Republican Women Question Race-Based Standards for Alabama’s Schools




” According to this article by Jamon Smith, “Beginning this fall, Alabama public schools will be under a new state-created academic accountability system that sets different goals for students in math and reading based on their race, economic status, ability to speak English and disabilities.” Alabama’s Plan 2020 “sets a different standard for students in each of several subgroups — American Indian, Asian/Pacific islander, black, English language learners, Hispanic, multirace, poverty, special education and white.”


  The “Balkanization” of America picks up steam … 

  This is the kind of multi-culti nonsense one would expect from the Blue State do-gooders in San Francisco or Chicago , but from reddest of red Alabama ? 


” The “race-based” standards are part of Common Core, adopted by the state board of education in November 2010.”


  Somewhere George Wallace is smiling . Racism is alive and well in government policies , not in society as a whole .