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‘SNL’ Mocks Nelson Mandela Funeral Sign Language Interpreter (Video)



SNL 12.14,13


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” During a press conference, Obama (Jay Pharoah) wanted to address progress on his ObamaCare website, but first had to address the selfie he took with fellow world leaders – confirming Michelle Obama “was furious” about it. He also defended his controversial handshake with Cuban President Raúl Castro, saying the Cuban leader had told Obama he was Edward James Olmos.

  Obama went on to speak about the phony sign language interpreter who stood next to Obama during his Mandela memorial speech, and then started to talk about HealthCare.Gov. But as he spoke, the interpreter (Kenan Thompson) appeared behind Obama, mimicking his words.”








The NSA And The State Dept. Go To War … With Each Other






” New revelations that the U.S. has been eavesdropping on world leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel aren’t simply straining Washington’s relationship with Berlin. They’re also sparking an increasingly public fight between the State Department and the NSA, with the nation’s spies and the nation’s diplomats trading shots about who’s responsible for the mess.

“This is a pretty serious embarrassment for the U.S., and as top officials try to protect their agencies and their reputations, they are not sticking with their talking points,” a former senior U.S. official told The Cable.

Secretary of State John Kerry touched off the furor when he said some of the NSA’s overseas surveillance efforts — which also included tapping into tens of millions of calls in France and Spain — had been carried out without the Obama administration’s knowledge or explicit approval. The remarks highlighted what appears to the White House’s emerging strategy for dealing with widespread public fury over the programs: blame it on the NSA.”








US Ambassador To Germany Summoned Over Merkel’s Phone Tapping Allegations




” The US ambassador to Germany has been summoned by the foreign ministry in Berlin over claims that the NSA spied on Chancellor Angela Merkel tapping her phone.

Foreign minister Guido Westerwelle is to “spell out the position of the German government,” over the allegations during a private meeting with US envoy John Emerson, the ministry said.

The quarrel is threatening to affect diplomatic relations between the two allies.

German defence minister Thomas de Maiziere said it would be “really bad” if the report was proved to be true.”








Wealth Tax To Pay For EU Bail-Outs





” Senior advisers to Chancellor Angela Merkel are pushing for better-off households to pay towards the cost of any future bail-outs for the weaker members of the single currency.

The proposals, from members of Germany’s council of economic experts, raise the prospect of taxes being imposed on property in a country like Spain if its government was forced to seek a bail-out.

The council, known as the “Five Wise Men”, is often used to test new policies that are later adopted officially.

The German suggestion is the latest sign that Berlin is intent on imposing even tougher rules on weaker southern euro members in exchange for using its economic might to support their finances.

As well as inflaming tensions between Germany and its smaller southern partners, the suggestion could also mean that Britons with holiday homes are dragged deeper into the eurozone crisis.”