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Store Clerk Shoots Robbery Suspect In Roanoke



Armed Robber Shot



” A Roanoke man is out of the hospital and in the City Jail after being shot by a store owner Wednesday night on Melrose Avenue.

  Police say Lee Warren Greene III, 18, suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder.

  The store owner is former military police with the Pakistani Army. When the alleged robber was distracted adding beer to his list of stolen items, the owner acted quickly.

 Munawarri Hussain was admittedly scared when the suspect, who police say walked into his store Wednesday night and demanded all his cash.”



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90-Year-Old Laundromat Owner Pulls Out Gun While Teen Thug Tries To Rob Him






” A hooded assailant got a little more than a surprise after preying on what he thought was a defenseless 90 year old man.  As the assailant attempted  to rob the man, he was shocked into retreat when the victim pulled out a gun and chased him out of his store.

This wasn’t the first time George Hicks has had a run in with thieves as in 2010 he was beaten and robbed inside the same Laundromat. Needless to say, Hicks learned his lesson and went out and bought a sidearm for personal defense.”










Alleged Robber Shot 11 Times By Store Owner In Bassfield





” According to investigators, a gunman entered a Get and Go convenience store Monday morning in Jefferson Davis County on Mississippi 42 and demanded money.

  The armed robber shot the store owner in the leg before all the money had been taken. The gunman exited the store but returned to take the rest of the cash. By that time the owner had a 9mm handgun. When the gunman approached, the owner shot the robber at least 11 times.”



Eleven or twelve hits ? The police should shoot half as well . 






Epic Fail: Man Attempts To Rob Gun Store With A Baseball Bat (VIDEO)


bat gunstore robbery



” Derrick Mosley walked into Discount Gun Sales, smashed one of the glass cases with a bat and helped himself to an unloaded handgun. The store owner, who was – not too surprisingly – packing his own loaded pistol, very calmly like trained his sights on Mosley and demanded that he drop the gun, the baseball bat and a knife he was carrying. Mosley complied and was held at gunpoint until deputies arrived a short time later and arrested him without further incidence.”







Penn. Man Shoots And Kills Man Attacking His Wife With A Club





” Saturday afternoon a music store owner in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, shot and killed a man who came into his store and attacked the owner and his wife with a wooden club.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the man, later identified as 31-year-old Andrew Moore, came into Armen’s House of Music, located about five miles south of Pittsburgh, browsed for a few minutes, then left. He immediately returned to the store, armed with a wooden club, and proceeded to beat the store owner’s wife, Sylvia Armen, in the head and face. When her husband, Alfred, came to help her, Moore started attacking him as well. The two men fought briefly, and then Mr. Armen pulled out his .38 revolver and shot the man.”