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Newsmax’s Top 50 Conservative Blogs Of 2015





   Although we would classify a fair amount of these blogs as libertarian rather than “conservative” the choices are sound and united in their anti-statism . Not bad for a bunch of pajama-clad basement dwellers .


” Newsmax is out with our 2015 list of the 50 top conservative blogs.

  The Internet now allows anyone who cares to invest the time and trouble to become a political commentator with, potentially, many times the readership of the most long-established syndicated columnists. The media elite, from the Big Three Networks to the local newspaper, have suffered a collapse in influence and a hemorrhage of revenues as Americans simply click on their favorite bookmarks for informed opinions about the events around them.

  Is it any wonder that an executive branch dominated by the big-government left is determined to let nothing stop it from converting the Internet into a regulated public utility whose ultimate destination apparently involves United Nations oversight?

  Obama administration scandals like those involving the IRS and Benghazi may not have reached critical mass — yet. But if this were the old days of near-total liberal dominance of information transmission, it would be near-impossible to bring new developments before the eyes of the public if it contradicted the wishes of newspaper editors and network anchormen.

  It would also be impossible to prevent the mainstream media from snowballing an artificial scandal like Rathergate a decade ago, which easily could have jeopardized George W. Bush’s re-election, and which Power Line and other conservative websites had a substantial role in debunking.”

  London’s Hyde Park Corner has, for nearly a century and a half, been famed for the colorful characters who stand atop soapboxes on Sundays and speak their minds, with extremists from the organized right and left well-represented, and most of the speakers solemnly serious about what they tell the assembled throngs. A good few, however, have always been entertainers, sometimes feigning political passions that the crowd eventually discovers to be disguised jokes.

  It is no exaggeration, considering the multitudes of people many of them reach, to say that the conservative blogs listed below have more greatly influenced political events than all the Hyde Park diatribes ever delivered. Personality abounds. Some of the sites feature graphics that are feasts for the eyes; many deliver laughs rivaling a P.G. Wodehouse yarn. And almost all let any reader join in and comment to his or her heart’s content.

  Conservative blogs have electrified our 223-year old First Amendment like nothing the Founding Fathers could ever have foreseen. Here are the top 50 conservative blogs:


1. Instapundit – University of Tennessee law professor and hawkish libertarian Glenn Reynolds’ nearly decade-and-a-half-old powerhouse often causes “Instalanches” of Web traffic to sites to which it links articles. Reynolds posts relentlessly and the brevity and wryness of his often all-caps comments are famous, like a recent link to a Popular Mechanics report on Iran exploding a fake U.S. aircraft carrier to flex its muscles during nuclear talks. Blogged Reynolds, “WHY DON’T WE ONE-UP THEM BY BLOWING UP A REAL IRANIAN NUCLEAR RESEARCH FACILITY?” 


2. Hot Air – Founded originally by firebrand columnist and TV commentator Michelle Malkin, Hot Air persuaded veteran blogger Ed Morrissey to archive his own well-established Captain’s Quarters blog and write for Hot Air. Its other stars are American Conservative Union blogger of the year Mary Katharine Ham, and the mysterious and eloquent AllahPundit, who recently posted his skeptical take on Jeb Bush’s less-than-comfortable CPAC appearance, which he theorized wasn’t to attract votes on the right, but “to prove to people who aren’t at CPAC that he’s one of them and not afraid to broadcast that fact at ground zero of the conservative movement.”


3. RedState – Some of editor-in-chief and Fox commentator Erick Erickson’s recent headlines provide a sample of Red State’s pungent flavor: “Can We Impeach Now?” “Eunuch Mitch McConnell Squeals Like a Pig,” and “All the President’s Boot Lickers Still Pretend Obama is a Christian.” But the Eagle Publishing-owned site features plenty of substantive analysis for cyberspace’s hardcore right, much of it by volunteer contributors, like “Streiff” concluding that “Boehner and McConnell are negotiating with themselves over the terms of their own surrender” on Homeland Security funding and President Obama’s executive amnesty. Pointing out that a DHS shutdown endangers no one, Streiff warned that if Congress “won’t refuse to appropriate money to fund non-essential functions of DHS, it has become irrelevant and we are a dictatorship, not a constitutional republic.”


4. Power Line – The law school-educated weightiness comes through in this polished, eclectic political site founded by three Dartmouth-grad attorneys. An example: A recent post from John Hinderaker diving into the technical details of the Obama administration’s new bullet regulations and demonstrating that Second Amendment fears regarding them are “not irrational; liberals have openly argued for attacks on ammunition as an indirect means of achieving gun control.”


5. Free Republic – “Working to roll back decades of governmental largesse, to root out political fraud and corruption,” and “always have fun doing it. Hoo-yah!” Free Republic might just be the national bulletin board for the Tea Party, among serving other functions. Thousands of “Freepers,” with handles like Alamo Girl and cripplecreek, link to articles other sites usually miss, then post endless pithy commentaries. Typical is a recent post by GreyFriar on the FCC turning the Internet into a public utility: “The Democrat version of democracy means three unelected bureaucrats voting for something that none of us is allowed to see.”

6. The Corner – With National Review’s full arsenal represented, like the forceful mind of terrorist prosecutor Andrew McCarthy and the incisive reporting of Joel Gehrke, conservative political junkies fly to “the one and only” Corner for anything-but-amateur rapid response analysis on just about anything that’s happening. Washington Editor Eliana Johnson (whose father, Scott, co-founded Power Line), for instance, crashed the garden party for the latest “anti-Jeb” with her recent “Two Scott Walkers” post, reporting that hundreds of donors at the Club for Growth’s winter conference in West Palm Beach were eager to see “the man who has slayed Wisconsin’s public-unions and delivered a boffo performance” at CPAC. “Instead, they got the Walker who is shaky, unsure of himself, and hazy on policy details.”

7. Avik Roy – Forbes magazine opinion editor and Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Avik Roy’s knowledge of the maze of legislative language that makes up ObamaCare is unrivaled, and as it inevitably declines in effectiveness, the blog written by Roy, former House Budget Committee Chairman Bill Frenzel, and a half dozen other experts is the place to check in often and watch its slow death.

8. NewsBusters.org – With all the resources of Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center at its disposal, NewsBusters watches the mainstream media’s every move and skewers its chronic bias, sloppiness, inaccuracies, and even outright deceit. A Matthew Balan post recently pointed out how the evening news shows of all the Big Three networks ignored the Treasury Department’s new “active investigation” into IRS “potential criminal activity,” yet “all devoted full segments to the viral photograph of a dress that appears to be either black and blue or gold and white.”

9. Café Hayek – “The Road to Serfdom” author F.A. Hayek would be delighted with the undiluted capitalism served at the blog bearing his name. One recent post by Don Boudreaux linked to a YouTube clip of the “Price is Right” game show from 1972 to demonstrate that the conventional wisdom about stagnant living standards is wrong. One of the show’s prizes was a “30-inch electric kitchen range priced at $385.” Boudreaux pointed out: In 1972, the average hourly earnings of a production or nonsupervisory private-sector worker in America was $3.90. So, such a worker in 1972 had to toil for 99 hours to earn enough income to buy that range.” But today, Home Depot sells a 30-inch range for $349, with the average hourly wage $20.80. “So, today’s ‘ordinary’ worker can earn enough income to buy a 30-inch electric kitchen range in just 16.8 hours — a mere 17 percent of the work time required in 1972.”

10. Big Government – It’s undoubtedly insulting to call the best-known section of the multi-faceted Breitbart website a blog; the late and legendary Internet pioneer Andrew Breitbart’s baby is fast growing into a professional journalistic global empire, opening bureaus everywhere from Texas to London to the Mideast. But the whole massive operation, launched to destroy the “old media guard” dominated by the left, has always had a blogger’s rebellious soul. The trademark Breitbart cheekiness was on full display in a recent post by C-FAM president Austin Ruse, who asked the head of American Atheists if the president is faking being a Christian and got this agnostic response: “Obama was raised by an atheist and a skeptic, so he at least knows the arguments.” “



Click through to see where your favorite blog ranks













Thousands To Participate In Global ‘March Against The Mainstream Media

World Wide Uprising Against The Mainstream Media



Anonymous Message To The MSM

We Are Anonymous

We Are Legion

We Do Not Forgive 

We Do Not Forget

Expect Us




This is the only first person video we have found and it appears to be from the UK.



    A search of Youtube for videos of the March has revealed a virtual blackout by the major media outlets , thus proving the organizer’s contention  … AP has nothing , Reuters nothing , BBC zip , ABC , CBS , NBC all squat , Fox nada , ITN zilch , even Russia Today has zero coverage . The major surprise though is the complete lack of eye witness videos on the social media sites . 

   The above video from somewhere in the UK is the only video we could find on Youtube , we found none on LiveLeak or Vimeo . Where are the people ? We will keep searching and hopefully will be able to update this post soon with some real eye witness accounts of today’s world-wide? marches . Stay tuned .

Activists Plan For March Against Mainstream Media Nov 16th Worldwide




” Activists, that may not necessarily identify as Anonymous, are planning for a Worldwide March Against Mainstream Media[1] on Nov 16th. Similar to the recent Million Mask March that was largely organized by Anonymous, that we also reported on here[2] and here[3]

The full text of their call to action is as follows:

“MARCH AGAINST MAINSTREAM MEDIA is more than just a protest. It is an attack against the credibility of the mainstream media in an attempt to steer its viewers away from its lies and towards alternative media sources. There are too many important things happening today that go ignored or spun by the MSM and unnoticed by the mass public. On November 16th, organized protest in the United States will be brought to the doorstep of all large mainstream media studio headquarters including: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and FOX News. With enough support from truthseekers out at their local MSM studio locations on November 16, we will force the hand of those media outlets and they will be pushed to make a decision.

They can either:

Choose to report on the fact that thousands of people are currently protesting outside of their buildings because they are keeping important news from the public’s eyes.

Or they can:

Choose to ignore the fact that thousands of people are outside all of their buildings protesting them. This is what we want them to do, because independent and alternative media organizations along with large social media pages with millions of reach have been put on high alert for this event and will then flood the internet and radio to the fact that this mass protest is going on against the mainstream media.

This will cause the mass public (who only watch MSM) to search for the story elsewhere, and turn away from the (MSM) television. While we have the attention of the public for this day, while they are looking into this giant event, we must get the point across to them that a lot of very serious things are taking place that they are unaware of or have been lied to about. The MSM news channel that they always watch has deep ties with large contributors of money and government branches to only show the news that is beneficial to those who pay these MSM giants. Most importantly we must turn away from being spoon-fed information from the MSM and turn to alternative and independent media sources for our news.

We must make it clear on that day that the news source that is not showing the protests is the news source you have to stop getting your news from. And the news source that IS showing the protests is where you should look for news from now on.

This is a call to all truthseekers, to all of those who know corruption is taking place, and who want to change the world to what we all know it could be. The United States Mainstream Media is the #1 tool used against the American people and we have to get the mass public to turn away from this garbage once and for all and actually start thinking for ourselves. Imagine what would happen if the news actually told us the truth and showed us important things? My guess is revolution overnight.

SHARE this message! November 16th, MARCH AGAINST MAINSTREAM MEDIA!”[4] “



Here is the event’s Facebook page .

March Against Mainstream Media




  ” Here is a list of protest locations along with a link to the Facebook page for each . If you can take part and show the MSM that we are tired of the bias and lies please do so , and tell your friends .





” At the time of writing this was a list of events that are scheduled, numbering at 180, We have edited this list slightly for posting. We will update this list as the day of action approaches.”

Updated location count: 192


Montreal, QC Facebook Event Page
Winnipeg, MB Facebook Event Page
Toronto, ON Facebook Event Page
Owen Sound, ON Facebook Event Page
Kitchener Waterloo, ON Facebook Event Page
Vancouver, BC Facebook Event Page


Sydney Facebook Event Page
Brisbane Facebook Event Page
Adelaide Facebook Event Page

United Kingdom

London Facebook Event Page
Bristol Facebook Event Page
Salford Facebook Event Page
Cardiff Bay Facebook Event Page
Middlesbrough Facebook Event Page

United States

Anniston Alabama Facebook Event Page
Birmingham Alabama Facebook Event Page
Dothan Alabama Facebook Event Page
Huntsville Alabama Facebook Event Page
Mobile Alabama Facebook Event Page
Montgomery Alabama Facebook Event Page
Tuscaloosa Alabama Facebook Event Page

Anchorage Alaska Facebook Event Page
Fairbanks Alaska Facebook Event Page
Juneau Alaska Facebook Event Page
Ketchikan Alaska Facebook Event Page
Sitka Alaska Facebook Event Page

Flagstaff Arizona Facebook Event Page
Phoenix Arizona Facebook Event Page
Tucson Arizona Facebook Event Page
Yuma Arizona Facebook Event Page

El Dorado Arkansas Facebook Event Page
Fayetteville Arkansas Facebook Event Page
Fort Smith Arkansas Facebook Event Page
Jonesboro Arkansas Facebook Event Page
Little Rock Arkansas Facebook Event Page

Bakersfield California Facebook Event Page
Burbank California Facebook Event Page
Chico/Redding California Facebook Event Page
El Centro California Facebook Event Page
Eureka California Facebook Event Page
Fresno California Facebook Event Page
Glendale California Facebook Event Page
Los Angeles California Facebook Event Page
Palm Springs California Facebook Event Page
Sacramento California Facebook Event Page
Salinas/Monterey California Facebook Event Page
San Diego California Facebook Event Page
San Francisco California Facebook Event Page
Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo California Facebook Event Page

Colorado Springs Colorado Facebook Event Page
Denver Colorado Facebook Event Page
Durango Colorado Facebook Event Page
Grand Junction Colorado Facebook Event Page

Connecticut Facebook Event Page
Hartford/New Haven Connecticut Facebook Event Page

Fort Myers Florida Facebook Event Page
Gainesville Florida Facebook Event Page
Jacksonville Florida Facebook Event Page
Jacksonville Florida Facebook Event Page
Miami Florida Facebook Event Page
Orlando Florida Facebook Event Page
Pembroke Park Florida Facebook Event Page
Panama City Florida Facebook Event Page
Pensacola Florida Facebook Event Page
Sarasota Florida Facebook Event Page
Tallahassee Florida Facebook Event Page
Tampa/St.Petersburg Florida Facebook Event Page
West Palm Beach Florida Facebook Event Page
SW Florida (Lee/Collier County) Florida Facebook Event Page

Albany Georgia Facebook Event Page
Atlanta Georgia Facebook Event Page
Augusta Georgia Facebook Event Page
Columbus Georgia Facebook Event Page
Macon Georgia Facebook Event Page
Savannah Georgia Facebook Event Page

Hilo Hawaii Facebook Event Page
Honolulu Hawaii Facebook Event Page
Wailuku/Maui Hawaii Facebook Event Page

Boise Idaho Facebook Event Page
Idaho Falls/Pocatello Idaho Facebook Event Page
Lewiston Idaho Facebook Event Page
Twin Falls Idaho Facebook Event Page

Champaign/Urbana Illinois Facebook Event Page
Chicago Illinois Facebook Event Page
Decatur Illinois Facebook Event Page
East Peoria Illinois Facebook Event Page
Quincy Illinois Facebook Event Page
Rock Island/Moline Illinois Facebook Event Page
Rockford Illinois Facebook Event Page
Springfield Illinois Facebook Event Page

Evansville Indiana Facebook Event Page
Fort Wayne Indiana Facebook Event Page
Indianapolis Indiana Facebook Event Page
Lafayette Indiana Facebook Event Page
South Bend Indiana Facebook Event Page
Terre Haute Indiana Facebook Event Page

Cedar Rapids/Waterloo Iowa Facebook Event Page
Davenport Iowa Facebook Event Page
Des Moines Iowa Facebook Event Page
Mason City Iowa Facebook Event Page
Ottumwa Iowa Facebook Event Page
Sioux City Iowa Facebook Event Page

Dodge City/Garden City Kansas Facebook Event Page
Goodland Kansas Facebook Event Page
Hays/Great Bend Kansas Facebook Event Page
Pittsburg Kansas Facebook Event Page
Topeka Kansas Facebook Event Page
Wichita Kansas Facebook Event Page

Bowling Green Kentucky Facebook Event Page
Hazard Kentucky Facebook Event Page
Lexington Kentucky Facebook Event Page
Lousiville Kentucky Facebook Event Page
Paducah Kentucky Facebook Event Page

Alexandria Louisana Facebook Event Page
Baton Rouge Louisana Facebook Event Page
Lafayette Louisana Facebook Event Page
Lake Charles Louisana Facebook Event Page
Monroe Louisana Facebook Event Page
New Orleans Louisana Facebook Event Page
Shreveport Louisana Facebook Event Page

Bangor Maine Facebook Event Page
Portland Maine Facebook Event Page
Portland Maine Facebook Event Page

Baltimore Maryland Facebook Event Page

Boston Massachusetts Facebook Event Page

Alpena Michigan Facebook Event Page
Detroit Michigan Facebook Event Page
Flint/Saginaw Michigan Facebook Event Page
Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo Michigan Facebook Event Page
Plymouth/Canton Michigan Facebook Event Page

Minneapolis Minnesota Facebook Event Page

Greenville Mississippi Facebook Event Page

Joplin Missouri Facebook Event Page
Kansas City Missouri Facebook Event Page
Popular Bluff Missouri Facebook Event Page
Springfield Missouri Facebook Event Page
St. Louis Missouri Facebook Event Page

Billings Montana Facebook Event Page

Omaha Nebraska Facebook Event Page

Las Vegas Nevada Facebook Event Page
Reno Nevada Facebook Event Page

Linwood New Jersey Facebook Event Page

New York City New York Facebook Event Page
Rochester New York Facebook Event Page
Schenectady New York Facebook Event Page

Charlotte North Carolina Facebook Event Page
High Point North Carolina Facebook Event Page
Raleigh North Carolina Facebook Event Page

Bismarck North Dakota Facebook Event Page

Cincinnati Ohio Facebook Event Page
Cincinnati Ohio Facebook Event Page
Cleveland Ohio Facebook Event Page
Toledo Ohio Facebook Event Page

Oklahoma City Oklahoma Facebook Event Page

Portland Oregon Facebook Event Page

Lancaster Pennslyvania Facebook Event Page
Philadelphia Pennslyvania Facebook Event Page
Philadelphia Pennslyvania Facebook Event Page
Pittsburgh Pennslyvania Facebook Event Page

Providence Rhode Island Facebook Event Page

Charleston South Carolina Facebook Event Page

Rapid City South Dakota Facebook Event Page

Knoxville Tennessee Facebook Event Page
Memphis Tennessee Facebook Event Page
Nashville Tennessee Facebook Event Page

Austin Texas Facebook Event Page
Brownsville/McAllen Texas Facebook Event Page
Corpus Christi Texas Facebook Event Page
Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Facebook Event Page
El Paso Texas Facebook Event Page
Houston Texas Facebook Event Page
Tyler/Longview Texas Facebook Event Page

Salt Lake City Utah Facebook Event Page

South Burlington Vermont Facebook Event Page

Richmond Virginia Facebook Event Page

Seattle Washington Facebook Event Page
Spokane Washington Facebook Event Page
Yakima Washington Facebook Event Page
Washington D.C. Washington D.C. Facebook Event Page

Beckley/Bluefield West Virginia Facebook Event Page
Charleston West Virginia Facebook Event Page
Clarksburg West Virginia Facebook Event Page
Parkersburg West Virginia Facebook Event Page

Eau Claire Wisconsin Facebook Event Page
Green Bay Wisconsin Facebook Event Page
La Crosse Wisconsin Facebook Event Page
Madison Wisconsin Facebook Event Page
Milwaukee Wisconsin Facebook Event Page
Rhinelander/Wausau Wisconsin Facebook Event Page

Casper Wyoming Facebook Event Page
Cheyenne Wyoming Facebook Event Page
Sheridan Wyoming Facebook Event Page

[1] www.mamsm.info/
[2] www.naaij.org/2013/11/04/anonymous-plans-for-millions-of-masked-protests-around-the-world-on-nov-5th-2013/
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