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[VIDEO] If You Want Proof Of High Treason, You Need To See “The Sea Of Arms”






” No your eyes are not deceiving you. Do you want proof of high treason? Look no further than video footage received from Libya called “the sea of arms.”

  This video is not fake or even satire. I wish it were. This comes directly from the Al Qaeda forces in Libya as a way of bragging. This is literally a stock pile of anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles handed directly to the Libyan rebels. This does not include the weapons deal that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens.”



    This is a totally unsubstantiated claim as a Google translation of some of the comments yields very ambiguous results . If some viewer is proficient in Arabic we would be eternally grateful for a translation of the video’s dialogue .

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Israel Threatens To Bomb Russian Shipments Of Advanced S-300 Missiles To Syria…




” And when Israel says they’ll bomb something, nobody doubts them.

JERUSALEM (AP) —Israel’s defence chief said Tuesday a Russian plan to supply sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles to Syria was a “threat” and signalled that Israel is prepared to use force to stop the delivery.”










Stealth Wars

Russian-Made Tech Vs. America’s Stealth Warplanes


”  But some differences become more apparent when I reach the
booth of the Russian firm Almaz-Antey, one of the world’s leaders in antiaircraft weaponry and the nation’s largest arms dealer. A promotional animation on a large screen hanging over the display
shows an Almaz missile streaking toward an airplane that looks a lot like a carrier-launched F-35C Lightning II. The missile closes and the airplane disappears in an
orange explosion.

The image is shocking—I’m used to
seeing American stealth warplanes
prevail, in combat as well as in corporate promotional animations. The U.S. government has invested 16 years and $ 396 billion to ensure that F-35s can fly
undetected through well-defended
airspace. And the Russians are selling defense systems that can knock them out of the sky? “