Most NYC High School Grads Need Remedial Help Before Entering CUNY Community Colleges



NYC Education Budget 2011



” NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s an education bombshell.

Nearly 80 percent of New York City high school graduates need to relearn basic skills before they can enter the City University’s community college system.

The number of kids behind the 8-ball is the highest in years, CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer reported Thursday.

They had to re-learn basic skills — reading, writing and math — first before they could begin college courses.

They are part of a disturbing statistic.

Officials told CBS 2′s Kramer that nearly 80 percent of those who graduate from city high schools arrived at City University’s community college system without having mastered the skills to do college-level work.”



    This story brings an awful lot of things to mind , but I’m not quite sure how to address them … More on this in time … Except who could leave out the one immediately obvious comment about how ” if we(taxpayers)  just invested MORE in education ” we(NEA , UFT) would be able to teach 18 year olds how to read . Eleven point six BILLION just isn’t enough .