New Book Tells The Extraordinary Story Of The Children Who Believe They Are A WWII pilot, Star Golfer And A Hollywood Agent From A Past Life – And have This Scientist Utterly Convinced

Dr. Tucker, in a follow-up to his book Life Before Life, explores American cases of young children who report memories of previous lives



” How could anyone possibly take seriously a three-year-old golfing prodigy’s claim to be legendary 13-time major winner Bobby Jones? Or another boy from Louisiana who recalls being a Second World War pilot shot down over the Pacific?

A world renowned professor for a start. Dr Jim Tucker’s remarkable experiences with these children, many who can recall intimate details of their past lives in pin-sharp detail – and with no prompting – has led him to the conclusion that reincarnation is real.

Over the past 10-years, Dr Jim Tucker has traveled the country meeting  families and hearing fantastical incredible stories just like these, which he outlines in his new book, Return To Life: Extraordinary Cases Of Children Who Remember Past Lives.

    This is very strange and we’re not sure what to make of it , not being at all well-versed in the more spiritual side of life we can think of little to add to the conversation of afterlife and re-incarnation other than … Cool !



” Dr Tucker’s explanation for his belief in reincarnation may be mind-boggling but it is far from outlandish.

He bases it in the ever-developing field of quantum mechanics, pioneered by scientific luminaries such as Albert Einstein.

Dr Tucker believes that because quantum physics demonstrates that conscious observation can be critical in determining physical events, he argues that consciousness might actually be separate from the brain and exists apart from our physical bodies.

He believes that the brain might in fact simply be a conduit for consciousness to inhabit our bodies but is transient through time and space.

He provides the analogy of a television set and the television transmission; the television is required to decode the signal, but it does not create the signal. In a similar way the brain may be required for consciousness to express itself, but may not be the source of consciousness.”

    As we said above , we know squat about the spiritual realm and have never given much thought to the idea of re-incarnation but the Professor’s concept of the brain being a kind of receiver for the soul to broadcast itself to the mortal world is a fascinating proposition and beckons the mind in a hundred different directions .