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Obama’s Masterful War Against GOP Strawmen

Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals

RULE 13: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” 



” I guess I already knew this, but something struck me about Obama’s inaugural address yesterday, especially as I read the transcript this morning. The reason Obama succeeds politically is that he has done a masterful job of setting up Republican strawmen – and straw policies – to use as his foils. And real Republicans do little but flail away helplessly in response.

Here is the Republican Party that Obama has created, and has convinced a majority of independent voters is the real thing:

  • The party that hates women.
  • The party that hates gay people.
  • The party that doesn’t want to help anyone in need.
  • The party that wants endless war.
  • The party that will do anything to stop the poor and the middle class from improving their lives.
  • The party that opposes building infrastructure.
  • The party that hates public employees, especially teachers, police and firefighters.
  • The party that doesn’t want you to have sex.

Does that sound like anyone you know? Does that sound like any Republican you’ve ever voted for? Does that sound like any commentator you read? Does that sound like any thoughts you’ve ever had? ”



 Now you may say that the notion that people would take this sort of propaganda seriously is absurd but you must remember that we are in the age of the ” low information voter ” and the fact that Obama won re-election after that first miserable term should be enough to inform you that the momentum is on the side of the Statists . 


Benjamin Franklin said we were given a Republic , ” if we can keep it ” . Can we , given the fact that the majority of Americans would tell you that we live in a democracy ?


A comment read at another site and posted as an open thread .

  ” 4. Pragmatist

  Obambi was DISBARRED by Illinois in 2002
  Obambi failed all his College Courses
  Obambi was at best a mediocre pupil at School
  Obambi used an Indonesian Passport to go to Pakistan in 1981
  Obambi received FOREIGN STUDENT funding in College.

  Not true you say and I say OK PROVE it.

An open CHALLENGE to all the loyal
Obamanation worshipers . All of those documents listed below are HIDDEN. So take the list of documents that he is HIDING and
give us a point by point explanation why each one is being HIDDEN or alternatively show WHERE that information is AVAILABLE for
scrutiny. Only when you have done that can you then throw out your wild accusations of conspiracy nut against anyone.

  The ones who ARE CONSPIRING are the ones who are HIDING the documents not those merely
asking to see them and only a blind
worshiper would have the reverse morality to see it any other way. So lets see what you are made of.

   Oh and just in case you want to pretend you dont know what is missing here is a list .

Here apart from his Vault Birth Certificate are just some but my no means ALL of the OTHER documents and information the
Obamanation is HIDING.

  There is a lifetime of “missing”
documentation — but it must a coincidence — it has to be a coincidence — just keep telling yourself, “it’s a coincidence.”

Obama/Dunham divorce -Released (by independent investigators)

Soetoro/Dunham marriage license — Not released

Soetoro adoption records — Not released

Punahou School records — Not released

  Soetoro/Dunham divorce — Released (by independent investigators)

  Soetero/Obama name change
documentation – Not released

  Selective Service Registration — Released — Probable counterfeit

  Occidental College records — Not released and vigorously defended

Passport records — Not released and official government passport files scrubbed clean by John O.
Brennan — now Obama’s terrorism and intelligence czar

Just a coincidence???????????

  Columbia College records — Not released

  Columbia thesis — “Soviet Nuclear
Disarmament” — Not released

  Harvard College records — Not released

Harvard Law Review articles —None

Illinois Bar Records — Not released

Baptism certificate — None

  Medical records — Not released (unless you count a one-pager from his personal physician saying Obama’s healthy)

  Just a coincidence????????

  Law practice client list — Not released

  University of Chicago scholarly articles — None

  Annenberg Challenge Board Minutes — None

  Illinois State Senate records — None

  Illinois State Senate schedule — Lost

Almost 50 years old and there’s no paper trail — coincidence, Would you hire someone with this curriculum vitae? The man is
completely undocumented. You don’t know anything about Obama — operative word, KNOW. None of us really do because he and his life are undocumented — an impossible coincidence — and Obama fiercely defends the release of what documentation is available. Some of us believe that something
isn’t on the level and that we are entitled as United States citizens to ask any damned politician who he is, what his politics are, what his agenda is, where he came from and
who sent him.

July 18, 2012 – 2:41 am “