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Fireball Sightings With Booms Heard In Florida






” The American Meteor Society received more than 160 reports of bright fireball sightings clustered around Lake City, Florida over the weekend. Some witnesses were as far away as Georgia and South Carolina.

  Many reported feeling a sonic boom. AMS says over 15 of the reports described a “window rattling delayed boom.” Scientists believe a meteor caused the phenomenon, ending its flight about 30 miles west from Jacksonville.

  Last week, people in Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio reported seeing a fireball, which was captured on camera by NASA.You can report a fireball event here. “


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1,000 Report Seeing Fireball Over Iowa And Minnesota




” More than 1,000 people reported seeing a fireball in the skies over Iowa and Minnesota on December 26, with footage of the incident being captured by security cameras and the National Weather Service (NWS), various media outlets reported over the weekend.

  According to Adam Withnall of The Independent, eyewitnesses reported that the object was approximately as bright as the sun, and was visible shooting across the sky for several seconds before it suddenly appeared to break apart.

  The ball of light was also reportedly emitting sonic activity similar in nature to previously confirmed meteor sightings, Withnall added. While it is believed that it was indeed a meteor, that has not yet been officially confirmed.”









Florida Fireballs Renew Calls For Early Warning System



Florida Fireballs



” The streaking meteor was small compared to the one that hit Russia last week, but it was a bright light in the Florida sky – and was captured on video.

“This one wasn’t grain-of-sand size, which what most of them are,” Thomas Webber, director of the Museum of Science and History’s Bryan-Gooding Planetarium told the Florida Times Union in Jacksonville. “When we get something a little bigger, that maybe has a silicate coating that ablates off as it travels though the atmosphere and takes some of the heat with it, they can appear much brighter and last a lot longer.”

More than 60 people reported seeing the meteor on the American Meteor Society’s “Fireball Log.”

They posted comments including, “I saw flames coming from it as it was falling and then it burned out. It was very distintive as a flaming, falling ball.” “