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Daily Video 1.20.15

Time To Abolish The IRS? Find Out What Ted Cruz Thinks





Published on Jan 16, 2015

” Senator Ted Cruz makes his case for passing fundamental tax reform. Find out why he believes the IRS should be abolished! Plus, Hero or Zero of the week. “











Between 2010 And 2012, The IRS Spent $50 Million On Conferences





” The IRS spent $135,350 on 15 guest speakers at a single conference in Anaheim, according to a report by the Treasury Inspector General’s report, released by the House Government Oversight Committee Tuesday. The report states that the IRS spent $50 million on such conferences between 2010 and 2012.

A breakdown of spending from the report:

• The IRS reported that it expended $50,187 on videos for the conference, but was unable to provide any details supporting this cost.

• IRS management contracted with 15 outside speakers for presentations at a total cost of $135,350. Costs for outside speakers included a $17,000 fee for a keynote speaker whose presentation included creating six paintings of famous people to reinforce his message of finding creative solutions to challenges. Two of the paintings were given away at the conference, three were donated to charity, and one was lost, according to IRS management. Another keynote speaker was paid $27,500 which included a $2,500 fee authorized for first class airfare.

• IRS employees made three planning trips at a cost of approximately $35,800 prior to the conference.

The IRS also paid over $30,000 for 45 IRS employees who reside in the local area to stay at the hotels and incur per diem expenses while at the conference.

• Numerous gifts/promotional items were provided to attendees at an estimated cost of more than $64,000.”

      Who in their right mind can justify these blatant wastes of taxpayer funds ? Add to this waste the current politicization of this alleged non-partisan agency and even liberals should be ashamed of this typical example of big government .

     By now all of our readers have most likely heard of some of the other recently publicized efforts by the IRS … we refer to the movies that were produced with your hard earned money , the Star Trek  and the Gilligan’s Island “parodies , but in case you haven’t had a chance to see these pieces of expensive trash we include them below .



     Words fail us as to what genius thought that these films were money well spent , but given the arrogant climate that appears to dominate the IRS and the rest of Obama’s federal government it really should come as no surprise . If you are not outraged you are either not paying attention or have overdosed on the Kool-Aid .








Mark Levin: “It’s Time To Kill The IRS”






” MARK LEVIN: “Yes, we’re going to cover the ins and outs of this — we’re going to come into the weeds, but folks, it’s time to kill the IRS. That’s the bottom line. This agency has been corrupt since its founding. And the bigger the government gets, the more corrupt it gets, the more ubiquitous it gets. And I don’t just mean political partisanship and cronyism, I mean its abuses. We must fight the expansion of the IRS under Obamacare. We must fight to kill the IRS or critically wound it — politically — with either a flat tax or a fair tax. Now is the time to advance a liberty agenda. Now is the time to advance a Constitutional agenda.” (Mark Levin Show, May 15, 2013)”




Video at the link







The I.R.S. Abusing Americans Is Nothing New

Published on May 15, 2013

” The I.R.S. targeting of tea party groups in the United States is par for the course. It’s not the first time the agency has been used for partisan political ends. Whether or not the targeting was undertaken as a directive from the White House, the agency’s broad latitude in determining what constitutes partisan political activity is very problematic. The solutions offered by campaign finance reformers would unfortunately only give the agency more power.

Featuring: David Keating, President of the Center for Competitive Politics / Michael W. MacLeod-Ball, Chief Legislative and Policy Counsel, ACLU / John Samples, Director of the Cato Institute’s Center for Representative Government / Gene Healy, Vice-President, Cato Institute

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Video produced by Caleb O. Brown and Austin Bragg. Additional footage gathered by Lester Romero.”









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