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Creepy Sheepshead Fish Have Human-Like Teeth




” The Sheepshead fish (Archosargus probatocephalus), also known as “convict fish” because of its “prison stripes,” belongs to the family Sparidae which includes some even weirder fish. According to the Scientifiic American, some species of the family Sparidae experiment with forms of “LGBT” lifestyles that would shock anti-gay fundamentalists. Some are hermaphrodites while others change from female to male (progogyny), or from male to female (protandry).

Some members of the Sparidae family such as Salema porgy (Sarpa salpa), nicknamed “dreamfish” taste great, but you risk falling into a drug induced psychedelic trance if you eat the flesh. Scientific American reports that Salema porgy was used for recreational hallucinogenic purposes in the ancient Roman empire and was used in traditional Polynesian ceremonies.

Eating parts of Salema porgy, including the head, could cause a condition known as ichthyosarcotoxism or Ichthyoallyeinotoxism, a form of poisoning caused by toxins of the marine plankton Gambierdiscus toxicus. The poisoning, according to Scientific American, causes florid hallucinations and nightmares that could last several days.”





Star And Black Hole In Dizzying Dance



Artist's impression of black hole feeding off rapidly orbiting companion star. Credit: ESA




” A star and a black hole are orbiting each other at the rate of once every 2.4 hours, smashing the previous record by nearly an hour, European astronomers say.

The black hole in this compact pairing discovered by the European Space Agency’s XMM-Newton space telescope is at least three times more massive than the Sun while its red dwarf companion star has a mass only 20 percent that of the Sun, and the pair is separated by only around 600,00 miles, a release from ESA’s Paris headquarters reported Tuesday.”





Antarctic’s First-Ever Whale Skeleton Found




” For the first time ever, scientists say they have discovered a whale skeleton on the ocean floor near Antarctica. Resting nearly a mile below the surface, the boneyard is teeming with strange life, including at least nine new species of tiny of deep-sea creatures, according to a new study.

Though whales naturally sink to the ocean floor when they die, it’s extremely rare for scientists to come across these final resting places, known as “whale falls.” Discovering one typically requires a remote-controlled undersea vehicle and some luck.

“At the moment, the only way to find a whale fall is to navigate right over one with an underwater vehicle,” study researcher Jon Copley, of the University of Southampton in England, said in a statement. The team’s chance encounter with a 35-foot-long (10.7 meter) spread of bones that belonged to a southern Minke whale came as they were exploring an undersea crater near the South Sandwich Islands.”








Australia Scientists Bring Extinct Frog Species Back to Life – for a Few Days




” Over five years, the researchers used a technique called somatic cell nuclear transfer, which involved taking fresh donor eggs from the great barred frog, a distant relative of the extinct species.

Some of the eggs began to divide and grow to early embryo stage but none have yet survived beyond a few days. Genetic tests have confirmed the embryos are that of the extinct species.

Mike Archer, research team leader, said: “We are watching Lazarus arise from the dead, step by exciting step.

“We’ve reactivated dead cells into living ones and revived the extinct frog’s genome in the process. Now we have fresh cryo-preserved cells of the extinct frog to use in future cloning experiments.

“We’re increasingly confident that the hurdles ahead are technological and not biological and that we will succeed. Importantly, we’ve demonstrated already the great promise this technology has as a conservation tool when hundreds of the world’s amphibian species are in catastrophic decline.” “



CERN Says Data ‘Strongly Indicates’ Higgs Boson Found


Real CMS proton-proton collision events in which 4 high energy electrons (green lines and red towers) are observed. The event shows characteristics expected from the decay of a Higgs boson but is also consistent with background Standard Model physics processes. (Image from

Real CMS proton-proton collision events in which 4 high energy electrons (green lines and red
towers) are observed. The event shows characteristics expected from the decay of a Higgs boson but is also consistent with background Standard Modelphysics processes.(Image from





” It is now almost certain the subatomic particle that brings together everything in the universe has been found, CERN scientists announced on Thursday. Latest analysis of data from the Large Hadron Collider proves that the Higgs boson actually exists.

The search for the missing particle dubbed as ‘the holy grail of physics,’ which has been going on for almost half a century and has brought the $10 billion Large Hadron Collider (LHC) into existence, has finally resulted in some strong experimental evidence.

The question which has eluded countless physicists for decades, and the missing link explaining how the universe works at the very basic level, is what gives mass to matter. In other words, what has brings all the flying particles together to form stars, planets and humans ever since the Big Bang.”





How They’ll Salvage the Costa Concordia






” More than a year after the Costa Concordia ran aground off the Italian coast, the ship remains where it wrecked. More than 400 workers are attempting one of the largest salvage operations in history, a process that will cost around $400 million and will take at least until this summer to complete. They have a tough slog ahead: Just removing the 2100 tons of fuel took 31 days and 20 vessels. Because the ruined ship is lying on its side, the engineering teams have to hoist it upright—preserving a seabed lush with coral, sea-grass meadows, and giant clams—before towing it to a safe harbor for disassembly.”




Dolphins Armed With Guns Escape Ukrainian Military Compound

” Dolphins armed with guns allegedly escaped from a Ukrainian Navy staging area and are now roaming the Black Sea off the coast of Crimea.

The marine mammals were said to be part of a revived Cold War-era program where dolphins are trained for military use such as fighting and killing frogmen-saboteurs, searching for mines, and scouting and even destroying enemy battleships, according to a Russian news agency.

More Here :

Dolphins Armed with Pistols

” Sounds like something out of a bad James Bond movie. The Ukrainian navy is training captive dolphins to attack enemy swimmers. According to RIA Novosti:

The killer-dolphins will be trained to attack enemy combat swimmers using special knives or pistols fixed to their heads, the source said. “We are now planning training exercises for counter-combat swimmer tasks in order to defend ships in port and on raids,” he said.”

There are all manner of rumors about how dolphins are or have been employed by the Navy. They include:

  • Training dolphins to pull face masks off of divers and force them to the surface.
  • Arming them with .45 caliber bang sticks.
  • Arming them with large hypodermic syringes loaded with CO2 gas that would cause an enemy diver to explode.

… as well as having them attach mines to enemy ships.

There are also reports, like this one from the BBC, that some dolphins from the Soviet era have been sold to Iran.”

And Here : 

Heavily Armed Sex Crazed Dolphins On Rampage In Black Sea

” Worrying news today for any Register readers who may be in the neighbourhood of the Black Sea, as news has emerged that three elite Ukrainian navy killer dolphins, possibly armed with deadly weapons attached to their heads, have gone absent without leave in the region, apparently intent on nookie.

As all habitués of these pages will know, the Ukrainian navy possesses one of just two military dolphin formations worldwide (the other belongs to the US navy), having inherited it during the division of the former Soviet Black Sea fleet. Since the end of the Cold War, the combat cetaceans had mostly been employed on peaceful duties: but last year news emerged that the battle-bottlenoses would be trained up once more in warlike missions such as the laying or hunting of mines – or even attacking enemy frogmen using “knives or pistols” attached to their heads.”


North Korea Prepares for War, US Pacific Command Prepares for Climate Change





” While China and North Korea are scaling up the aggressiveness to 11, the United States is preparing for Waterworld. When historians look back on this period, they will be baffled by the pivot of a world power from bringing order and stability to sinking into a bizarre ecological superstition that led it to completely neglect the security situation.

It would be nice to think that this insanity was just limited to the White House, but military leaders now know to echo whatever insanity comes out of the White House.

Or maybe they even believe it.

Navy Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III, in an interview at a Cambridge hotel Friday… said significant upheaval related to the warming planet “is probably the most likely thing that is going to happen . . . that will cripple the security environment, probably more likely than the other scenarios we all often talk about.’’ “




Watch Tiger Woods’ Golf Ball Get Stuck In A Palm Tree At The WGC-Cadillac Championship






“On the 17th hole in the third round at Doral, Woods pushed his tee shot right of the fairway, and it looked like it would be fine until the ball never landed on grass. Sure enough the ball got stuck in the top of a palm tree, and lucky for Woods he was able to identify it was his ball, taking a drop by the tree instead of having to go back to the tee to hit his third shot.”






NASA Warns ‘Something Unexpected Is Happening To The Sun’ 

Solar Activity

” ‘Sunspot numbers are well below their values from 2011, and strong solar flares have been infrequent,’ the space agency says.

The image above shows the Earth-facing surface of the Sun on February 28, 2013, as observed by the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager (HMI) on NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

It observed just a few small sunspots on an otherwise clean face, which is usually riddled with many spots during peak solar activity.

Experts have been baffled by the apparent lack of activity – with many wondering if NASA simply got it wrong.

However, Solar physicist Dean Pesnell of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center believes he has a different explanation.”

See Mount Etna’s Incredible Volcanic Fireworks


mt etna



” Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe, is at it again, spewing lava and stones and sending clouds of ash across the Italian island of Sicily. The mountain, which is also one of the most active volcanoes in the world, erupted violently on Tuesday — its sixth eruption of the year. Volcanoes have figured significantly in Italy’s past: The explosions of Mount Vesuvius forever froze a moment of daily life in first-century Pompeii and Herculaneum. Only time will tell if Mount Etna has shown us her worst, or if her displays in the coming days will be bigger, brighter and more destructive.”


Here is video of last month’s eruption 







Congress Cancels Global Warming Hearing Because of Snowstorm




” Moments like this are why ecoscammers no longer call it “Global Warming”, but rebranded it as “Climate Change.” Because a snowstorm is climate change too, even if it keeps you from holding hearings on the effect of climate change on climate change meetings.

The snowquester has claimed yet another casualty: Wednesday’s House hearing on global warming.

The House Science, Space and Technology Committee announced early Wednesday that it’s postponing its environmental subcommittee’s scheduled 10 a.m. hearing on the state of the science behind climate change. As a reason, it cited “weather.” “



Five Facts About Sinkholes

” Which states have sinkholes? The entire state of Florida is prone to sinkholes since it sits on top of a layer of limestone rock known as karst, which can be dissolved by acidic groundwater, according to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), other vulnerable states include Texas, Kentucky, Alabama, Missouri, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.

Are sinkholes common? Unlike hurricanes or earthquakes, sinkholes aren’t tracked. But CNN reports that from 2006 to 2010 in Florida alone, there were 24,671 insurance claims for sinkhole damage, totaling a whopping $1.4 billion.”







Stolen Yacht Washes Ashore, Three Suspects Arrested [Video]


Three Arrested


” A stolen yacht washed ashore in California on Monday leading to the arrest of three individuals on board, according to authorities.

Two males and one female, suspected of stealing the yacht, were stuck inside when it became trapped in shallow waters near Pacifica State Beach in Sausalito. Initially refusing rescue, the alleged thieves were eventually brought ashore and taken into police custody.

According to The Associated Press, the 82-foot vessel known as Darling was taken from Sausalito Yacht Harbor at approximately 1:30 am on Monday.”



2nd Sinkhole Opens In Florida Near Area Where Man Was Swallowed By Earth


Florida Sinkhole 2





” A second sinkhole has opened in a Seffner neighborhood, just two miles from where another sinkhole swallowed a man in his bedroom last week.

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue and code enforcement officials were called to a home on Cedar Tree Lane to determine if it’s safe for the family to stay in the house. “






Swarm Of 30 Million Locusts Hit Egypt 2013

” A plague of locusts descended Saturday on agricultural farms in Giza and on Cairo. Egyptian Agricultural Minister Salah Abad Almoman said the swarm is comprised of an estimated 30 million insects and was causing great damage.

In Cairo, residents burned tires to create a black fog to keep the locusts from settling in the city. Swarms were also reported to have reached Egypt’s Red Sea city of Zafarana, some 200 kilometers (124 miles) from Cairo, and then the Upper Egyptian city of Qena where locusts appeared in at least three major villages.

The Al-Ahram daily reported that since January, swarms of the insects – originating from Sudan have been spotted along the Red Sea coast in south-eastern Egypt, north-eastern Sudan, Eritrea and Saudi Arabia.

In 2004, Egypt witnessed one of the most serious locust infestations in recent history, when farmers in 15 out of the country’s 27 governorates suffered extensive crop damage. The Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture issued a statement saying it had set up task forces to deal with the locust plague.

A professor at Cairo University’s Faculty of Agriculture said the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations warned of the locust danger last November, but the Ministry of Agriculture dismissed the warnings as rumors and refused to examine the issue.

Professor Nader Nur al-Din claimed that over the past few months he had also warned the ministry of the locust threat. Thanks to Oleg Karapishenko.”



Sandy-Battered Rockaway Boos Bloomberg At Parade




” “For the politicians to come down here and try to take our celebration and make it their thing … it’s disgusting.”

At the end of the route, Bloomberg thanked the Sanitation Department, said, “This was a great day for the Rockaways,” and abruptly jumped in his car.

Bloomberg wasn’t the only politician crossed by parade-goers. .

Revelers heckled Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer after he cheered through a bull horn, “Let’s hear it for the Rockaways.”

Public advocate and mayoral contender Bill de Blasio’s crew was also lashed after a staffer chanted through a megaphone, “Mission accomplished. Thanks, Bill de Blasio.” “


Florida Man Swallowed By Sinkhole Feared Dead





 ” A 36-year-old Florida man was feared dead on Friday after a sinkhole suddenly opened beneath the bedroom of his suburban Tampa home swallowing him, police and fire officials said.

Rescuers responded to a 911 call late on Thursday after the man’s family reported hearing a loud crash in the house and rushed to his bedroom.

“All they could see was a part of a mattress sticking out of the hole,” said Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Chief Ron Rogers. “Essentially the floor of that room had opened up.”

A sheriff deputy who arrived at the scene rescued the man’s brother who jumped in the sinkhole and tried to rescue him. Three other adults and a child were in the house at the time the sinkhole opened up”





Why You Should Think Like A Green Beret Instead Of A Doomsday Prepper




” There is a disaster coming and you have a decision to make: Is it better to live like a rat in a hole (a bunker) or to network with your neighbors and organize your local area of operation? Sure, it’s a loaded question but it brings up an interesting point: That even the lone wolf can’t survive long by himself. We are social pack animals by nature and the stronger we make our local “pack” the better our chances of survival.

I’d rather have a local neighborhood of 400 organized, motivated individuals defending an area and watching each other’s back than to go it alone in a ten foot corrugated pipe buried in the middle of nowhere. And if we agree on this point, then it makes perfect sense to look at the Green Berets for inspiration.

The Green Berets are the U.S. Special Forces elite commandos who get dropped behind enemy lines and are tasked with organizing the local or indigenous population toward a specific goal. They are smart, motivated and trained in tactics that make them extreme force multipliers. This should be your goal as a prepper, because surviving alone is too big of a job. The days of “Liver Eatin’” Johnson, where a mountain man could live in the back country for years at a time, wasn’t even a high survivability endeavor back in the 1800′s. The odds that one man or even a small family can, “face it alone” are very slim. Sure, you might get lucky and pull it off, but personally I prefer to play the odds. And if we look at history, the odds on survival as part of a community are much greater than going it alone– which is why communities formed in the first place.

In a disaster scenario where there is No Rule Of Law (sidenote: See NutNFancy’s excellent Youtube video on WROL: Without Rule Of Law) there will be a power vacuum. People will be scared and afraid and this is where we as preppers need to be ready to step up and provide leadership. People will only huddle in their homes for so long and if an organizational structure isn’t set up quickly to utilize your neighborhood’s strengths and resources, then you may lose them forever.”


Space Agency Officials Plan To Slam A Spaceship Into An Asteroid



” It was announced in a joint effort U.S. and European Space Agencies are planning to slam a spaceship into the asteroid Didymos

The mission is called the joint European/U.S. Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment mission, or AIDA. Space officials announced Friday that they will plan to intercept the space rock in 2022.

The project will help scientists learn about the possibility of deflecting an asteroid from a possible collision course with Earth. Scientists will send a small probe into the asteroid which is 2,625-foot-wide and is part of a binary system. The asteroid and a smaller asteroid are in constant orbit each other. The probe will travel at 14,000 miles per hour and impact the asteroid while another spacecraft films the experiment.”

30 Million In Path Of Winter Storm





” “We received a blizzard warning last night through the emergency broadcasting system. Most of us didn’t believe it,” she told CNN iReport. “Most of the news reports said it probably wouldn’t snow in the valley, and two hours later it was snowing.”

Avery, a 19-year-old student at the University of Arizona, said the snow was still falling Wednesday afternoon.

“My brother and I were staring out the window saying, ‘What? It’s snowing in Tucson? That’s not supposed to happen!’ ” she said, adding that she’s never seen this much snow in the area since her family moved there. Usually the area gets no more than a dusting of snow once a year.

iReport: “Blizzard” in Tucson

The inch of snow also caused PGA Tour officials to postpone play at the World Golf Championships-Accenture Match Play Championship in nearby Marana, Arizona.”

Florida Fireballs Renew Calls For Early Warning System



Florida Fireballs



” The streaking meteor was small compared to the one that hit Russia last week, but it was a bright light in the Florida sky – and was captured on video.

“This one wasn’t grain-of-sand size, which what most of them are,” Thomas Webber, director of the Museum of Science and History’s Bryan-Gooding Planetarium told the Florida Times Union in Jacksonville. “When we get something a little bigger, that maybe has a silicate coating that ablates off as it travels though the atmosphere and takes some of the heat with it, they can appear much brighter and last a lot longer.”

More than 60 people reported seeing the meteor on the American Meteor Society’s “Fireball Log.”

They posted comments including, “I saw flames coming from it as it was falling and then it burned out. It was very distintive as a flaming, falling ball.” “