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Ancient ‘Lost City’ Home To A Vanished Civilisation Found Deep In Jungles Of Honduras







” The jungle-choked remains of a “lost city”, abandoned by a mysterious civilization several centuries ago and long fabled for reports of its gold and “monkey children”, have been uncovered in the depths of the rainforests of Honduras.

  A team of American and Honduran archaeologists, aided by the bushcraft and survival skills of former British SAS soldiers, has just emerged from one of the most remote locations on Earth with news of their stunning discovery.

  The expedition was seeking the site of the legendary “White City”, also known as the “City of the Monkey God”, a goal for Western explorers since the days of the Spanish conquistadores in the 16th century.

  The city, believed to be one of many lost in the Mosquitia jungle, was home to an unknown people that thrived a thousand years ago but then vanished without trace – until now.

  Unlike the Maya, so little is known of this pre-Columbian culture that it does not even have a name.”



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10,000 Year-Old House Uncovered Outside Jerusalem




” A remarkable archaeological find in the Judean lowlands southwest of Jerusalem includes a six-millennia-old cultic temple and a 10,000-year-old house.

  The ancient sites were located in routine archaeological digs conducted ahead of a planned expansion of Route 38, the main access road to Beit Shemesh. The building is the oldest ever found in the area, and constitutes remarkable “evidence of man’s transition to permanent dwellings,” researchers said Monday.

  Labeling it “a fascinating glimpse into thousands of years of human development,” the Israel Antiquities Authority, together with the Netivei Israel Company that is carrying out the highway expansion, invited the public to visit the excavation site in Eshtaol on Wednesday, November 27.”

    As more and more archaeological finds are unearthed in and around Jerusalem in particular and Israel in general imagine the loss to human knowledge and understanding that will occur if the careless actions of our government allow the Iranians to turn Israel into a sheet of glass .

Viking ‘Thing’ Excavated Beneath Parking Lot In Scotland





” A Viking parliamentary site that dates to the 11th century has been found beneath a parking lot in Scotland.

The site, located in the town of Dingwall, Scotland, was dubbed a “Thing” site, referring to its name in antiquity. Like other Thing sites, this one was likely a place where ancient Norsemen gathered to settle legal disputes, uphold laws and make key political decisions.

“It’s a fantastic find, really,” said Oliver J. T. O’Grady, the director of the site’s excavations and an archaeologist who runs an consulting firm called OJT Heritage. “No one’s had dating [information] from a Thing site in Scotland.”

Historians had long wondered whether Dingwall was a site of a Viking parliamentary gathering known as the Thing because the word Dingwall probably originated from the word thingvellir, which means “the field of the assembly.”  “


You can expand you knowledge of these unique gathering places at Thingsites.com








Remarkable 3,000-year-old Subterranean Tunnels Discovered in Jerusalem



” Archaeologists were digging in the ancient Ophel area near Temple Mount when they discovered a cave filled with loads of dirt and rock.  After removing piles of rubble, they were astounded to find that the cave appeared to link to a system of tunnels, which were clearly man-made – the walls were layered in plaster, chisel marks could still be seen carved into the rock, and holes where candles would have been replaced, still showing burn marks on the rock, had remained intact. The cave also appeared to be linked to a structure featuring water channels dating to the First Temple period, which suggest that at one point in time, the tunnels may have formed part of an ancient water cistern which would have served Jerusalem’s royalty for collecting and storing water. But that was not all it was used for.

Evidence of use as a passageway for people associated with the period of time just following Herod the Great was also found.  Archaeologists discovered that some walls had been constructed after the cistern had lost its use for water and were high enough and large enough to move individuals from one location to another.”










Ancient Cave Art Unearthed In Mexico




” In the mountains of northeastern Mexico, archaeologists have unearthed thousands of ancient paintings on the walls of caves and ravines from a time before Spanish rule.

The rock art offers rare evidence from native cultures living in the area around the Sierra de San Carlos, a mountain range in Mexico’s state of Tamaulipas, researchers say.

Almost 5,000 of these paintings were found across 11 different sites in the region, the researchers said. Created with red, yellow, black and white pigments, the images show animals from deer to lizards to centipedes, as well as people. Depictions of tents, hunting, fishing and possibly astronomical charts also offer a glimpse into the life of this mysterious culture.”








Byzantine Mosaic Unearthed In Southern Israel

” An exquisite 1,500-year-old mosaic has come to light in an excavation in southern Israel, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced Sunday.

The mosaic appears to have been the floor of a public building in a thriving Byzantine-era village on the site, near the modern-day kibbutz of Beit Kama. The precise role of the building in the life of the community is unknown.”

Medieval Knight Found In Edinburgh Parking Lot




” Construction workers called archaeologists when they came across a sandstone slab carved with a cross and sword, a sign of the nobility. They were clearing a former parking lot behind a University of Edinburgh building when they made the find, The Scotsman reported Wednesday.

Archaeologists who arrived at the scene then discovered the 500-year-old remains of an adult man believed to be a medieval knight or nobleman, buried near the foundations of a 13th century Blackfriars Monastery.

Scientists will study the corpse’s bones and teeth to learn more about the man’s life and cause of death.

According to the Daily Mail, the knight would have paid dues throughout his life to make sure he would be buried there.”