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Illegal Immigrant Accused Of Raping 10-Year-Old Girl In Kenner




” A man living in Kenner has been charged with three counts of aggravated rape against a 10-year-old girl after the victim was seen in a video claiming they “made love,” police said.

  25-year-old Hermes Rivera admitted to police that he had sex with the victim three times between March and April 3, 2015. 

  Police said Rivera is an undocumented immigrant.”



   WGNO brings us this horror story from Louisiana which follows closely on the heels of a very similar tragedy that took place last month in Alabama



Ramiro Ajualip - Obama 'dreamer' rapes 10-year-old girl



” Ramiro Ajualip and illegal alien has ‘allegedly’ raped and sodomized a 10-year-old girl. Ramiro Ajualip an illegal alien who is here because of Obama’s amnesty (WHICH Republicans funded) did whatever he did in Alabama. Usually when you hear about illegal aliens like Ramiro Ajualip, you think of California, New York or Illinois. But the parasite is spreading everywhere, even Russellville Alabama.”



   Read more on the Alabama assault perpetrated by another one of Obama’s “Dream candidates” at Fire Andrea Mitchell










Radioactive Tritium Leak Reported At TVA Nuclear Plant In Northern Alabama




” A Chattanooga newspaper reports that radioactive water leaked from a tank at an Alabama nuclear plant, releasing tritium into the environment.

  The report said that the leak occurred last week at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant near Athens, Alabama.

  A spokesman for the Tennessee Valley Authority, which operates the plant, said the leak was quickly contained and presented no public risk.”













Man Tries To Save Stray Cat, Cops Shoot Him To Death






” Another innocent American citizen has been shot to death by police. This time, the citizen was simply trying to help an animal. The incident began when Robert Lawrence found a stray cat in need of help.

  Robert picked up the cat and promptly took it to a nearby animal shelter where it could be provided with food and safety.

  Employees at the shelter asked to see Robert’s drivers license. It is not known why they needed to see his ID, but according to reports they insisted on seeing it as Robert was leaving.

  Robert, who happened to be a Sovereign Citizens member, did not own government-issued identification.

  Robert explained to the animal shelter workers that he was a Sovereign and, since he did not use government-issued identification, offered to show alternative paperwork that would sufficiently identify himself.

  Apparently, the shelter workers and Robert got into a dispute at that point. Robert was told he was not allowed to leave the shelter until he produced proper government-issued identification. The workers decided it would be a good idea to call the police.

  When police arrived, the situation spiraled out of control. They informed Robert that he was going to be arrested.”


Filming Cops has the whole story  



Interested readers can also find more on this tragic story at Reason and The Examiner: 


” The Dothan Animal Shelter hasn’t released a statement as to their version of the tragedy, but their Facebook page is taking a beating. According to their website, the Dothan Animal Shelter is run by the Dothan Police Department.”


   Admittedly the man had a history with the police department , but the question remains , why was it necessary to show ID in order to perform a good deed ?




Huge Win For Gun Rights In Alabama Election







” Alabama voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly favored a revision to the state constitution which will provide greater legal protections for the right to keep and bear arms. By a vote of 73 percent to 27 percent, voters amended the state constitution to include the following provision:

(a) Every citizen has a fundamental right to bear arms in defense of himself or herself and the state. Any restriction on this right shall be subject to strict scrutiny.

(b) No citizen shall be compelled by any international treaty or international law to take an action that prohibits, limits, or otherwise interferes with his or her fundamental right to keep and bear arms in defense of himself or herself and the state, if such treaty or law, or its adoption, violates the United States Constitution.

  Strict scrutiny is the most exacting level of judicial review employed by the courts. For a gun control law to survive strict scrutiny, the state must prove that it has a compelling interest that both justifies and necessitates the regulation in question. Among lawyers, strict scrutiny is frequently characterized as “strict in theory, fatal in fact.” Lawmakers receive no deference from the courts under this approach.

  Put differently, this new constitutional provision is a huge win for gun rights and a major defeat for gun control advocates in Alabama. “


Thanks to Reason.com










Campaign Ads Use Racial Scare Tactics In Southern Black Strongholds For Democrats






” Campaign materials aimed at getting out the black vote are featuring references to lynchings, Jim Crow-era signs, racial unrest — and, as of last weekend, the Ku Klux Klan.

  In Alabama, fliers distributed in largely black communities warn voters to cast ballots or else “land may be given to extremist groups to honor klansmen.” A copy of the flier was obtained by The Washington Times.

  The specter of the KKK was raised as the latest example of the increase in racially charged scare tactics aimed at bolstering turnout in the black community, a traditional Democratic voting bloc that strategists view as key to winning razor-thin races in an otherwise Republican year.

  Conservatives view the tactic with disgust. They argue that such race-baiting is condescending and assumes black voters are concerned solely with racism and not, for example, economic and foreign policy concerns. “


Washington Times










Birmingham Pays $460,000 To End Police Beating Lawsuit, But Only $1,000 Goes To Plaintiff







” The city of Birmingham has settled a police beating lawsuit for $460,000, but the plaintiff remains behind bars and won’t get much of a payday.

  Under terms of the settlement approved by the City Council and Mayor William Bell, Anthony Warren will receive $1,000, while his attorneys receive $359,000 in fees and $100,000 in expenses, AL.com learned this evening.


    Read more of this disgusting outcome that demonstrates how the lawyers ALWAYS win . No surprise as they are the ones that make the rules and referee the matches . Sickening … 













New York Lawmakers Complain Alabama’s Remington Win Due In Part To ‘Gun-Friendly’ Political Climate



Remington Alabama





” Remington’s decision to move two gun production lines from New York to Huntsville is drawing sharp criticism from northern lawmakers who said their state’s stringent gun laws are costing jobs.

  The gun manufacturer announced Friday it would move production of its Bushmaster and R1 handgun lines to its new Alabama facility.

  The Bushmaster, a semiautomatic weapon, is no longer allowed to be sold in New York unless it is modified.
Alabama’s pro-2nd Amendment political climate is without a doubt an attractor to the Remington company.
Everyone knows in Alabama – we like our guns.

  It’s all well and good for our neighbors to the north to chide Alabamians and our lawmakers for what some characterize as a regressive, backwoods, homegrown approach to gun laws – but when it comes to losing jobs and growth to gun-toting southerners – that’s a different story altogether.

  While it most certainly will take some hefty renovations for the sprawling old Chrysler facility near Huntsville International Airport to accommodate Remington Outdoor Company, the business and political climates are already perfectly primed to welcome a major firearms manufacturer to move business here. Some New York leaders and lawmakers are sore over Huntsville’s recent acquisition. The local business community’s reaction to the recent squabblings? ‘New York – why are you surprised?’ “


Read more










Transracial Adoption Rally In Montgomery


Bigot Congressman Alvin Holmes



” A statement made on the floor of the state house last month in Montgomery got a loud reply this afternoon from angry parents.

  State representative Alvin Holmes said republican lawmakers would support abortion if their daughters became pregnant by black men. Holmes later said he would offer $100,000 cash to anyone who could show “a whole bunch of whites” have adopted black children in Alabama.

  Today at the state house, white parents who adopted mixed race or minority children said it’s time for Holmes to ‘pay up.’

Story continues

Alabama Congressional Candidate DESTROYS Obamacare Bill With AR-15 In New Ad




” An Alabama congressional candidate uses a .40 Glock pistol, a .270 Cooper rifle and an AR-15 to destroy a copy of the Obamacare bill in a new video released by his campaign.

  The message in candidate Will Brooke’s video, shared first with The Daily Caller on Wednesday, is clear: Republicans have been successful in taking shots at Obamacare, but it’s going to take “more extreme measures” to get rid of it.

“ We’re down here to have a little fun today and talk about two serious subjects: the Second Amendment, and see how much damage we can do to this copy of Obamacare,” Brooke, sitting on the tailgate of a pick-up truck, says in the video.”



   Read more about this innovative campaign ad that combines healthy pokes in the eye to two of the greatest threats to our freedoms as put forth by the Statist democrats , those being gun bans and the much dreaded Obamacare legislation at The Federalist Papers .

   Good use of campaign funds Mr Brooke , we wish you much success .








19 States Join Lawsuit Against NJ Gun Law



” Support is mounting for a lawsuit that challenges New Jersey’s tight restrictions on handgun ownership and its high standard of “justifiable need” for carrying a weapon outside the home.

  Nineteen states as well as the powerful National Rifle Association have joined the case’s plaintiff John Drake, who in his lawsuit claims he was denied a permit following a thwarted robbery attempt on his Sussex County business.

  Drake lost his appeal before a three-judge panel of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last year and now a growing number of states, led by Wyoming, are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case, claiming New Jersey was wrong when it determined that the business owner failed to prove “justifiable need” to carry a gun under state statute.

Drake’s suit also claims that his right to bear arms under the Second Amendment has been violated.”


Read more at Newsmax









Remington Arms Moving 2,000+ Jobs From NY To Alabama






” Remington first began considering new locations after the New York legislature passed the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (SAFE) Act in response to the tragic shootings in Newtown, Conn. In addition to banning magazines that contain more than seven rounds and requiring instant background checks on ammo purchases,  the NY SAFE Act broadened the definition of so-called “assault weapons” to include a wide range of guns, including the Bushmaster, which was being manufactured at Remington’s New York plant.

  Almost half the states in the country have made pitches to Remington, included Arizona, Oklahoma, Michigan, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. But in the end, the company chose Huntsville, Ala.

  The initial estimated impact on Alabama’s economy will be roughly $87 million.”



   Way to go Andy … it’s not like NY has jobs to spare , especially upstate . This move on Remington’s part is surely he beginning of the end for it’s Ilion operations and one wonders , will Kimber be next ?

Read on at Yellowhammer News 










Chick-fil-A Gives Free Food To Motorists Stranded In Southern Snowstorm




” Some of the drivers had been stuck in their cars for nearly seven hours without any food or water. So the staff of the Chick-fil-A decided to lend a helping hand.

We cooked several hundred sandwiches and stood out on both sides of 280 and handed out the sandwiches to anyone we could get to – as long as we had food to give out.”

  The staffers braved the falling snow and ice, slipping and sliding, as they offered hot juicy chicken breasts tucked between two buttered buns. And Chick-fil-A refused to take a single penny for their sandwiches.

  The meal was a gift – no strings attached.

  For the frozen drivers, it was manna from heaven.

“ They were very excited and extremely thankful,” she said. “People were thankful to get something to put in their stomachs.”

  Audrey said they were especially surprised that the sandwiches were free. Why not make some extra money during the storm? It’s not like anyone could go to another restaurant. Chick-fil-A had a captive crowd of hungry customers. So why did they give away their food? “




Read the rest . It will warm your frozen heart .









Concealed Carry Customer Kills Gun-Wielding Suspect In Dollar General Hold Up



Published on Jan 17, 2014

” DALLAS COUNTY, AL (WSFA) – A tense ordeal inside a Dollar General store in Orrville ended with a gunman dead at the hands of a customer who decided to take action. 
Dallas County Sheriff Harris Huffman Jr. says the gunman walked into the store waving a gun in the air and forced a cashier and customer at gunpoint towards a break room area. At that point, the customer pulled out a concealed weapon and shot the suspect in the chest once. 

http://www.kltv.com/story/24474261/da… “









Quadrantids 2014: Watch First Meteor Shower Of The Year Live Online







” The first meteor shower of the year will peak tonight (2 January) and tomorrow and will be visible across the Northern Hemisphere.

  The Quadrantids began on 28 December and will continue through to 12 January. At its peak, people should be able to see up to 80 meteorites per hour.

  Less known than its preceding meteor showers Perseids in August and Geminids in December, Quadrantids are often missed by stargazers as the peak intensity only lasts a few hours.

  According to Earth Sky, the best time to watch for people in North America will be between midnight and dawn on the morning of 3 January. People in Asia should watch at the same time the following day.”



Given the weather forecast for the northeastern US it might be a better bet to watch the show online :



” Anyone wishing to watch the meteor shower from the comfort of their homes can also see the Quadrantids live online. Nasa’s Marshall Space Flight Centre will be hosting a live Ustream view of the shower from the skies over Huntsville, Alabama, which can be found here.”









Listen To Auburn Play-By-Play Announcer Rod Bramblett’s Call From The Iron Bowl



” In case you somehow missed it, on Saturday night Auburn upset Alabama with a last-minute touchdown by Chris Davis off of a missed field goal. Here’s how longtime Auburn play-by-play announcer Rod Bramblett called the play: “

A play and a call for the ages … what excitement … what a thrill … WAR EAGLE !!!

Roll Tears , Roll

Auburn Celebrates Win Over ‘Bama In Wild Finish

Final Score 34-28

” Auburn might not be the center of the college football world most days, but it felt like it was Saturday as the Tigers beat Alabama in one of the wildest finishes ever.

Thousands of Auburn fans stormed the field after ‘Bama missed a desperation field goal and Chris Davis returned it 100 yards for a touchdown to give No. 4 Auburn an improbable, 34-28 victory over No. 1 Alabama and seemingly end the Crimson Tide’s bid for a third-straight national championship.

So many Auburn fans raced onto the field afterward that grass was barely visible from the top of Jordan-Hare Stadium. They needled ‘Bama by singing its familiar “Rammer Jammer” cheer after the stunning end.”

War Eagle !!!




    Yes folks , YouViewed is a proud Tigers site … as you may have guessed by our periodic posts and today being Iron Bowl day we thought we would share some of the War Eagle enthusiasm with those fans that could not attend . Enjoy the photos and here’s to the Tigers rolling back the Tide .


Auburn Tailgate 2013


 In Auburn everyone is welcome . 



Tiger Walk 2013


The famous Tiger Walk as the team enters the stadium .




The Team


The team making their entrance through the mob of fired up fans .


   You can see lots more photos and see these in much higher resolution by clicking here and please be sure to support the local photographers who’s work graces our page  … Lauren Barnard and Kyle Taylor .





   Below you will find some interesting links about the Iron Bowl and the rivalry between ‘Bama and Auburn .



Iron Bowl Preview: The Biggest Games in the History of One of the Sport’s Biggest Rivalries

Alabama, Auburn prepared for monumental Iron Bowl

Iron Bowl History Auburn Version

The History of The Iron Bowl Alabama Version




   Here are the final scores for every game of the series , which ‘Bama leads 39-34-1 , along with a brief history of the rivalry .


Date Winner Score Site
Feb. 22, 1893 Auburn 32-22 Lakeview Baseball Park, Birmingham
Nov. 30, 1893 Auburn 40-16 Riverside Park, Montgomery
Nov. 29, 1894 Alabama 18-0 Riverside Park, Montgomery
Nov. 23, 1895 Auburn 48-0 Tuscaloosa
Nov. 17, 1900 Auburn 53-5 Montgomery
Nov. 15, 1901 Auburn 17-0 Tuscaloosa
Oct. 18, 1902 Auburn 23-0 West End Park, Birmingham
Oct. 23, 1903 Alabama 18-6 Highland Park, Montgomery
Nov. 12, 1904 Auburn 29-5 West End Park, Birmingham
Nov. 18, 1905 Alabama 30-0 West End Park, Birmingham
Nov. 17, 1906 Alabama 10-0 Birmingham Fair Grounds
Nov. 16, 1907 Tie 6-6 Birmingham Fair Grounds
Dec. 4, 1948 Alabama 55-0 Legion Field, Birmingham
Dec. 3, 1949 Auburn 14-13 Legion Field, Birmingham
Dec. 2, 1950 Alabama 34-0 Legion Field, Birmingham
Dec. 1, 1951 Alabama 25-7 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 29, 1952 Alabama 21-0 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 28, 1953 Alabama 10-7 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 27, 1954 Auburn 28-0 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 26, 1955 Auburn 26-0 Legion Field, Birmingham
Dec. 1, 1956 Auburn 34-7 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 30, 1957 Auburn 40-0 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 29, 1958 Auburn 14-8 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 28, 1959 Alabama 10-0 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 26, 1960 Alabama 3-0 Legion Field, Birmingham
Dec. 2, 1961 Alabama 34-0 Legion Field, Birmingham
Dec. 1, 1962 Alabama 38-0 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 30, 1963 Auburn 10-8 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 26, 1964 Alabama 21-14 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 27, 1965 Alabama 30-3 Legion Field, Birmingham
Dec. 3, 1966 Alabama 31-0 Legion Field, Birmingham
Dec. 2, 1967 Alabama 7-3 Legion Field, Birmingham
Dec. 3, 1968 Alabama 24-16 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 29, 1969 Auburn 49-26 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 28, 1970 Auburn 33-28 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 27, 1971 Alabama 31-7 Legion Field, Birmingham
Dec. 2, 1972 Auburn 17-16 Legion Field, Birmingham
Dec. 1, 1973 Alabama 35-0 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 29, 1974 Alabama 17-13 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 29, 1975 Alabama 28-0 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 27, 1976 Alabama 38-7 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 26, 1977 Alabama 48-21 Legion Field, Birmingham
Dec. 2, 1978 Alabama 34-16 Legion Field, Birmingham
Dec. 1, 1979 Alabama 25-18 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 29, 1980 Alabama 34-18 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 28, 1981 Alabama 28-17 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 27, 1982 Auburn 23-22 Legion Field, Birmingham
Dec. 3, 1983 Auburn 23-20 Legion Field, Birmingham
Dec. 1, 1984 Alabama 17-15 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 30, 1985 Alabama 25-23 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 29, 1986 Auburn 21-17 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 27, 1987 Auburn 10-0 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 25, 1988 Auburn 15-10 Legion Field, Birmingham
Dec. 2, 1989 Auburn 30-20 Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn
Dec. 1, 1990 Alabama 16-7 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 30, 1991 Alabama 13-6 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 26, 1992 Alabama 17-0 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 20, 1993 Auburn 22-14 Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn
Nov. 19, 1994 Alabama 21-14 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 18, 1995 Auburn 31-27 Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn
Nov. 23, 1996 Alabama 24-23 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 22, 1997 Auburn 18-17 Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn
Nov. 21, 1998 Alabama 31-17 Legion Field, Birmingham
Nov. 20, 1999 Alabama 28-17 Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn
Nov. 18, 2000 Auburn 9-0 Bryant-Denny Stadium, Tuscaloosa
Nov. 19, 2001 Alabama 31-7 Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn
Nov. 23, 2002 Auburn 17-7 Bryant-Denny Stadium, Tuscaloosa
Nov. 22, 2003 Auburn 28-23 Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn
Nov. 22, 2004 Auburn 21-13 Bryant-Denny Stadium, Tuscaloosa
Nov. 20, 2005 Auburn 28-18 Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn
Nov. 18, 2006 Auburn 22-15 Bryant-Denny Stadium, Tuscaloosa
Nov. 17, 2007 Auburn 17-10 Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn
Nov. 18, 2008 Alabama 36-0 Bryant-Denny Stadium, Tuscaloosa
Nov. 27, 2009 Alabama 26-21 Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn
Nov. 26, 2010 Auburn 28-27 Bryant-Denny Stadium, Tuscaloosa
Nov. 26, 2011 Alabama 42-14 Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn



”  The first Iron Bowl game played took place on February 22, 1893 at Lakeview Baseball Park in Birmingham . Despite many rough years to come, Auburn walked away the victor of that game beating Alabama 32-22. This is where the disagreements and hostility began. Alabama considered this game to be the last game of the 1892 season, where Auburn considered it the first game of the 1893 season.  Even then, the two teams could not reach an agreement, which leads to 1907.

  Alabama and Auburn went head to head for the last time until 1948. Shortly after the tied game of 1907, the two teams were combating off the field in negotiations over finances and setting a date. In 1908 the two teams tried to save the series. Alabama proposed a new contract for the match-up to Auburn , who accepted a compromise contract that ended up pleasing both teams. However, just like the Hatfields and McCoys, an agreement could not be made that easy. “



Enjoy the game and may the best Tigers win … WAR EAGLE !!!













” During Saturday’s taping of ESPN’s College GameDay in Auburn before the Iron Bowl, which is college football’s most intense rivalry, an Auburn fan wanted to reportedly make a sign that would be the “biggest insult” to Alabama.

  The fan decided to create a sign that tied Alabama head coach Nick Saban to Obamacare. “

The Tide also supports the “Knockout Game” . That is an even bigger insult if you ask us . 


Baldwin County Deputy Shoots 16 Year-Old Toothless Dog During Warrant Service





” On Friday, four deputies with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office were serving a warrant at a home on Stacey Drive. A spokesperson with the sheriff’s office said the dog came after the deputy and that’s when Belle was shot. The family however says that’s not the case. 

  In the hills near the Hadley’s family homes, the pit bull is more like family than a four-legged friend. Angel Fretwell said Belle is old, toothless and hardly gets around anymore. She’s lived to see generations of the Hadley’s grow up, now Fretwell hopes she will live through this.”


More here

   Keep repeating … only the police can be trusted with guns , only the police can be trusted with guns …










Hail Mary Auburn

Click pic to see Nick Marshall's Hail Mary throw & Ricardo Louis' AMAZING reception

AUBURN, Ala. — ” Auburn’s magical season continued Saturday with a big whew, an unbelievable catch and a one-for-the-ages 43-38 win over Georgia.
Nick Marshall’s 78-yard touchdown pass to Ricardo Louis with 25 seconds brought home a thrilling victory. The pass? It bounced off a Georgia defender and Louis caught it in stride racing to the end zone.
Whew? Whew. Auburn dominated the first half and enjoyed a nice lead in the third quarter. But Georgia threw a scare in the Tigers in the fourth quarter. Auburn survived, beating Georgia in the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry, and setting the stage for a big Iron Bowl game in Jordan-Hare Stadium on Nov. 30.
Auburn led 37-17 in the fourth quarter. Georgia closed fast, scoring 21 points in a seven-minute span in the fourth quarter.
Auburn improved to 10-1 overall and 6-1 in the SEC. Alabama is next.”



Post Game at Toomer’s Corner


 Quick Stats
 First Downs
 Rushing Yards
 Passing Yards
 Total Yards
 Total Plays
 3rd Down Conversions
 4th Down Conversions
 Field Goals
 Time of Possession
 Stat Leaders
 AU – Marshall
 UGA – Murray
 AU – Mason
 UGA – Gurley
 AU – Louis
 UGA – Wooten

War Eagle !!!

One last chore … Let’s roll back the “Tide

 2013 Schedule
 10-1 Overall, 6-1 SEC
 31-24 vs. Washington State
 38-9 vs. Arkansas State
 24-20 vs. Mississippi State
 35-21 at (6) LSU
 30-22 vs. (24) Ole Miss
 62-3 vs. Western Carolina
 45-41 at (7) Texas A&M
 45-10 vs. Florida Atlantic
 35-17 at Arkansas
 55-23 at Tennessee
 43-38 vs. Georgia
 vs. Alabama

Zagat’s Guide To The Fifty States Of Sandwich


” Every state has its own specialty dishes, but it’s often the unique regional sandwiches you find all around the U.S. that best embody the spirit of each community and its local cuisine. August is National Sandwich Month, so what better time to take a look at the 50 States of America and the delicious regional sandwiches found in each? (We also included Washington, DC – bonus sandwich!)




Alabama: Alabama-Style Chicken Sandwich With White Sauce

” Alabama has its own style of BBQ, which also varies by region. By the banks of the Tennessee River, you’ll find the origins of a classic Alabama sandwich: pulled chicken with white sauce. The white sauce is unique to Alabama and is a combination of mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar and in some cases, a dash of horseradish to smother the dry-rubbed chicken meat. It was created in Decatur, Alabama, by Robert Gibson at Big Bob Gibson’s Bar-B-Q restaurant in 1925. Today, for a mere $4.95, you can enjoy an Alabama-style chicken sandwich with white sauce at Leo and Susie’s Famous Green Top Bar-B-Q, which has been in business since 1951 (under Leo and Susie since ’73), in Dora.”


Check out the other fifty US sandwiches , complete with pictures and commentary here .














” A week after he was arrested for running naked across the Sparkman High School football field during a September 27 game in a streaking gag, and just one day after school officials threatened criminal charges against him that could have resulted in an adult prosecution and conviction requiring lifelong registration as a sex offender, 15-year-old Christian Adamek from Huntsville, Alabama, hanged himself. He died from his injuries two days later.

Christian reportedly was expelled from school over the incident, but school officials were pressing for a hearing in the Madison County court system to determine if formal criminal charges would be filed.

Approximately 250,000 youth under age 18 are prosecuted, sentenced, and incarcerated in the adult criminal justice system each year and nearly 100,000 youth are placed in adult jails and prisons annually in America.”



    This is just one more example of the degradation and (deserved) loss of respect for the law and authority being advanced in a society increasingly controlled by lawyers . Remember … when everything is a crime , everyone is a criminal .








Cop Fired for Speaking Out Against Ticket and Arrest Quotas





” Auburn, Alabama is home to sprawling plains, Auburn University, and a troubling police force. After the arrival of a new police chief in 2010, the department entered an era of ticket quotas and worse.

Hanners blew the whistle on the department’s tactics and was eventually fired for refusing to comply and keep quiet. He says that each officer was required to make 100 contacts each month, which included tickets, arrests, field interviews, and warnings. This equates to 72,000 contacts a year in a 50,000 person town. His claims are backed up by audio recordings of his superiors he made. The Auburn police department declined requests to be interviewed for this story.

Former Reason staffer Radley Balko, now an investigative reporter for the Huffington Post and author of the new book, Rise of the Warrior Cop, says that this isn’t just a nuisance, it infringes on public safety.

“You have a policy that encourages police to create petty crimes and ignore serious crimes, and that’s clearly the opposite of what we want our police to be doing,” says Balko.”







Republican Women Question Race-Based Standards for Alabama’s Schools




” According to this article by Jamon Smith, “Beginning this fall, Alabama public schools will be under a new state-created academic accountability system that sets different goals for students in math and reading based on their race, economic status, ability to speak English and disabilities.” Alabama’s Plan 2020 “sets a different standard for students in each of several subgroups — American Indian, Asian/Pacific islander, black, English language learners, Hispanic, multirace, poverty, special education and white.”


  The “Balkanization” of America picks up steam … 

  This is the kind of multi-culti nonsense one would expect from the Blue State do-gooders in San Francisco or Chicago , but from reddest of red Alabama ? 


” The “race-based” standards are part of Common Core, adopted by the state board of education in November 2010.”


  Somewhere George Wallace is smiling . Racism is alive and well in government policies , not in society as a whole .