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Federal Taxpayers Get Billed For $1 Million Bus Stop




” Is a luxurious bus stop worth $1 million? Commuters boarding buses at the newly constructed stop in Arlington County, Virginia, don’t seem to think so, as CNN reported.

According to one rider, “This is cute, but cute ain’t warm. Cute ain’t dry.” While $1 million can buy the stainless steel and heated pavement and seating that adorn this “Super Stop,” in this case it didn’t even buy a bus stop that protects people from the elements while they wait.

A chorus of public disapproval erupted following the bus stop’s debut, leading Arlington County to announce Friday that it was suspending any work on the other 23 planned Super Stops while it reviews this one’s design and cost. Steven Del Giudice, Arlington’s Transit Bureau chief, told CNN, “We’ll look at ways that wemight be able to save money on future stops” (emphasis added). How reassuring a statement for federal taxpayers, who funded $800,000 of the project cost through federal transportation grants.”



Imagine that … a million dollars and it can’t even keep you dry … Oh and note the county it is built in … 







Washington D.C. Living In Economic Bubble Where Everything Is Great

” As mentioned before, there really are only two types of places doing well in this economy. States with their own energy booms, like North Dakota and Texas.

And Washington D.C.

D.C. is doing spectacularly well thanks to the green gold gushing out of the Treasury and into the pockets of a whole lot of bureaucrats and contractors making a ton of money for literally doing nothing. (See if you can find where all that Stimulus money went.)

So it’s not surprising that when D.C. people say that there is a recovery, they mean it. “



The fifteen richest counties in America :


No. 1: Loudoun County, Va.   Median household income: $119,540
100.0% Reporting B. Obama (i) Dem 51.6% 81,900
M. Romney GOP 47.1% 74,794



No. 2: Fairfax County, Va.   Median household income: $103,010
100.0% Reporting B. Obama (i) Dem 57.3% 6,636
M. Romney GOP 41.1% 4,762



No. 3: Howard County, Md.   Median household income: $101,771

100.0% Reporting B. Obama (i) Dem 59.5% 84,017
M. Romney GOP 38.3% 54,094



No. 4: Hunterdon County, N.J.  Median household income: $97,874

100.0% Reporting M. Romney GOP 58.9% 36,979
B. Obama (i) Dem 40.0% 25,148



No. 5: Arlington County, Va.   Median household income: $94,986

100.0% Reporting B. Obama (i) Dem 69.2% 81,178
M. Romney GOP 29.4% 34,433



No. 6: Douglas County, Colo.  Median household income: $94,906

100.0% Reporting M. Romney GOP 62.6% 93,930
B. Obama (i) Dem 36.0% 54,093



No. 7: Stafford County, Va.   Median household income: $94,317

100.0% Reporting M. Romney GOP 53.7% 32,429
B. Obama (i) Dem 45.0% 27,130



No. 8: Somerset County, N.J.  Median household income: $94,270

100.0% Reporting B. Obama (i) Dem 52.0% 70,168
M. Romney GOP 46.8% 63,159
No. 9: Prince William County, Va.  Median household income: $92,655
98.9% Reporting B. Obama (i) Dem 57.4% 103,161
M. Romney GOP 41.4% 74,371



No. 10: Morris County, N.J.  Median household income: $91,469
100.0% Reporting M. Romney GOP 55.3% 114,265
B. Obama (i) Dem 43.7% 90,313



No. 11: Nassau County, N.Y.  Median household income: $91,104
100.0% Reporting B. Obama (i) Dem 52.9% 243,649
M. Romney GOP 46.2% 212,882


No. 12: Montgomery County, Md.  Median household income: $89,155
100.0% Reporting B. Obama (i) Dem 70.9% 286,493
M. Romney GOP 27.4% 110,940


No. 13: Calvert County, Md.  Median household income: $88,862
100.0% Reporting M. Romney GOP 53.2% 22,413
B. Obama (i) Dem 45.0% 18,963
No. 14: St. Mary’s County, Md.  Median household income: $88,444
100.0% Reporting M. Romney GOP 56.9% 25,096
B. Obama (i) Dem 40.8% 17,982
No. 15: Charles County, Md.  Median household income: $87,007
100.0% Reporting B. Obama (i) Dem 65.0% 45,621
M. Romney GOP 33.7% 23,637



 Notice a trend ? It seems life for our “betters” just keeps getting better …