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Daily Video 5.10.13


Marvelous Medicinal Maggots


” Although it may sound crazy, many doctors use maggots today to clean wounds of dead and infected tissue. This process, called debridement, is important for preventing the spread of infection in a world of increasing antibiotic resistance. Hank has more details on the marvelous maggot in today’s episode of SciShow.”

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Superbugs ‘Will Send The Health Service Back To 19th Century’



Growing threat: Infections like C. difficile are becoming increasingly difficult to treat as bugs become more resistant to antibiotics, leaving millions vulnerable


Growing threat: Infections like C. difficile


” The rise of drug-resistant superbugs will drag the health service back ‘to the early 19th century’, Britain’s most senior medical adviser has warned.

Unless urgent action is taken, the ‘ticking timebomb’ of growing antibiotic resistance could leave millions vulnerable to untreatable bugs within a generation.

This could make even routine operations such as hip surgery deadly, said Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies.

In an attempt to tackle the problem, GPs will be ordered to prescribe fewer antibiotics.”