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Collapsible Stocks, Rails, Suppressors … Ergonomics Galore






” When I learned that I would be accompanying the rag-tag bunch of heroes here at Guns.com to SHOT Show 2014 I was as giddy as a child en route to Disney World. The excitement quickly died down when I learned my first editorial would be the industry trends article you’re now perusing.

  The SIG MPX gets around this by using a simple blowback mechanism, where the recoil assembly resides inside the receiver. LWRC and Troy Industries have a different approach. They utilize the North Eastern Arms Group’s Compact Carbine Stock System. NEAG released their CCS last year in Canada and while it impressed them, the Canadian gun market is a fraction the size of the U.S. one. Thankfully, several large U.S. arms makers have taken it upon themselves to bring this ultra compact stocks to the good ol’ US of A. Helping negate one of the least mentioned shortcomings of the AR platform: its fixed length.

  Shorter stocks, lighter more versatile accessory mounting options and sound suppressors are driving the market in a politically sensitive direction. While guns will be a political issue for the foreseeable future, all of these trends are pointing gun owners towards the end game of the ultimate home defense weapon. One that is lightweight, compact, fully customizable and hearing safe indoors. Rarely in any market has growth been so ergonomic driven. Although, in no other field are ergonomics federally regulated.”

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Hatteras Yachts Offers 10% Off On All Hatteras Merchandize For Christmas






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Enhanced Combat Optical Sight – Optimized – ECOS-O



” Earlier this week we announced that Leupold and Aimpoint have been awarded five-year contracts by the U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division for Enhanced Combat Optical Sight – Optimized (ECOS-O) systems. At the time of the post, we didn’t have a picture of the new ECOS-O. However, we have just received the following picture from Leupold.”



Leupold Enhanced Combat Optical Sight – Optimized (ECOS-O)

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AllShotOut Reviews: AR500ARMOR




” I recently came upon a company called AR500 Armor, primarily a web-based enterprise which started in 2012. My first impression: This stuff is too cheap to be real. The tactical market has conditioned us to believe that everything needs to be at least $100.00 and painted black before it is worth buying. My SRT unit has attempted to acquire modern body armor over the past three years while their existing carriers, soft armor, and single polymer front plates put overall cost at an approximate $2700.00 per officer. The rifle plates alone can range in prices of $500.00 – $900.00 depending on the material, vendor, and multi-hit capability. The low cost of AR500ARMOR.COM’s 10” x 12” trauma plates had me believing it was a scam, with costs ranging between $65.00 and $110.00 plus shipping.

I began with 10 rounds of .223 PMC Bronze FMJ training ammunition. Following the first few rounds I happened to notice where the surrounding vest carrier material was becoming absolutely shredded. The next observation was that not a single round had penetrated the plate. I examined the vest and found that none of the fragments had penetrated through the final layer. Although the plate was slightly bent and indentations could be seen on the strike face, there was no loss of material and no indentation that could be measured at more than 1mm.”






Lock N’ Load With Lindsay



Remington 870 Gets The Magpul Treatment Too





” Earlier today we talked about Remington’s new R-15 rifles coming out with Magpul furniture, but the real news is that they’re coming out with an officially-sanctioned Remington 870 decked out with Magpul’s new buttstock and forend.

This was less of an “if” and more of a “when” but we’re glad Remington’s doing it sooner rather than later. Magpul launched their line of 870 accessories about six months ago and it was pretty instantaneously successful.

So the Remington 870 Express Tactical Magpul shotgun isn’t too much of a surprise. The good news is that they did more than just add the furniture to a bare-bones 870. They added it to their already popular Express Tactical, which has a handful of features that befit this equally-tactical furniture.”







Bigshooterist – Military Firearms T&E shared Weapon-Owners.com‘s photo


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Big Shooterist Contest




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12 Miles Of Guns: SHOT Show Kicks Off In Las Vegas



” The largest gun show in the world has opened its doors in Las Vegas, revealing 12.5 miles of firearms, ammunition and related gear from every major gun manufacturer on earth.

The annual SHOT show — short for Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade — is owned and sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), a firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry trade association. Each year the show generates millions of dollars in revenue that NSSF uses to fund programs that help “promote, protect and preserve” hunting and the shooting sports.

Attendance to the show is restricted to shooting, hunting and outdoor trade professionals and commercial buyers and sellers of military, law enforcement and tactical products and services, however, meaning hunters, sports shooters and shooting clubs are not permitted entry.

Similarly, they do not permit any personal firearms or ammunition. Only exhibitors’ firearms on display that have had their firing pins are permitted.

A bucketload of celebrities, from the A&E’s Duck Dynasty family through to NASCAR driver Jason White, will also be making an appearance this year. The show will also host legendary Vietnam War sniper Chuck Mawhinney, Medal of Honor recipient Jon Cavaiani, pro shooter Doug Koenig, country music singer Mark Wills and SEAL Team 3 sniper Chris Kyle. “

Brownells Sells 3.5 years’ Worth Of Magazines In 72 Hours






” In the face of possible legislation to restrict and possibly ban firearms and magazines over a certain capacity, waves of panic buyers have stripped shelves to the paint, at both retail and online gun stores.

A combination of demand and gouging has caused prices for rifle magazines and rifles, parts and accessories to more than double, with some vendors selling goods at five times what the average rate was just a few weeks ago.

Many online companies are selling magazines faster than their systems can handle, accepting orders for stock they don’t have and running out of stock mid-transaction.

Brownells spokesman Jason Corpus had this to say.”

… The AR From Haley Strategic And Bravo Company That Can Do It All











” “The Jack” represents the efforts of Haley Strategic Partners and Bravo Company Manufacturing to bring the ideal, do-all AR15 to market.

Though the rifle bears the HSP name, The Haley Strategic Partners Jack Carbine is not a limited-edition, boutique gun. It will be a fully stocked, indefinitely supported AR configuration offered by BCM.

Every effort went into making The Jack a hard-working gun that will appeal to shooters from all backgrounds. Looking at its specs and furniture, the optic-ready gun will run straight out of box as a patrol, competition, ranch or range carbine. This is no safe queen.”

The Jack

Gun Gifts for Girlie Girls




 ” As long as there have been guns, there have been women shooters.  And they’ve made do with the guns and gear designed for men.  And why not?  It works.  And I’m the first to acknowledge that some women shooters have no desire, whatsoever, to carry a concealed handgun in a pink holster, or wear jewelry made from bullet casings.  But some do, and the list that follows is for them.

All of these ideas com from GunGoddess.com, a retail site that might make the shopping easier.  This list is a bit random, and designed more to show the variety of what is available. ”


Flashbang Bra Holster



 ” The iScope is a new innovative patent-pending Smartphone scope adapter which allows users to see a full screen view of what you would normally see through your scope. This new full screen view allows for easier, safer shooting, better accuracy and the option of filming your hunt from the eye of the shooter.

The iScope fits over 90% of scopes and can even be custom ordered for all the rest.

The iScope is great for deer rifles, shotguns, pistols, crossbows, spotting scopes, Airsoft & BB guns.
Really anything with a scope! ”



The ATI Fiberforce Stock


The 22 Marlin Dragunov - christophereger - sar60-1-32.jpg

  ” ATI, long known for their aftermarket gunstocks and accessories, introduced their Fiberforce stock for the classic Marlin Model 60 more than ten years ago. Retailing for $49 on their website, it is made of DuPont extreme temperature glass reinforced polymer with a ventilated forearm/hand guard and textured grip. Sling swivel studs forward and a rear dowel sling mount aide in rapid attachment of a strap if desired. Overall, the stock weighs but 26-ounces and includes an adjustable cheek rest. The stock allows for offhand shooting, a better cheek weld, a more durable accommodation for hunting in bad weather, and something more popular with the kids. “

The Metro Gun System

” How do you describe the Metro Gun System? The Metro Gun System is the answer to the question, “I wonder what would happen if I added three feet or so to my shotgun’s barre.” We’re not sure if its inventor, L.P.Brezny, had any expectation of what six feet of barrel would result with, but the final product is one ridiculously quiet shotgun.

Using special sub-sonic ammunition designed with the cooperation of Federal, a shotgun equipped with the Metro Gun System operates at about 72 decibels. Even with super-sonic ammo the crack at the muzzle is just 82 decibels.

It makes sense. A suppressor is a device that captures the gas escaping from the muzzle of a barrel. This barrel is so long, and has such great gas capacity, that it does the same job. The only difference, besides being massive, is that—legally-speaking, according to the ATF—it’s not a silencer. Which means that there’s no special process to get one, and it’s legal in all 50 states, even for hunting. “