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Daily Video 1.25.15

Browning Hi-Power 9mm: Hand-Gun Review




Uploaded on Nov 3, 2010

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  The Browning Hi-Power was John Browning’s last hand-gun design (initiated by Browning and completed after his death by Dieudonné Saive), but it’s value doesn’t just come from it’s collectibility. The classic good looks and innovative design are where it starts, but the outstanding track record of this firearm is what makes it really interesting. Police forces and armies around the world have, and do employ this firearm in all situations and conditions. It has been present in more wars and conflicts than I can name. Collectors recognize it’s worth – but more importantly, so do operators in the field. Chambered in 9mm, and carrying 13+1 rounds in it’s double-stacked magazine, the Hi-Power (aka P35, GAP, HP, Grande Puissance, etc.), made by FN Herstal of Belgium, is a world renowned classic with real American roots. “











Concealed Carry: A Look At The Top Handguns





” With thousands of Illinois residents applying for licenses to carry concealed firearms, you might be wondering what the guy in the next car is packing in his waistband.

  We visited Kenny Polhamus, owner and operator of Kapguns of Loves Park, to find out.

  Polhamus says he doesn’t recommend anything smaller than a .380-caliber handgun and prefers the compact 9 mm pistols for concealed carry.

  Smaller-caliber firearms, often called subcompacts, are lighter and more comfortable carrying concealed. But Polhamus says although the smaller guns are lethal, they are underpowered. And they have another major problem: Smaller guns are not that fun to shoot.

“ Because they are so small, they are harder to handle,” Polhamus said. “If you are going to carry a gun, you want to be able to shoot it, take it to the range and stuff. You know, those smaller guns aren’t fun to shoot. It’s a good one for the summer when all you’ve got is a pocket. But in regular clothes, I would suggest moving into the 9 mm.”

  Polhamus recommends beginners take a basic pistol class before committing to a concealed carry course.

  Polhamus told us about his top concealed carry handguns. All are a 9 mm caliber — a measure of the ammunition size the weapon accommodates. Weight is when unloaded: “

Visit The Journal Standard to see the top selling carry guns

Five New Smith & Wesson Revolvers For 2014





” Earlier this week Smith & Wesson announced the Performance Center Model 929 Jerry Miculek edition revolver. They’re following it up with four more revolvers for hunting, self-defense and spending time at the range.

  The Model 929 is a full-size revolver with an eight-round cylinder, chambered for 9mm Parabellum and it uses moonclips. As the name implies, it was designed with help from champion shooter Jerry Miculek. The revolver has a very clear purpose, and that’s revolver competition shooting.”









Combat trio bred for ultra-reliable performance in the harshest extremes


” Sig Sauer makes three models of pocket pistols: the P238, P938 and P290. The P238 is chambered in .380, while the P938 and P290 are 9mm. All three models measure no more than 1.1 inches thick and 5.5 inches long. All feature a single-stack design with a standard magazine capacity of six rounds. There are between six and 17 variants per model, for a total of 28 pistols, in Sig Sauer’s compact lineup.”

Great Grandmother Shoots Would Be Robber On Bus With 9mm Handgun



Gun-Totin' Great Grama


” When a young man tried to rob a woman, a great-grandmother, on a bus in Detroit, the woman fought back.

There were other people on the bus when the man tried to assault the woman and steal her backpack and purse, but no one made a move to help the woman.”



Champion Shooter Educates the Public on Semi-Automatic Firearms



” Here is champion shooter Jessie Duff explaining the differences between a hunting rifle and an AR-15 style rifle, along with some other guns. Jessie Duff, competition shooter, made an appearance on the Hannity Show last evening. She walked the audience through various semi-automatic firearms; rifles and handguns. It was quite educational for those who do not understand what is being discussed in the media and by politicians lately as a “military-style assault rifle”. Educate yourself, then share with others.

Point of fact: More kids died this week from the flu than from guns. More died in car accidents than from guns.

I like to shoot the AR-15. It is fun and there is no recoil, so you can shoot all day. The first time my husband let me shoot one, after I was done and talking to a friend I said I shot about 30 rounds. My husband laughed and said no, it was more like 90! When you educate yourself you will see what a bunch of media and political hype this whole gun issue is! The AR is the least of your worries, and if you wonder why a couple of mentally deranged crazies have used them, as the media is eager to report, it is because they are very popular. You can customize them in a lot of different ways to suit your personal choices and desires. The only way to eliminate this fear of firearms is to educate yourself, take some classes in firearms, and go out and enjoy a day on the shooting range. You will come away with a better understanding of what self-defense is all about and gain confidence in your ability to defend and protect yourself, your family and your property. Your initial fear will be replaced with self-assurance as you master the skills of target shooting.

Immersing yourself in the traditional gun culture (which is part of being an American) you will also come to understand the reason the founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, which states that “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” I interpret that to mean that the federal government is constitutionally prohibited from enacting ANY gun control laws that would infringe on our right to be armed to protect ourselves from threats or enemies, foreign or domestic. The laws in place that prohibit a known felon from owning or possessing a firearm are reasonable, and are to protect the law abiding populace. Background checks on those who want to purchase guns also make sense, as we have the technology to do so and we should prevent firearms from getting into the wrong hands. We are never going to eliminate all gun crime. On the other hand, statistics show that cities that have strict gun control laws and areas designated as “gun free zones” only allow for criminals to know that they can commit crimes with little or no resistance. We can be reasonable in effecting safer gun control measures, but harsher rules of what kind of weapons and how many rounds a magazine can hold, only harm law abiding citizens. Enforce the laws with strict consequences on those who commit violent crimes of all kinds, with any form of deadly weapon.

This knee jerk reaction of our politicians shows us that they never want to let a crisis go to waste. They want us disarmed. Ask yourself why? ”



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Gun Review: Beretta Nano






 ” My first impression of the Beretta BU9 Nano: awwww, it’s a baby Glock! Even the artful swage line running from the rear to the front of the Nano’s slide can’t hide the fact that the baby Beretta is an Austrian-style chunky monkey. At second glance, the Nano is a soap bar that’s been left in the shower for a couple of weeks. It’s small, slim, sleek and sexy; a snag-free concealable shooter with low-profile sights and beveled edges. There’s no slide stop to be seen; the reversible mag release is the pistol’s only protrusion. You could even say the striker-fired Nano looks like a Glock to be named later. Not that that’s a bad thing . . .

Like any little single stacker, the Beretta Nano challenges its owners to concentrate [even more carefully] on shot placement. The Nano packs a scant 6+1 rounds of your favorite flavor of nine mil. Fortunately, Beretta includes a spare magazine in the deal, encouraging Nano packers to double-up on ammo for any worst case scenario. Combat reload? Good luck with that.

Along with the Kahr CM9, the BU9 is +P rated. You can use hotter ammo, but you better hold on tight. The Nano is strictly a two-finger salute to Mr. Bad guy. The gun leaves smaller-handed women (like yours truly) struggling for pinky purchase. Depending on the size of your mitts, the Nano’s report may be best appreciated as the sound of one hand defending.”

Cheaper Than Dirt Examines That Relative Newcomer , The .40S&W


Cartridge of the Week, the .40 Caliber Smith & Wesson, .40 SW


 ” Few cartridges can have an iconic tag. What is rarer is when experts call a cartridge iconic when still in its infancy. Twenty years is just an infancy when it comes to the world of cartridges. Of all the ones we have reviewed, this is the baby of the bunch. However, the baby has achieved as close to perfection as perfection can be. Perfection is the .40 Smith & Wesson.

A little lesson in physics. Don’t run for cover—we will make it very simple. The ultimate goal of a cartridge is to launch a bullet with enough energy to give us the desired result. For target practice, that is accuracy as well as precision. The two are not the same. That discussion is for another time and for target shooters, when the goal is repeat performance. Whereas, for those who are shooting something other than paper – getting the most bang for your buck- then Kinetic Energy is what we need to know a little more about. “

… With A Focus On Red Dot-Ready Handguns 

Alloy Model SW1911 Performance Center

 ” Smith & Wesson is introducing seven new handguns in .22 Long Rifle, 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP, and they’re all gonna be popular. The pistols include four M&Ps, two SW1911s and a new competition-ready Model 41.

The M&Ps will make the biggest waves, as they represent a serious change in the world of handguns. Called CORE—Competition Optics Ready Equipment—designed to accept popular red dot sights from the factory. While there are a small number of handguns that are out-of-the-box ready to accept optics, like the FNX-45 Tactical, they’re uncommon and often command a serious price premium.”

Tiny 9mm Pocket Pistols

Small Is Better Than None





  ” The pocket 9mm craze is not going away anytime soon. It is quickly becoming the standard in concealed carry. Where pocket .380s used to be the norm, these little 9mm guns have taken a foothold, firmly planting themselves as the preferred cartridge for carrying around firepower. One of the problems with carrying a modern semi-automatic gun on your person is that is has to be small. In some states, it is illegal to show an imprint of your gun through your clothing, citing brandishing, so thin guns often work best for concealing. To create a thinner handgun, manufacturers went back to the roots of semi-auto guns making the single stack class of guns. Single stack simply means that the cartridges in the magazine are directly on top of one another, instead of alternating from left to right. Using a single stack magazine saves space, but there is a heavy cost on ammunition capacity. Most single stack guns only carry six to eight rounds. In most cases that amount is plenty. Keep in mind the intention behind these guns is for concealed defensive purposes, not duty or home defense. We lined up a group of single stack 9mm guns that are popular on the market today, and decided to highlight some features that we think stand out.”

Ammo Deal … 9mm … $10 per Box

Cheaper Than Dirt