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Best Photographs Of 2014 – In Pictures



” From the Ferguson riots to the school attack in Peshawar, a Missouri ‘firenado’ and hailstones in Siberia: the Guardian’s features picture editor Sarah Gilbert selects the most compelling images of 2014.”



asylum seekers on boat


” “I tried for two years to take this picture. I took the same photo the year before, again from a helicopter, of an almost identical boat. But we didn’t manage to get directly above: some of the people in the boat looked one way, others a different way. This year I tried again. I photograph the Italian navy calendar, so we collaborate. I waited 12 days on an ­Italian navy boat for the force seven sea to calm, for this moment. I took the shot ­outside the helicopter, my feet on the skids. The incredible thing is that every single person in the photo looks up.”

Photograph: Massimo Sestini/eyevine




Here is one more sample from the paper’s selections …




hailstorm on the beach at the Ob river, in Novosibirsk in western Siberiain siberia


” “On 12 July it was a very hot day on the beach [at the Ob river, in Novosibirsk in western Siberia]. My girlfriend and I decided to go to a city beach. When we got there the weather suddenly changed and a very strong wind blew. I think my sixth sense switched on and I used my phone to take pictures of the trees swaying. Suddenly hail started literally bombarding us until we rushed back to our car. Several people really got a beating from the hail.”

Photograph: Nikita Dudnik/AP





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Waste, Fraud, And Abuse In Federal Spending






” The federal government spent over $100 billion in taxpayer funds improperly in 2012— one element of that notorious “waste, fraud, and abuse” in federal spending that we hear so much about. Scholars at the Mercatus Center recently released a chart that shows the breakdown of these improper payments across federal programs.

  Perhaps not surprisingly, the lion’s share of this improper is in three largest healthcare entitlement programs: Medicare Fee-for-Service, Medicare Advantage (Part C), and Medicaid. Combined, these programs account for a whopping $61.9 billion in improper payments. To put that in perspective, $61.9 billion is more than the entire 2014 budget for the Department of Homeland Security. In other words, we’re talking about real money.”

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 American’s For Prosperity Brings Us This Handy Economic Policy Scorecard



AFP Scorecard




    To see the AFP economic ratings of your Senators and Representatives click on the above graphic and you will be taken to the interactive page where you can view each politician’s economic rating state by state . Below is a sample screenshot of part of the NY delegation and as you can see there is no wonder why the state of New York is in such dire economic straits .



AFP NY Sample




For New Yorkers the above graphic is depressing enough . See if your state is doing any better at AFP Scorecard.