Benghazi Cover-Up Continues, Nearly Six Months Later




” The out-of-control security situation in Eastern Libya including Benghazi was well known. After an assassination attempt on the UK ambassador in June, the Brits closed their Benghazi consulate, as did the International Red Cross. We had a bomb go off at our Benghazi SMC compound on June 6. We know Ambassador Christopher J. Stevens put out a classified message on Aug. 16 stating that the SMC could not be defended and requesting additional security personnel, but he was turned down.

With the deteriorating security situation in Benghazi, why did Stevens find it necessary to be there on the 11th anniversary of Sept. 11 when we know he feared for his safety? Having dinner with the Turkish Consul General Ali Sait Akin is not a compelling reason. Further, on that day, there were tactical warning signs that something was not right. Even the Blue Mountain Security manager of the February 17 Martyrs Brigade that was contracted to provide security for the SMC sensed that “something” was wrong and put out an alert on both his radios and cell phone. We know one of the local policemen who was assigned to guard the SMC was found taking pictures of the inside of the compound, and a memo later found written by Stevens shows he found this to be “troubling.” We know roadblocks were established by the Ansar al-Shariah militia who carried out the assault hours before the attack.

Was Stevens targeted to be killed, or was he supposed to be taken hostage in exchange for the return of the Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman? We know his body was taken to the hospital controlled by the militia that carried out the attack. Why?  “