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Offensive Vintage Advertisements  Eye Opening Times





” It is hard to believe these advertisements were in the main stream media at the time. This is a real education on what was politically correct for its day. Now we have TV commercials for Vaginal rejuvenation, and erectile dysfunction. Look how far we have come.”











Oath Keepers Group Places Massive Pro-Snowden Ad Inside Pentagon Metro Station


oathkeepers snowden






” Last Thursday as I was rolling into the Pentagon Metro station I noticed from the train window a giant sign that read, “Snowden Honored His Oath. Honor Yours! Stop Big Brother!”

Turns out it was the Oath Keepers, “a coalition of current and former military, police, and other public officials [who] have pledged not to obey unconstitutional commands.” (For a fair and balanced take on the group,see Jesse Walker here.) The group released a statement claiming credit for the signs, of which there are supposedly three at Pentagon station:

Oath Keepers has placed three back-lit signs on the subway platform in the Washington Metro Pentagon Station, group founder Stewart Rhodes announced today.”







More Obama campaign ads at taxpayer expense .

” Stimulus Spent $500k For Ads Aired On MSNBC That Created Zero Jobs”

  “From my perspective, I don’t care to have the government spending my money on the promotion of their programs. They are welcome to use my tax dollars to pave roads,
build bridges, pay teachers, and provide a safety net for those that are incapable of supporting
themselves for whatever reason.
But I don’t care if it’s $1 out of my yearly income, or even less than that, marketing expenses for the
promotion of government programs are not justifiable in my head. Want to know another country that spends money on marketing? North Korea.

  Now I’m not saying that the government spending $500,000 on commercials is propaganda, but I am saying it’s a useless expense.”

Obama’s Campaign of Lies Reaches
Despicable Low

” Unable to run on his record, President Hope-and-Change has built a campaign based entirely on scurrilous lies about Mitt Romney.
But the latest reaches a historic, despicable low. That ad features a man claiming that after Bain
Capital closed his steel plant, he lost his job and his insurance, and shortly thereafter his wife died of cancer. “

“The National Rifle Association has decided to throw it’s considerable weight behind Mitt Romney in this year’s election. That is no surprise; the gun lobby has always viewed
Barack Obama and his administration with suspicion. But the NRA says is it “all in” to defeat
Obama; we will see what that translates into as the campaign continues. “

On todays addition of Twitter Wars or Twar we feature :

  In case you are unaware Mayor Booker had the audacity to hope that he could voice his own dissenting opinion regarding one of his party’s sacred cows . Mud raising and fund slinging , oops .
   He had the nerve to stray from the plantation by saying that a slanderous , erroneous  Bain ad was nauseating to him.
   His masters , having determined that he must atone had him make a second , briefer statement where he in fact re-iterated his early disgust .
   The overseers then took his second statement and edited it down to a brief soundbite to finally suit their purpose . As a result of Mr Booker having the effrontery to sleak his mind  the screaming tolerant hordes of the left have opted for filicide .

 So over at Twitchy we have  #FreeCoreyBooker