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How They Got Away With It


” This time, it’s about sex. An all-too-detailed report on the Vito Lopez scandal reveals that the once-powerful assemblyman and Brooklyn Democratic leader harassed and humiliated his female staffers — demanding that they wear sexy clothes, playing with their hair, plying them with alcohol, luring them to hotel rooms and sticking his creepy hand up their skirts.

Perhaps most depressing of all was the reaction from Assembly Democrats when told their leader had turned a blind eye to despicable, potentially criminal behavior and put young women in harm’s way:

They excused him. They forgave him. They defended him. They praised his leadership.

Above all, they scoffed at the idea that the Manhattan Democrat’s 19-year reign as speaker should end.

The key to understanding all of this, as with so much of the corruption in Albany of late, is the corrosive culture of the Legislature.

And that begins and ends with the Democrat-controlled Assembly’s near-absolute boss rule.

As soon as they get elected, like it or not, Democrats forfeit virtually all of their power to Silver — who’s now been speaker for 19 years running — as their party leader and speaker.

Assembly members are independently elected, yes. They have their own ideas and their own duties to their districts and constituents.

But as soon as they cross the Capitol threshold, they basically become Silver’s employees.

He singlehandedly determines what laws his members can bring to the floor and pass, what committees they sit on, what hearings they hold and how much cash they’re allotted to hire staff and rent office space. He can even manipulate their salaries by awarding — or taking away — leadership posts that come with extra stipends ranging from $9,000 to $41,500.”







VA Refuses To Follow N.Y. Gun Law




” Mental-health professionals won’t report names of patients

(AP) – The federal Department of Veterans Affairs said Monday its mental health professionals won’t comply with a new gun law in New York that requires reporting the names of patients they believe likely to hurt themselves or others.

That provision is set to take effect Saturday. Several veterans and their advocates warned it would deter many from seeking counseling and medications to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder or other psychological issues. Veterans fear their rights would be taken away.”






Cuomo Calls For ‘Toughest Assault Weapon Ban In The Nation



  Who does he think he’s fooling ? The crime rates nationally have been steadily declining for the past TWENTY years even as the population has grown by over 20% . There is no problem that the State needs to step in and address . There is no crisis awaiting the curative hand of State intrusion . This is a power grab plain and simple . 


FBI Crime Stats 1992-2011

 New York already has some of the toughest gun laws and it certainly is one of the most intrusive of bureaucracies , witness the mass exodus of corporation departing the state due to sky high taxes , onerous regulation and this unending attitude coming from Albany that the only solution is the State solution .



“We need a gun policy in this state that is reasonable, that is balanced, that is measured,” Cuomo said. “We respect hunters and sportsman. This is not taking away people’s guns. I own a gun … that’s not what this is about.”

“It is about ending the unnecessary risk of high-capacity assault rifles. That’s what this is about,” he added. “


If this governor is really interested in helping the people of his state he should devote his attentions to the real problems that exist in New York , namely the economy and jobs . Help to create an environment that is conducive to business growth and that will lead to more jobs , more revenue and less crime .