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With Christmas approaching we thought our readers might enjoy this review of a fine starter rifle for their children .




A Very Cool Miniature Browning M2 In .22 Caliber 










Why the .22 can be a good choice for self defense


” Heresy! No gun writer is allowed to advocate for the .22 LR as a self defense caliber, right?Well, I suppose I didn’t get that memo. Maybe it is in the spam filter of my e-mail account. Don’t worry – It is not my intention to start a holy war over which caliber is better than another. I think we can all agree that given a center mass shot, any of the major calibers, such as the .357 Magnum and .45 ACP, are superior to the .22 LR in terms of stopping bad people from doing bad things. But that is not to say the little rimfire cannot be an adequate self-defense caliber. I hope to illustrate that the .22 might be a viable option for self defense in certain situations. “