Which Sex Receives More Education Worldwide?






” The first question regarding the map should be its credibility. This map was not produced by any particular research institution, but by a man named Alexandr Trubetskoy who apparently has a penchant for making infographic-style maps.

  On a similar note, I made my own graphs regarding degrees conferred by sex, for example, from data from the National Center for Education Statistics. I made them because I searched high and low for graphs made by “the experts,” but – lo and behold – I could not find any.

  Let’s look at some of the claims made about this map. According to Alexandr Trubetskoy (my comments are interspersed):

  • This map shows which gender has more years of expected education in their country.

  So it’s not entirely based on what education grown men and women have received over the past several decades, but rather a rough prediction of the degree of education men and women are expected to receive, on average.