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A National Wall of Shame

  “What we need is a National Wall of Shame. A distinguished group of citizens, led perhaps by General Stan McChrystal, would serve as the
“admissions committee.” $25 million would be allocated for the acquisition of the site and the
construction of the wall itself. And on that wall would go the names of those whose actions brought disgrace upon the United States of


We Can Hope

“Peak Oil? How about Peak China?”


  ” It may be hard to believe, but it’s been a full four years since China hosted the Olympics. At the time, Beijing 2008 appeared to herald China’s return, after a 500 year hiatus, to great power status. Commentators were falling over themselves to pronounce the inevitability of China’s rise and its implications for American influence in Asia.

But is it possible we will look back on those Olympic Games as the peak of Chinese power, rather than the beginning of its rise? That’s the provocative argument espoused by The Diplomat:”

ViaMeadia reports on yet another of the near daily reports of massive corruption in the “Green Energy” – AGW campaign .

” Behold a green failure so colossal even ViaMeadia is surprised: a UN carbon-credit trading program intended to reduce global
concentrations of greenhouse gases has instead led a handful of factories in the developing world to massively increase them. ”

” The carbon credits represent such a lucrative business ($20–40 million per year per plant, by
one estimate) that some of the plants participating the scheme, located mostly in China and India, made the bulk of their profits from carbon credits alone; other plants would hit their carbon-credit subsidy limits and then shut down for the rest of the year. “

Walter Russell Mead on California’s money problems ,er , and non-money problems .

  “For most states in these times, the biggest problem is finding the money to spend on essential services. But in California, the state can’t even spend money once it finds it.

The Wall Street Journal reports that, despite the $700 billion dollars allocated by Sacramento to upgrade mass transit systems in the Bay Area, people probably won’t see any improvements for ten years. While Bay Area citizens wait, red tape, NIMBY lawsuits, and bureaucratic wranglers will chew the upgrade plans to bits:”

Courtesy of Walter Russell Mead, a colored map of failed states by degree . This is a solemn reminder that it is not just economics that turn countries to ruin .

   The only thing “green” about Obama’s alternative energy policy is the cash that lines the pockets of his crony-capitalist bundlers . 
 ” “Blue-collar voters were never that sold on environmental issues, and if some Democrats come across as not keen on economic development, it could lose them support here in Ohio,” he said.

Republicans, from Mitt Romney, the party’s presidential candidate, to the congressional leadership, have madeBarack Obama’s alleged stifling of the energy industry a centrepiece of their campaigns this year. . . .

Mr Romney has said he will approve the Keystone XL pipeline as soon as he wins office and curb the powers of the Environmental Protection Agency.

“Only time will tell whether this is a winning strategy, but there is reason to think it could work. As we’ve mentioned before, energy politics is an area where Obama is particularly vulnerable. His decision to nix the popular Keystone pipeline earlier this year signaled antipathy toward one of America’s strongest industries while doing nothing to help the environment; it was lambasted as a pointless blunder by observers on both sides of the aisle.” “

Real Hope & Change

  As Professor Meade says , this is not the way to achieve economic equality for most of us , but for the Left this is a feature and not a bug . 

“Last year the US made great strides towards a more equal society: we cut the number of millionaires by more than 100,000. According to a study from the Boston Consulting Group, 129,000 evil US millionaires rejoined the ranks of the proletariat last year as the value of their stocks, cash and other non-business and non-property assets fell below the magic number.

4.3 percent of US households still qualify as millionaires by that measure, but OWS partisans shouldn’t despair. Perhaps with another few years of stock market declines, slow or negative economic growth and low interest rates we can take another big whack out of that number.”

  As Walter Russell Meade points out , it’s looking awfully grim in Greece . Will the feeling spread ? If so , how far ?

“As Via Meadia has reported in the past, the smart money has been quietly edging out of Greek banks for a long time. As concern spread,
the bank walk turned into a bank jog. This weeks, there are signs the jog is breaking into a bank run :
Greek depositors withdrew €700 million ($898 million) from local banks Monday, the country’s president said, as he warned that
the situation facing Greece’s lenders was very difficult.”