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Gun Review: SIG Sauer M400 Rifle






” With its Swiss-made 550 series, Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG) earned an impressive reputation for producing rifles used by a nation of riflemen. Now SIG Sauer makes the Model 556 and Model 551-A1 gas-piston operated rifles in Exeter, N.H., as well as the AR-based gas-piston Model 516 rifle. With so many piston-operated designs it came as a surprise when SIG Sauer introduced a direct gas impingement system AR-style variant, the M400 semi-automatic-only carbine. ”

You Can’t Go Wrong With SIG Sauer .


An Out-Of-The-Box Competition Shooter 



  ” The Colt Competition Rifle is Colt’s attempt at providing the competitor a rifle that is ready to compete with the best, right out of the box, with only the addition of a good sight and ammunition. The first thing that I check on an AR that is marketed to target shooters or hunters is the trigger, and on the CCR, Colt got it right. The CCR uses a Geissele SG3 match trigger, and it feels just perfect to me, releasing with only 3.5 pounds of resistance, as measured with my Lyman digital gauge. The CCR balances well, weighing in at seven pounds, seven ounces with an empty P-MAG in place. “


Video at the link