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Did The Qatari Emir Betray Hamas With Gifts And Tracking Devices?


” Like many militants in the Gaza strip Ahmad Al Jabari was rarely seen and he did not like to be photographed, when he personally escorted abducted Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit to freedom as part of a prisoner exchange, it was a rare look at the senior commander in the Hamas organization.

However now according to sources speaking to the Fars News Agency, speculation is that the Qatari emir may have tipped Israeli intelligence off to the locations of several Hamas officials.”


 Hamas Escalates Rocket Fire; Israel Assassinates Ahmed Jabari, Head of Hamas Military Wing


 ” As you know if you listen to The Levy & Counsell Show (and I hope you do, and that that plug is not too shameless in this context), Hamas has recently kicked up its persistent rocket campaign against the civilian population of southern Israel. The Gaza Strip has been used as a giant launching pad by Hamas since Israel evacuated in 2005, with more than 1 million Israelis living under perpetual threat of rocket attack. More than 8,000 rockets have been launched by Hamas into Israel since the evacuation — 630 last year alone, and 183 in the month of October.

Yesterday (Wednesday), Hamas paid a price for the escalation. At about 4:00 pm, Israel used a surgical air strike to take out Ahmed Jabari, described by some as “Netanyahu’s Bin Laden” (with the attendant political implications for his assassination) and widely considered the number-one most wanted Hamas terrorist. Jabari was, among other things, the mastermind behind the abduction of Gilad Shalit, overseeing both Shalit’s abduction and his captivity. He is credited with putting Hamas’s terrorism industry on a much more professional footing. “



Ahmed Jabari -- IDF