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Armed Homeowner Takes Out Intruder Who Had Gun To Woman’s Neck






” Authorities confirm a Memphis, Tenn., man is dead after a botched robbery attempt earlier this week.WHBQ reports career criminal Nico Carlisle, 22, and another suspect knocked on the door of a home around 6:20 p.m. Tuesday. When a woman answered, Carlisle reportedly put a gun to her neck and attempted to enter.

  The male homeowner quickly recognized something was wrong and grabbed his own gun. He fired multiple times, investigators said, fatally hitting Carlisle. Authorities found the deceased suspect lying in the front door of the home. Police are reportedly still looking for Carlisle’s accomplice.”


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Home Burglary Suspect Dies After Homeowner Shot Him




” A man who was shot Friday night after allegedly being caught in the act burglarizing an Indianapolis home has died.

  Deandre Twyman, 22, and another man reportedly kicked in the front door of a home in the 4500 block of Devon Court around 9:20 Friday night. The homeowner and his fiance were home at the time and shot Twyman in the stomach. A second suspect said to be helping Twyman was not injured. Both men ran away after shots were fired.”














Lakewood Police Arrest Man In Home-Invasion Where Robber Killed


Washington Home Invader Kolled




” Lakewood police have arrested a 19-year-old man they believe participated in a home-invasion robbery that left one of the suspected robbers dead.

  Duprea Wilson of Seattle was charged Thursday with 12 felonies, first-degree manslaughter, robbery, kidnapping and assault among them.

  Three men knocked on the door and then forced their way inside when the man, who didn’t recognize them, tried to close the door, police said. One of the intruders was armed with a knife, another with a gun.

  They beat the man, who needed stitches to close a head wound, and cut his wife’s hand after dragging her out of the bathtub, court records show. The intruders then tied up the couple before searching the house for valuables, police said.

  At one point the robbers went outside, and the man was able to free himself and lock the front door. He and his wife then retreated to their bedroom and locked that door as well, court records show.

  The bandits broke through the front door, firing a shot as they did so, the records show. The man retrieved his own gun from a lock box and fired two shots when a pair of the bandits forced the bedroom door open, court records show.

  An hour or so later in Federal Way, police were called to the scene of a dead man with gunshot wounds in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Lakewood police believe that man, 19-year-old Taijon Voorhees, was one of the home invaders. “

Son Shoots, Kills Alleged Intruder In Hockley-Area Home



Hockley Home Invasion

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” A man opened fire on a group of home invaders inside his family’s northwest Harris County home early Friday, deputies said.

  One of the suspects died at the scene while the other two fled in a getaway vehicle. It all happened around 4:30 a.m. in the 23000 block of Botkins Road in the Hockley area.

  Family members told deputies that their mother was in the kitchen cooking breakfast with three young granddaughters when the armed men broke in. The woman’s adult son heard the commotion from his bedroom and grabbed his gun.”



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911 Tells 80-Year-Old Woman To Put Gun Down During Home Invasion







” An 80-year-old Florida woman grabbed her gun and called 911 during a home invasion. While the burglars were breaking a window to her residence, the police dispatcher told her to “put the gun down.” Huh?

  As N.J. Logan was upstairs resting from recent hip replacement surgery in her Holmes Beach, Fla. home, she heard a racket coming from the main level, according to MyFoxTampaBay:

  I kept hearing a commotion, like there were people walking around down there. It is a little frightening. You know that you don’t have the security that you thought you had.

  Logan was all alone — her husband was playing bridge at a friend’s house. That’s when she took matters into her own hands. She grabbed her gun and dialed the police emergency number as she headed downstairs.”












Authorities: Home Invasion Shooter Didn’t Know His Victim



HOMEOWNER Kills Burglar

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” A 72-year-old homeowner shot and killed a 62-year-old man suspected of breaking into the widower’s home Thursday near Millstadt.

  The resident at 2113 Imbs Station Road called 911 and reported someone was breaking into his home and he could hear glass breaking, according to St. Clair County Sheriff Rick Watson.

” When the guy got through the glass, the homeowner fired his sidearm and didn’t know if he hit the man or not. The (burglar) took off and when we got there we found him in the driveway,” Watson said. “Our deputies tried to revive him but it didn’t work.”

  This is the third time someone has broken into the man’s home, Watson said, adding the widower was upset to learn from deputies that the other man had died. The widower, who has health problems, is now staying with family.”


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Cops: Winter Haven Homeowner Fatally Shot Intruder


Winter Park Home Invader Killed

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” A Winter Haven homeowner shot and killed an intruder who broke into his family’s home Monday morning, police said.

  Homeowner Luis A. Pena, 54, first fired a warning shot to deter the burglar, but the man continued to work his way through the back door of the home on Lake Marianna Drive.

  The intruder — identified as 40-year-old Mitchell G. Large — charged at Pena, who shot the man in the torso at least once, police said.

  Pena’s family also armed themselves with guns to ward off the intruder, police said.”

Police: Victim Shoots Home Invader In North Beaver





” A man fought back against a home invasion by three men, one of whom was shot during the violent confrontation early Friday morning.

  State police believe the wounded intruder ran through some nearby woods to flee the crime scene in North Beaver Township, Lawrence County. He later turned up at a hospital and was flown to UPMC Presbyterian in Pittsburgh for surgery.

  The incident happened around 2 a.m. at a home on Hillsville Road in a very quiet part of town, close to the border of Bessemer Borough.

  Police believe the men broke into the house, and a resident inside was pistol-whipped. The victim was then able to grab a rifle and fire back at the suspects, hitting one of them in the chest.”

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Suspect Shot By Homeowner During Burglary Attempt



Ohio Burglar



” A burglary suspect was shot multiple times by the homeowner, according to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department.

  Detective Jason Newman says about 2 p.m. Friday, Joseph F. Willis forced his way into a home along County Road 19 near the Kitts Hill area of Lawrence County.

  Investigators say during the burglary, the homeowner was in the house and had a gun. He shot at Willis multiple times, hitting him in the cheek and stomach.

  Willis left the house and crashed his car into a ditch about half a mile from the home. He was flown to Cabell Huntington Hospital.”


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East Point Dad Shoots At Crooks To Protect Kids In Home Invasion



East Point Armed Home Owner


” An East Point man says he shot at the burglars he caught inside his home to protect his kids.
   A total of five break-ins have been reported in the past month at the Landmark at Creekside Grand apartments on Redwine Road. Jason Bagley told Channel 2’s Liz Artz he “was hoping to be the guy to stop” the rash of break-ins.

  Bagley showed Artz where burglars came in his home while he was asleep upstairs. “Lights off, my wife’s car was gone, someone was definitely watching us — not a good feeling,” Bagley said.
  Bagley was home alone with his two daughters, an infant and a 2-year-old. “You can’t replace my kids. All I was thinking about was my kids’ protection,” he said. Bagley said he grabbed his Glock 19 and confronted the crooks.”


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For The Fifth Time In Two Weeks, A Detroit Homeowner Has Killed A Burglar




” Another Detroit homeowner has shot and killed a burglar, George Hunter reports.

  It’s at least the fifth such incident in recent weeks.

  Thursday’s shooting happened at about 12:30 p.m. when two men allegedly broke into a home on the 8200 block of Penrod on the city’s west side, Detroit Police Third Deputy Chief Rodney Johnson said.

“ The homeowner was able to retrieve his weapon, and fired hitting one of the burglars,” Johnson said. “He ran away and collapsed in the driveway. The other burglar was able to escape.”

  His suspected accomplice, a man in his 20s, fled the scene and is still at-large.

  In January, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said criminals would think twice if more citizens were armed.”



     You can read the rest of the story here and read our posts on other recent instances of Detroit citizens fighting back here , here , and here  . Chief Craig knows of what he speaks and the citizens seem to have taken his message to heart . Good for them and good for us all .

  As the death toll for thugs rises at the hands of armed citizens it is worth noting that our homeowners and citizens seldom seem to miss their intended targets . It seems that every time we report on one of these incidents of self-defense , whether fatal or not , the civilians show remarkable restraint , fire just enough rounds to do the job , have a very high hit ratio , do not endanger innocent bystanders and don’t resort to the standard “spray and pray” tactics so commonly found among the shootings that involve the “professionals” . Just an observation …






Homeowner Shoots And Kills Armed Robbery Suspect






” A Detroit woman surprises an armed robbery suspect in her home. He pointed a gun at her head, but the woman was armed. Bullets started flying and the suspected ended up dead.”


The women of Detroit have been busy this week cleaning up the streets of the vermin .







Juvenile Burglar Shot And Killed When West Palm Beach Homeowner Returns Home



Armed Teen Home Invader Killed



” Police say a West Palm Beach man shot and killed a 16-year-old intruder after he came home for lunch, and saw the suspect attempting to rob his home.

  Authorities say it all happened around 1 p.m. Wednesday when the homeowner at 733 57th Street came home for lunch.

” Went inside and noticed there’s a young male juvenile he didn’t recognize,” said Capt. Dave Bernhardt with West Palm Beach Police. “He was taking some firearms and laying them on a sheet to get ready to steal them.”

  Police say the teenage intruder pointed a weapon at the homeowner, they fought, and the homeowner shot the suspect two or three times.”



Before the hand-wringing begins about another senseless killing of one of America’s youth read this …


” “He was in fear for his life with firearms, someone he doesn’t know there in his house stealing guns,” said Capt.Bernhardt.

The teen suspect has a criminal record and was on probation, according to police.”



     The homeowner did us all a favor . Every time a victim fights back , no matter what the result , their resistance makes society just a little bit safer for us all . Criminals only started to gain the upper hand and generated a pervasive climate of fear once the authorities managed to convince the public to be compliant and leave things to the police .

   Thugs don’t fear getting caught , they fear being shot . Read the rest and check the comments for a debate about “Stand Your Ground” that is running 10 to 1 in favor .








California Homeowner Foils Home Invasion Attempt By Firing Shotgun, Police Say





” A California homeowner foiled an attempted home invasion Thursday when she grabbed her shotgun and fired near the suspects.

She said she saw one man in her backyard and another waiting by the car. Carla’s 90-year-old mother was also inside the home at the time, MyFoxLA.com reported.

Dressed in her nightgown, Carla grabbed her shotgun and fired at the ground near one of the suspects.  

“Hopefully this is going to tell these guys you know, I’m not a sitting duck,” she told MyFoxLA.com. “I’ve got a gun and I know how to use it,” she said. 

“You have to at some point in time, take responsibility yourself for your own safety and that’s all I was doing,” she said.”


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Homeowner Fires Gun At Suspect During Home Invasion



Ohio Home Invasion



” Keith Dennis was walking home when he was approached by two men. One of the suspects held a knife to Dennis’ back and demanded money.

“I thought I was going to die, to tell you the truth, because the knife was 10 inches long,” said Dennis.

  The men followed him home.

  Dennis had a friend sleeping upstairs who sensed something was wrong. He came down and fired shots at the men.

“ Right when I seen them get to the door, I popped and then they took of running, and I chased the one down, and I shot two more times trying to catch him,” said David Tucker.”


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Resident Turns On Home Invaders With AK-47



Davie Home Invasion




” A home invasion in Florida took a strange turn after the resident went after the suspects with an AK-47.

  According to NBC Miami6, one home invasion suspect was fatally shot and two others are on the run from authorities after a Davie, Florida resident fired his AK-47 at his attackers last Thursday.”










After 2nd Break-in This Georgia Homeowner Greeted The Burglars With A Surprise Of His Own


Decatur Ga Homeowner



” In the course of 5 days a Decatur, Georgia man’s home was broken into twice.  But this time at least one burglar was not able to get away. Watch VIDEO at bottom of post.

  It was in broad daylight when 3 crooks decided to break into the home at the end of the cul-de-sac.   The homeowner happened to be going home for lunch when he got an alert from his alarm company that someone had broken into his house.”










Memphis Homeowner Shoots Burglar While Waiting For Police


Memphis Shooting




” A Memphis homeowner who came face to face with two suspected burglars during a home invasion last week put one in the hospital and sent the other fleeing, WREG reports.

  Police said the homeowner called 911 when he heard someone smashing the glass of a back room window, but before officers could arrive, the two suspects were already inside the home. However, little did the suspects know that the man was not only home, but armed as well.

  The homeowner shot at the intruders, hitting one, who was later found about a block away. The suspect was taken to a local hospital where he remains in critical condition.”



    Self-Defense … The finest , most effective crime deterrent there is … Far superior to waiting for the police to collect your body or that of a loved one .
















” Tiffany Thompson got her wish: Demetrius Murphy met the “Right Person” and he will not be playing the Knockout Game any more. Ever. St. Louis homeowner shot Murphy dead late last week during a burglary. And a whole lot of people in St. Louis feel relieved, if not safer. Murphy was a member of a group that is credited with making the Knockout Game a St. Louis tradition, then a national pasttime.

  The rules of the Knockout Game are simple: Begin with a bunch of black people. Anywhere from three to 30.

  You can play anywhere, but “vibrant and culturally mixed” neighborhoods are probably the best. That is where the victims are: Asians, “gays,” artists, yuppies, seniors , college students – people who won’t fight back. Over the last two years, hundreds of people around the country have become victims. Some say over 100 in St. Louis alone. Some died. Others, like Murphy’s victim Matt Quain, suffered broken bones in his face and jaw.

  Last week, four members of the national Championship Alabama football team were arrested after three played the game two times, and the fourth tried to use a debit card taken during the attacks. Many of these cases of black mob violence are documented in the book “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return racial violence and how the media ignore it.”


Good riddance .









Milwaukie Woman Pulls Gun On Intruder



” An intruder in Milwaukie tried to break into a home after he had already walked into two other apartments and had a gun pulled on him Friday night.

The man was captured on surveillance video walking up to a home and looking through a window at children playing with their babysitter. The man is then seen trying to open the door and get inside. When he discovers the door is locked, he takes off. 

Before trying to get in the home, the man had reportedly walked in two other apartments. In one, he followed Crystal McKinney upstairs and inside.”


    The armed citizen is the greatest deterrent to crime , of that there is no doubt . Criminals have little to fear from the police and everything to fear if they know that their potential victims are not defenseless sheep . Kudos to Ms McKinney for having the gun handy and for being confident enough of her abilities to use it in her own and our defense . We say “our” defense even though we live thousands of miles from her town in Oregon because every successful defense against the criminal class by law-abiding citizens makes all of us safer . 

The progressive trend of deferring to the police and disarming the public over the past couple generations , which thankfully is receding , has been a major cause of the rise in crime . When criminals have no fear of consequences crime proliferates . When thugs fear for their safety they go elsewhere or pay a price . We are all better off for Ms McKinney’s actions and for that we thank her .







Home Invader Shot After Shooting Man In Face



” Two men and one woman were at home when Matthew Banks, 26, entered the house at 4:25 a.m., according to a Gainesville Police report in which the address of the incident and the names of the victims were redacted.

Authorities did not reveal the condition of the wounded victim or Banks, of 2229 SE 30th Drive.

Police gave this account: The male victim was asleep on a couch when Banks and a second suspect entered the house.

A woman in the house had gotten up to check on another person in the house, who is blind, when she heard two loud booms and then the man shouting that he had been shot in the face.

The woman got a gun from a closet and walked down the hall toward the living room when she saw Banks pointing a gun at her. She fired a shot and told police that she was sure that she hit him.”












One Dead Following Home Invasion In Sandstone; Second Suspect On The Loose




” A man is dead in Pine County following a home invasion around three this morning.

Pine County Deputies responded to the home of an elderly man on reports of a shooting.

The Sheriff’s office reports at least one of the suspects was armed with a handgun and confronted the homeowner. The homeowner grabbed a handgun of his own and shot the armed suspect killing him.”








Sheriff: Homeowner Shot & Killed Gunmen Pretending To Buy Roosters



” Hidalgo County investigators are questioning a homeowner who claimed he shot and killed two men in self-defense. It all happened off Sioux Road and Mariposa Street just north of Donna around 7:04 p.m. Sunday. Investigators said two men arrived at a ranch in Alamo where they claimed they wanted to buy roosters.

The two men drew guns but the homeowner told deputies that he reacted by getting his weapons and shooting at the armed men. Both men died from their gunshot wounds at the scene. One victim was shot twice in the head. The other victim was shot twice in the upper torso.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office reported that there is reasons to justify that it could be categorized under Home Castle Law self-defense case:
– The men were not invited into the home
– The home owner felt his or his friends life were in danger of deadly force
– The home owner was not engaging in criminal activity “


   This case has some suspicious aspects to it and as such the police are not yet ready to declare the shootings justified .

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