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CPAC 2014 – More Guns, Less Crime: Law Enforcement is Embracing a Well-Armed Civilian Population




Published on Mar 8, 2014

” The police have discovered that guns in the hands of law abiding Americans may be the best defense against guns in the hands of criminals.

  Chris Cox (Executive Director, National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action) moderates the discussion with Emily Miller (Senior Opinion Editor, The Washington Times); David Clark (Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin); and The Honorable Sandy Adams, former United States Representative for Florida at CPAC 2014 on March 8, 2014.

  Recorded at the American Conservative Union (ACU) Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2014, March 6-8, 2014, Washington, D.C.

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Exclusive: After Westgate, Interpol Chief Ponders ‘Armed Citizenry’

” Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble said today the U.S. and the rest of the democratic world is at a security crossroads in the wake of last month’s deadly al-Shabab attack at a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya – and suggested an answer could be in arming civilians.

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Noble said there are really only two choices for protecting open societies from attacks like the one on Westgate mall where so-called “soft targets” are hit: either create secure perimeters around the locations or allow civilians to carry their own guns to protect themselves.

“Societies have to think about how they’re going to approach the problem,” Noble said. “One is to say we want an armed citizenry; you can see the reason for that. Another is to say the enclaves are so secure that in order to get into the soft target you’re going to have to pass through extraordinary security.”

Noble’s comments came only moments after the official opening of the 82nd annual gathering of the Interpol’s governing body, the General Assembly. The session is being held in Cartagena, Colombia, and is being used to highlight strides over the last decade in Colombia’s battle against the notorious drug cartels that used to be the real power in the country.”

Great stuff , and here’s the money quote …

“Ask yourself: If that was Denver, Col., if that was Texas, would those guys have been able to spend hours, days, shooting people randomly?” Noble said, referring to states with pro-gun traditions. “What I’m saying is it makes police around the world question their views on gun control. It makes citizens question their views on gun control. You have to ask yourself, ‘Is an armed citizenry more necessary now than it was in the past with an evolving threat of terrorism?’ This is something that has to be discussed.”

“For me it’s a profound question,” he continued. “People are quick to say ‘gun control, people shouldn’t be armed,’ etc., etc. I think they have to ask themselves: ‘Where would you have wanted to be? In a city where there was gun control and no citizens armed if you’re in a Westgate mall, or in a place like Denver or Texas?'”

   If only more “leaders” in positions of great responsibility would suffer such epiphanies society would be much improved .

Poll: Law Enforcement Officers Overwhelmingly Support Gun Rights and Oppose New Gun Control




” According to a survey released by PoliceOne.com of over 15,000 retired and active duty officers it is clear that the law enforcement community in the US strongly supports the gun rights of private citizens.

Based on the findings it does not look like most officers support any new gun legislation currently being proposed, saying that it would do little to promote officer safety or reduce crime rates.

This is in direct contrast to many anti gun politicians statements that a majority of police officers support their gun control initiatives in the interest of improving “officer safety”.

Here are the key findings from the survey:

  • 99 percent said policies other than an “assault weapons” ban are most important to prevent mass shootings.
  • Almost 96 percent said that a ban on standard capacity magazines would not reduce violent crime.”


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Virginia Pizza Joint Offers 15 Percent Discount If You Pack A Gun





“Jay Luze is the owner of the ‘All Around Pizza Deli’ in Virginia Beach and, not surprisingly, owns a gun himself and is a strong supporter of gun rights.

By his account, some 80 percent of his customers are bringing along a weapon and he intends to extend the offer, made this month, right through March and is considering making it permanent. One customer, he said, got his discount while toting an AK 47.

Luze did not say if he’s had complaints or heard of anyone frightened off by an armed clientele.”

Lawlessness or Armed Citizens


” Are you beginning to get the picture? Anti-gun laws are not and never have been designed to disarm a citizenry for the purpose of public safety. They are a precursor to far more nefarious laws and actions by government agents all of which have been and will be designed to drive individuals into fear and then submission. ”





” If you really want to know what you are dealing with when you talk to friends, family members or neighbors who are of the anti-gun persuasion I highly recommend you read and take to heart the wisdom that Rabbi Bendory imparts in his article.

We are dealing with individuals within the executive, legislative, and judicial branches at both the state and federal level who have conspired – along with their money power brokers – to deliberately subdue any group or groups to which they feared loosing their power; hated because of their moral persuasions; or stood as a force against illegal proclamations which included murder and overt acts of theft. This egregious assault on any human’s natural right to self defense is always draped in the palatable lie of “public safety”.

The convoluted thinking of those in power is brought home in the opinion expressed by Florida Justice Rivers H. Buford in the early part of the 20th century who wrote explaining a Florida gun control statute:

“I know something of the history of this legislation. The original Act of 1893 was passed when there was a great influx of negro laborers in this State drawn here for the purpose of working in turpentine and lumber camps. The same condition existed when the Act was amended in 1901 and the Act was passed for the purpose of disarming the negro laborers . . . . The statute was never intended to be applied to the white population and in practice has never been so applied. . . .[T]here has never been, within my knowledge, any effort to enforce the provisions of this statute as to white people, because it has been generally conceded to be in contravention of the Constitution and non-enforceable if contested.” ”



Armed Citizen Update

President of Troy, Mo., Bank Pulls Gun, Nabs Masked Robber


 ” Maybe the bank robber couldn’t see very well through the holes in h

is mask — the face of Chucky from the “Child’s Play” horror movies — as he walked into Peoples Bank & Trust Tuesday afternoon.

After all, it says right on the door that concealed weapons are allowed in the bank. They’re practically encouraged by the sign: “Management recognizes the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as an unalienable right of all citizens.”

So when the robber walked out of the bank a short time later with a red bank bag full of cash, maybe he shouldn’t have been surprised that bank president David W. Thompson followed him out to the parking lot. Thompson watched the masked robber get in a Ford pickup parked in a handicapped spot up front, then pulled his Colt .380 handgun and pointed it at the man.

“Sir, get out of the truck,” Thompson, 58, recalled demanding. “You’re not going anywhere.”

And when the man put his hand in his jacket pocket, as if he had a weapon, Thompson scolded him again.

“You don’t want to go there,” Thompson said. “This will end badly.” “