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Possible Black On White Hate Crime In Cleveland, Ohio Caught On Tape




Published on Jun 12, 2014

” Cleveland Police are investigating an attack on a 10-year-old girl as a hate crime, and the attack was captured on video and posted on-line.

  It happened on Leeila Avenue off Bellaire Road on the west side.

  A video posted on YouTube shows a white girl on a scooter ambushed and beaten by a black girl. The beating went on for about 12 seconds until you hear voices in the background calling for it to stop.

  A Cleveland Police report shows the attacker is 13 years old. The victim, Danielle Fair, says she felt bullied.

  A neighbor says she saw it all, and she heard the attacker use a racial slur. 

” Cracker. She called her a cracker,” said Jessica Jaworski.

  The attack looked planned, with the camera rolling even before the beating even started.

  We went to the home of the teen throwing punches.

” Nobody was waiting. I don’t have to talk to you. It’ll all come out in court,” a woman at the door told 19 Action News. 

  The victim’s mom and dad want justice. They say their daughter never said anything to provoke the beating. Dad says he even tried talking to the other girl’s grandfather instead of calling police.

  But now, a First District Detective is working the case. Hate crime or not, it’s a vicious attack.”













Officer Arrested After Allegedly Making Up Story Of Being Ambushed, Stabbed


Clayton County PD Christopher Russo



” An officer claimed he was ambushed and stabbed, but police said it was all a lie.
  A McDonough police major told Channel 2 investigative reporter Mark Winne he’s withholding comment on the motive for now, but the Clayton County officer has been released on bond on charges of false report of a crime, a misdemeanor, and false statements and writings, a felony.
“ Things just weren’t looking right. It looked like the burglary had been staged,” said Maj. Kyle Helverson of the McDonough Police Department. 
“ Who stabbed him?” Winne asked Helverson. “Himself,” Helverson said. 
  Clayton County Police Chief Greg Porter said Clayton County Police Officer Christopher Russo has probably taken dozens of police reports in his career there, but he won’t be taking any for the time being.”



It appears that Officer Russo has other problems as well …



” In addition to the internal investigation into the arrest, Porter said Russo was involved in two on-duty shootings in 2013. Both were investigated by the GBI, which is routine under department policy.  “



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