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New Rochelle Police Officer Holds Teens At Gunpoint Over A Snowball Fight






” In a video uploaded by New Rochelle’s Talk of the Sound, a New York police officer can be seen holding several teens at gunpoint after being called out for a disturbance which turned out to be a snowball fight earlier this week.

  In the video, the officer can be seen pointing his weapon at the kneeling teens, telling them “Don’t f*cking move, guys,” as he approaches them while speaking into his shoulder-mounted radio mic.

  As the officer frisks a teen with one hand, while pointing his gun with the other, the young woman filming the encounter on her cell phone explains what led up to the incident.”



   If the reader follows the link to the Talk Of The Sound article they will find numerous updates including one that maintains that the officer in question was really answering a call regarding “a young man with a gun” and that the video has been taken entirely out of context .

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Mayor Calls 911 To Report A Robbery, Police Show Up, Beat and Arrest Her







” Theda Wilson, the former mayor of a Missouri town says that she was assaulted by police after she called 911 to report a burglary in her apartment complex.

  “In the back of my apartment I called 9-1-1 thinking they were going to help,” Wilson said.

  Unfortunately, “help” is rarely what actually arrives when the police are called, as Wilson soon found out.

  As the police arrived, Wilson approached them and let them know that a suspicious person was seen going in and out of a nearby building. That is when police told her that she was under arrest, and instead of explaining anything they moved to physically apprehend her.

  Naturally, not knowing why she was being arrested she resisted their physical contact and was assaulted as a result. After the scuffle Wilson took photos of bruises on her face and arms.

  An eyewitness said, “The three officers wrestled her to the ground. That did not need to happen.”

  Wilson was taken to a nearby hospital in an ambulance and treated her for the injuries inflicted during the scuffle. Although Wilson was not taken to prison, she was formally arrested and released on her own recognizance from the hospital.

  Captain Dan Clyne of the Bel-Ridge Police Department told reporters that the police officers did what they had to do to get handcuffs on her, and that he was told that she was resisting arrest. However, they should need an actual reason to arrest someone before they charge them with resisting arrest.”


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Police Shooting Of Pre-Teen In Cleveland Caught On Surveillance Video That Contradicts Cops Claims

” Last week police in Cleveland shot and killed12-year-old Tamir Rice, claiming the boy tried to pull a (fake) gun out of his pants when ordered to put his hands up. The interaction was instigated by a 911 caller who said he saw someone with what was a “probably fake” gun.

  Now surveillance video appears to contradict police claims, as it shows the police officer shooting Rice immediately after getting out of a moving patrol car.

  There could be more than 300 million (real) guns in America, and an infinitesimally small proportion are used to commit crimes. Politically expedient fearmongering over guns, however, can lead to frivolous 911 calls that, in combination with trigger-happy yet largely immune cops, can be fatal. “


Daytona Beach Father Beats Man He Found Raping Son, Police Say






” A Daytona Beach father who walked in on a man sexually battering his 11-year-old son Friday said he did what he had a right to do when he beat the suspect unconscious, leaving him in a puddle of blood, according to a 9-1-1 call.

“ I just walked in on a grown man molesting …,” the upset father told a dispatcher. “And I got him in a bloody puddle for you officer.”

  The father was acting like a dad, said Daytona Beach police Chief Mike Chitwood.

  Police responding to the Daytona Beach home at 1:07 a.m. Friday after the father called them found Raymond Frolander, 18, of Holly Hill lying motionless on the living room floor. Frolander had several knots on his face and was bleeding from the mouth, an arrest report states.”

The father did what any good father would do , and Frolander should thank God he’s not dead …

Probe Launched Into Fireman Handcuffed During Call



NO Firefighter Handcuffed During 911 Call




” Less than 24 hours after the News 2 Investigative Unit aired a story about a fireman getting handcuffed during a 911 call, the State Fire Marshal’s Office launched an investigation into the incident.

  It happened Monday night in the 100 block of Cherry Street. According to witnesses, a firefighter rendering aid during a medical call was asked to move his fire truck. The fire truck had flashing lights turned on and was parked on the side of the street. When he refused, a New Roads Police officer handcuffed and detained the fireman.

  Surveillance video from the New Roads Housing Authority captured everything on camera. The video is time stamped and shows the fireman was placed in the police car for 22 minutes before he was removed.

  Moments before he was detained, the firefighter was helping Amber Porter.”



   The poor officer had his feelings hurt and felt the need to retaliate … Spite and arrogance rule the day in law enforcement , public safety be damned .



” On Wednesday, New Roads Police Chief Kevin McDonald claimed the fireman made a sarcastic remark to his officer when he asked him to move his truck, which is why he was detained. McDonald reiterated that he has no plans to discipline the officer.

  That doesn’t sit well with Porter.

” I think he should get fired or suspended,” Porter said. “Something should happen to him because who just arrests somebody? He was helping me. He wasn’t just parking his car to park it.” “



    Since when is sarcasm a crime ? Oh yes , I guess this firefighter should consider himself lucky , at least his sarcasm didn’t get him shot to death like poor Cameron Redus .

   Regular readers will recall a similar display of arrogance back in February as a California Highway Patrolman arrested a First responder at an accident scene . Read more on this latest case here .







Family Calls 911 After Being Trapped & “Terrorized” By Their Cat



Cat Attack



” A fat cat with a bad attitude attacked a baby and forced a Portland family to hide in a bedroom before calling 911.  

  Police were called out to deal with the crazed kitty at The Yards at Union Station complex on Northwest Naito Parkway just before 8 p.m. Sunday.

  The man who called 911 told the dispatcher the cat “went over the edge,” and was charging at them every time they opened the door. Lee Palmer, his girlfriend, Teresa Barker and their son, Jesse, were taking cover in the bedroom.

” He’s trying to attack us,” he said. “He’s very, very, very, very hostile.”



   What a namby-pamby world we live in . Grownups resort to calling 911 because of a cat ? I would be too ashamed to ever admit that to anyone . What has become of the American man ?

Read more about this courageous specimen of an American man here … WTFHWB?






Homeowner, Who Interrupted Burglary, Left Shaken After Killing Suspect


Burglar Killed



” When a Phoenix homeowner returned home from work last Wednesday night he walked into a burglary in progress. When the homeowner walked into his house and came face to face with the burglar, he shot and killed him, according to a local Fox affiliate.

It was about 10 p.m. when the homeowner, whose name has not been released, noticed that there were lights on inside of his house when he pulled into the driveway. Feeling that something wasn’t quite right, he grabbed his handgun from his truck before going into the house. Once inside, 22-year-old Aaron Fisher emerged from a bedroom.”








OK Homeowner Shoots Home Invader While Waiting on Police & On Phone With 911




” An OK homeowner did everything he could to get police to his home before an intruder forced his way in.

The homeowner told the 911 operator that police needed to arrive or he was going to have defend himself.

While waiting on police, the homeowner was forced to shoot the suspect, who forced his way through the front door.

The homeowner shot the suspect three times.”



911 Audio Here


” The 911 call lasted about five minutes.  The caller stayed on the line with dispatchers as he waited for officers to arrive:

Caller: “They’re beating on my front door right now.”
Dispatcher: “Okay, we’ve got them on the way”

As the caller waited for police, the intruder managed to break into the home.  Several gunshots can be heard during their confrontation.

“I just put three rounds in his *expletive,*” said the caller to dispatchers.

Ponca City Police say the shooting happened at about 4:30 AM on the 1300-block of North Pine Street.  Enos Rhodd lives across the street from the home where the shooting happened, he heard the first two gunshots before police arrived.”



Elderly Woman Dies After Nurse Refuses to Give Her CPR



” Is there anybody there that’s willing to help this lady and not let her die?” the dispatcher asked in a recording of the 911 call released by the Bakersfield Fire Department.

“Not at this time,” the nurse said.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday when 87-year-old Lorraine Bayless collapsed at Glenwood Gardens, a senior living facility in Bakersfield.”


As He Should


  “George Zimmerman intends to sue NBC for their misleading editing of audio tape of his 911 call the night Florida teen Trayvon Martin was shot and killed.”