades, causing panic as shoppers fled in any direction away from the firing.”


2. Stand Off

3. Renewed Assault

4. Aftermath









Boehner, Cantor Back Obama On Force Against Syria



” House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said after a White House meeting that he supports the president’s “call for action” against Syria, and he believes most other congressional Republicans will do so as well.

Cantor also said he hopes Obama uses force “judiciously,” and maintains “consultation with the Congress.” “




   Enough with the US being the World’s policeman . Setting aside the fact that there is still a great deal of controversy as to how the chemical weapons came to be used we can see no reason that would require the US to enter into what is a proxy civil war .

   Obama’s claim that it is a matter of “national security” is specious at best and more than likely a bald-faced lie ,  given the fact that the “rebels” that we would ostensibly be supporting are nothing but a bunch of al Qaeda terrorists .










3-Year-Old With Spina Bifida Endures Ridiculous TSA Screening




” Because there’s nothing more threatening than a disabled tot in a hot-pink wheelchair and Velcro sneakers, TSA agents singled out 3-year-old Lucy, who has spina bifida, for extra screening at Lambert-St. Louis Airport in Missouri. Irritated parents Nathan and Annie Forck kept the camera rolling, despite agents insisting filming was illegal.”





A Wonderfully Crafted Piece From Our Friends At Two Heads Are Better Than One

Two Heads are Better Than One

Abu Ghraib.

NSA wire-tapping.

Guantanamo Bay.


Remember all these golden hits from not that long ago (plus a host of others) which the Left carped about DAILY? Remember the claims that Bush was a tyrant/dictator/fascist/Nazi? That he was a war-mongering war criminal who really, really loved war? That the United States should be the world’s buddy, and shouldn’t do things like forcibly extracting information from terrorists, or listen in on conversations between terrorists, ’cause THAT would be an egregious governmental overreach?

That is sooooo yesterday.

Lap dog media

In light of the news which we just touched on earlier, the media’s reaction has been somewhat of a mixed bag. Certainly there’s been surprise from some on the Left, and it can’t be ignored that the leaked 16-page ‘White Paper‘ was brought to light via But it remains to be seen if this will engender…

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  Bare in mind that Damon’s movie was at least partially underwritten by one of the oil producing dictatorships of the mideast … United Arab Emirates



Report Debunks Damon Fracking Movie



 ” The analysis and other health assessments have been closely guarded by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and his administration as the governor weighs whether to approve fracking. Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, has long delayed making a decision, unnerved in part by strident opposition on his party’s left. A plan to allow a limited amount of fracking in the state’s Southern Tier along the Pennsylvania border is still seen as the most likely outcome, should the drilling process receive final approval.

The New York governor is considered to be a potential 2016 contender. Cuomo has known about the report for months as he considered approving fracking. Fracking is a difficult issue for a Democrat considering a presidential future.

News of the report comes as Hollywood takes a tough stand on the issue.Matt Damon’s Promised Land, a movie about local, rural resistance to fracking, was released in December. The movie has not been received well and is currently rated “rotten.” “



Also bare in mind that fracking isn’t new :



” Since Stanolind Oil introduced hydraulic fracturing in 1949, close to 2.5 million fracture treatments have been performed worldwide. Some believe that approximately 60% of all wells drilled today are fractured. Fracture stimulation not only increases the production rate, but it is credited with adding to reserves—9 billion bbl of oil and more than 700 Tscf of gas added since 1949 to US reserves alone—which otherwise would have been uneconomical to develop.

In addition, through accelerating production, net present value of reserves has increased. Fracturing can be traced to the 1860s, when liquid (and later, solidified) nitroglycerin (NG) was used to stimulate shallow, hard rock wells in Pennsylvania, New York, Kentucky, and West Virginia. Although extremely hazardous, and often used illegally, NG was spectacularly successful for oil well “shooting.” The object of shooting a well was to break up, or rubblize, the oil-bearing formation to increase both initial flow and ultimate recovery of oil. This same fracturing principle was soon applied with equal effectiveness to water and gas wells.”



Afghan Policewoman Kills US Military Adviser In First ‘green on blue’ Attack By Female




” An Afghan policewoman has killed an American adviser at Kabul’s police headquarters today.

The killing could be the latest insider attack by a member of the Afghan security forces against their foriegn allies, and the first committed by a woman.

The attack came just hours after an Afghan policeman shot dead five of his fellow officers at a checkpoint in northern Afghanistan. “


… Body Of Married Father Is Found Shot Dead





” The leader of Navy SEAL Team Four, one of the most senior commanders in the elite world of special operations, has died after apparently committing suicide in Afghanistan, it was reported today.

Commander John W Price, 42, was found dead in his quarters with a gunshot wound on Saturday – just three days before Christmas.

Cmdr Price was based in Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, Virginia, near Norfolk and had been in the military for more than 23 years.

He leaves behind a wife, Stephanie and a nine-year-old daughter Jillian, who both live in Virginia Beach.

The commander is originally from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. “


Reason TV Replay:


” As Americans get ready to travel for the holidays, here is a look back at last year’s Christmas-themed Remy-ReasonTV collaboration.

Here is the original text from the Dec 19, 2011 video:

In seasons past, Grandma only had to worry about getting run over by a reindeer. With “Grandma Got Run Over by TSA,” web sensation Remy gets us in the holiday mood with a song about Christmas, Homeland Security, and the joys of civil rights abuses. “

Inhofe: Benghazi Cover-Up Bigger Than Watergate, Iran-Contra



” “I have made a study of different cover-ups – the Pentagon Papers, Watergate and Iran-Contra. I’ve never seen anything like it. I think this is probably the greatest cover-up, in my memory anyway,” the Oklahoma Republican said in an interview Saturday night on Fox News.

Republican senators John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire said Friday that the State Department report does not address questions about the role of Cabinet officials in responding to the assault that night. ”



Illustration By Gary Varvel



 A-10 Gun Run On Taliban


A-10 Gun Run

I Am Proud to Lead You Men to the
Nearest Off-Ramp


“At ease, men.

As your battalion commanders and
General Axelrod have already briefed
you, you embark today on an important
mission to the Af-Pak Theater. The
success of this mission will not only
insure the future of democracy and
human civilization, but also my Gallup
net favorable index. I have every
confidence that you will succeed in this
great educational field trip, because you
represent the finest right-sized,
nonviolent time killing force ever

Arrayed behind me are the mighty
Minivans of Democracy that you will
soon be loading. These are America’s
great 5-star crash rating arsenal of
multilateral understanding. And as your
supreme commander-in-chief, it is my
great honor, privilege, and turn to serve
as your pool driver, because Michelle
has her Pilates class this afternoon. Now,
as our rendezvous with destiny
approaches, let me say that I am every
bit as proud of you fine young soldiers
and Marines as I am when I take Malia
and Sasha to gymnastics. Okay, let’s all
pair up with a buddy and line up double
file for the vans.
While everyone is buckling their safety
belts, I would like to take a few minutes
to adjust the rear view mirror and
remind you why you are going on this
mission. As I have allegedly always said,
Afghanistan is war of necessity. But as
your supreme commander, I know that
in planning wars and field trips we must
never act rashly. Remember when Mr.
Bush had that flat tire at Camp Iraq?
That is why I solicited the advice of my
top field commanders. I asked General
McChrystal what he needed from me to
show 110% commitment to mission
success. He told me 40,000 battle ready

By the way, who needs hand sanitizer?
Anybody? “

President Obama’s War Report: War on Terror in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, “Various Other Locations,” U.S. Forces in Central Africa, Egypt, Kosovo, on the
High Seas


” The U.S. forces deployed last year to
Uganda to fight Joseph Kony’s Lord’s
Resistance Army, meanwhile, have
expanded out to the Central African
Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo
(where local rebels for a period of time
recently took over one of its largest cities,
Goma), and the newly independent South
Sudan (which has had a tense relationship
with Sudan , from which it broke off last
year, with war sometimes appearing
imminent). ”

Good thing that Evil ” Bushy McHitler” is gone or we might be mired down is endless warfare and petty tribalism .

The U.S. Marine Corps’ New M27 IAR: Part One




” For the past several years SADJ has been following progress of the US Marine Corps’ program to identify and field a suitable alternative to the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon.  While the 5.56mm belt fed SAW is touted as a relatively portable weapon that can pump out a high volume of fire, many of the Leatherneck MOS 0311 grunts who have been humping this twenty-plus pound package since 1985 have been asking for something lighter, simpler and more reliable.  This sentiment has been repeated by many in their chain of command from fire team leaders to flag officers.

Like most any significant change to the status quo, the SAW-replacement process has been difficult as various factions have made their often contentious positions known.  Details of this struggle within the Corps, spanning more than two dozen years, will be provided in Part 2.

Meanwhile, the decision has been made and the Corps is well on its way to issuing more than 4,400 M27 IARs as fast as gunmaker Heckler & Koch can deliver them.  By early 2013, every Squad Automatic Rifleman in Infantry fire teams and Light Armored Recon scout teams will be carrying the new IAR.

But don’t mourn for the M249.  A half dozen SAWs will be retained in each Infantry Rifle Company, available to the commander as tactical situations arise. “



How About Czar’s Pay ? If we are talking bloat here , then let’s start with politicians , bureaucrats and administrators before we think of cutting the pay of the one branch of government that is truly justified .

And remind us again how many aides Michelle has .





” Panetta said there were four areas he looked at when trying to achieve savings: efficiencies; force structure reductions, or decreasing total troop strength; procurement reforms; and, perhaps most controversially, compensation.

Troop pay was not directly affected by the Budget Control Act reductions, but if Panetta was laying out a road map for future cuts, as he appeared to be doing, it may not be spared for long.

“Everything has to be looked at if you’re serious about achieving the kind of savings that we need to achieve to address the budget deficit,” Panetta said, adding that he faced a $50 million healthcare bill at the Defense Department and that pay rates had grown significantly in recent years.

Still, military pay seems a strange place to start cutting. While troops do have a robust benefits package during service, pay can be barebones, starting at roughly $1,500 per month for junior enlisted service members. Cuts or cost increases to veterans’ healthcare are also a sore spot, as fee increases in the current defense budget bill have left some retirees feeling let down by the military. “