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U.Va. Student Sues State, ABC Agents For $40 Million



Elizabeth Daly




” A University of Virginia student charged last year with assaulting ABC agents attempting to stop her for underage possession beer that turned out to be sparkling water has filed a $40 million lawsuit against the state and seven agents.

  Instead of beer, a friend of Elizabeth K. Daly, now 21, had purchased a case of canned water from a Charlottesville grocery. Daly said she was terrified when plainclothes agents surrounded her car and banged on the windows ordering her to roll them down.

  After one agent drew a gun and another jumped on the car hood, she said she panicked, unsure they were really agents, and fled the scene in her car, grazing two of the agents. The charges were later dropped, and her record was expunged.”



   Regular readers may recall our post on this incident from July of last year in which her passenger’s call to 911 can be heard . Six unidentified armed men swarmed the young woman’s car over an alleged case of beer , surely in these times of busted municipal and state budgets there are better things for law enforcement to be spending their time on than scaring the crap out of a college student over sparkling water .

   Read the rest here and hope the State has to pay through the nose for their idiocy and arrogance .










Note : The previous post identified the UVa student arrested as Ann Downey while this article names her as Elizabeth Daly .  Barton Hinkle covers the young lady in question’s arrest as well as detailing other recent flagrant abuses of government authority while providing a link to an interactive map of botched police raids nationwide .

Hinkle: Commit Any Felonies Lately?






” Daly understandably panicked. With her roommate in the passenger seat yelling “Go, go, go!” Daly drove off, hoping to reach the nearest police station. The women dialed 911. Then a vehicle with lights and sirens pulled them over, and the situation clarified: The people who had swarmed Daly’s vehicle were plainclothes agents of the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. The agents had thought the sparkling water was a 12-pack of beer.

Did the ABC’s enforcers apologize? Not in the slightest. They charged Daly with three felonies: two for assaulting an officer (her vehicle had grazed two agents; neither was hurt) and one for eluding the police. Last week, the commonwealth’s attorney dropped the charges.

These are not isolated incidents; for more information, visit the interactive map at www.cato.org/raidmap.








Update: 911 Audio Of Woman Arrested In Charlottesville After Buying A Case Of Bottled Water



” Again, this is in my adopted hometown. Ann Downey, student at UVA, was accosted by 6 plain clothes ABC agents (the bureau which controls alcohol sales in the Commonwealth of Virginia) in a parking lot near the University of Virginia. They thought that she had purchased beer illegally. What she actually bought was a case of water.

Here is the audio from her 911 call to the police after the plain clothes agents rushed her car. Reportedly one agent drew his weapon. Ms. Downey was forced to spend a night in jail because she drove away from her unknown assailants who apparently they didn’t like that she left.

Isn’t the rule, especially for young women, that if one is not absolutely sure that someone flashing a badge is a cop one finds someone one knows for sure is a cop?

And let’s also remember, what the cops thought the girl bought was a 12 pack of beer.

They drew a gun on her for that.”




Audio at the link