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There Is No Greater Honor Than To Be Included As A Member Of The Statist-In-Chief ‘s Enemies List





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22 Dreamy Art Installations You Want To Live In



8. The Rain Room at The Barbican, London


The Rain Room at The Barbican, London



” The room is fitted with 3D cameras that sense your location in the room, and automatically turn off the water valves above your head, allowing you to walk through the downpour without getting wet.”


Source: semelphotography.tumblr.com




Not yet interested in clicking the link? Then have another sample .



22. Kusama’s Obliteration Room


Source: thisiscolossal.com





“This is what happens when you give thousands of stickers to thousands of kids.”








22 very cool living art installations . Check them out . We are sure you will not be disappointed .







    A month or so ago we linked to a fabulous 3D sidewalk painting brought to us by Amazing Things . It was a very popular post on a really cool subject . Now we have the pleasure to bring you not one more sample of that type of creative genius , but a whole collection of them from various artists around the world . We hope you enjoy the show .



Amazing 3D Sidewalk Art



The 3D street painting 'Crevasse' by artist Edgar Mueller .

The 3D street painting ‘Crevasse’ by artist Edgar Mueller




3D artist Kurt Wenner unveils his latest creation inspired by The Big Lunch.

3D artist Kurt Wenner unveils his latest creation inspired by The Big Lunch.



       These are two samples , there are thirteen more photos of these exciting creations at the link














Cool Tanks Made From Snow (28 Photos)



snow tanks 500 15 WTF, yet cool, tanks made from snow (28 Photos)






Kind of cool huh ? That’s nothing compared to these





snow tanks 500 17 WTF, yet cool, tanks made from snow (28 Photos)



See them all here










Amazing Things









From Amazing Things in the World









23 Mind-Blowing True Stories Behind Famous Songs


#11 By: drudru







” Music fans spend a lot of time trying to find meaning in the songs they know and love. Well, it turns out a lot of our most popular songs have meanings that are a lot more bizarre than we would’ve thought possible. We asked our readers to dig up some surprising facts on some of your favorite songs. The winner is below, but first the runners-up …”

Life After the Apocalypse by Vladimir Manyuhin [17 Pics]




USA overgrown post apocalypse










Best Anti-Gun Ban Cartoons/Graphics



Best Anti-Gun Ban Cartoons

Conservatives Are Boobs When it Comes to Pop Culture




” Now that we are descending into nanny-state soft tyranny under the sure and certain leadership of our beloved Not-A-Dictator, we are going to need a Minister of All Cultures and my nominee is John Nolte of Breitbart’s Big Hollywood. First of all, I know Nolte so even under the new regime, I should be able to score copies of movies with all the offensive scenes still intact. And second of all, I’m beginning to think that he is the last sane man discussing pop culture in America except for me. And I’m not too sure about me.

Last week, the Noltenator ran a terrific piece defending funny man Seth MacFarlane from both left-wing and right-wing attacks on his off-beat, politically incorrect and also very amusing Academy Awards performance. Especially under fire was a song called “We Saw Your Boobs,” which named which actresses had exposed themselves in which movies. Critics on left and right called the song sexist, offensive, puerile, etc, and Nolte explained to them: shut the hell up.

” What strikes me as wrong-headed… is all this taking of offense and hurling of “ists.” I fear we’re becoming a nation of well-intentioned (sometimes) “Footloose” dads who see danger in harmless fun; where we cry “ist” to put a stop to things that make us uncomfortable; where — so “we don’t offend” and “for the good of others” – we build restrictions. And what happens in the process? We lose our own capacity for joy and that very healthy exercise known as laughing at ourselves.”



Daily Video 2.20.13

 Santa Fe: Georgia O’Keefe Museum

Photos Of Mumbai

Mumbai Photos [27 Pics]

LEGO Artist Nathan Sawaya Builds His Works Brick By Brick





” Sawaya first created sculpture with traditional media — but then started working with the Lego building bricks he played with as a child.

“I dug out my bricks, sat in my closet and did some large-scale pieces, and friends and family encouraged me to keep going,” Sawaya said in a phone interview this week.

He launched a website — BrickArtist.com — featuring his works, and then started getting requests for commissions. “The day my website crashed from too many hits, I realized there was something to this,” Sawaya said. “So I made the decision to leave the law firm behind and play with bricks full-time.”

What’s the appeal of Lego bricks as an artistic medium? “I love the rectangles, the straight lines, the sharp corners,” Sawaya said. “When you go up real close to [my sculptures] and see that it’s all these little squares and rectangles, and then you back away and you see the sculpture in this different perspective. Suddenly, all those sharp corners blend into curves.”

When Sawaya started sculpting with Lego, he bought bricks at the store or garage sales. The Lego Group, the Danish company that produces the famous bricks, was “a little wary” of his art at first. “I was taking their toy in a very different place, and that was into the contemporary art setting,” Sawaya said, adding that “we quickly established communication and developed a great relationship.”

Now, “if I need to order 500,000 red pieces, I do like having that access to the company and I can shoot them an email,” he said.

Sawaya has been commissioned for some unusual projects, including a child’s bedroom with furniture for “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and a life-size sculpture of pseudo-pundit Stephen Colbert for“The Colbert Report.” One of his most challenging works is a 20-foot Tyrannosaurus rex for an art/science museum in Singapore — a work that dismantles into 14 pieces for shipping. “I had to get it out the door of my studio,” he said. “

From The Mind And Hands Of Jon McNaughton




Wake Up America

Wake Up America





The Forgotten Man





   Do yourself a favor a explore Mr McNaughton’s website and his work . Some of his works are even displayed on interactive webpages that allow you learn exactly who and what is being portrayed and why in the artist’s own words . It is a very impressive body of work and needs to be seen by all freedom loving Americans who are weary of “p**s-filled” jars and elephant dung being passed off as typical American art .We will leave you with one last taste of Mr McNaughton’s creative genius . 



One Nation Under God


   This is a screenshot of one of his interactive webpages . As you mouse over the various figures in the painting the box in the upper right corner will give you a description of who and what EVERY character in the painting is and represents .


  Mr McNaughton goes so far as to address criticism , typically from the Left , of his works and to explain his thought processes involved with the creation of individual works .


McNaughton’s response to liberal criticisms of “One Nation Under God.”
I would like to take a minute to explain some of the points of confusion for those who wish to interpret my picture.

  1. Each figure including Christ represents a symbol. Everything about the painting is symbolic. I don’t pretend to know what Christ looks like. As I stated in my interview, I wanted to create an image that would instantly be recognizable as Jesus. I am not painting an anthropological Jesus. Nobody would recognize him if I painted him that way.
  2. The figures in the background have been the source of great debate. Let me make myself clear from my writing that just because they stand behind Christ, does not mean they are devout Christians evoking all to come unto Jesus and be baptized?! What I am saying is that they represent those who have influenced our country and our Constitution in a positive way. Many of these men and women gave their lives so we could have the liberties we enjoy. We are now at a time when these liberties are in peril. Our government has grown so big and powerful that the rights of the individual are at risk. This is what the Constitution was about—to limit the size of government. The patriotic heroes who stand behind Christ and the Constitution are pleading with us to defend the cause of liberty. Except for the pregnant woman in the lower right corner, these people symbolize those who have pushed our country towards Socialism. (The pregnant woman’s place in the painting is explained on the website.)
  3. In connection to my last statement, I knew when I painted this picture that Thomas Payne (so sorry I offended some of you for spelling his name wrong), and Thomas Jefferson were Deists. That was irrelevant to me. I believe God brings about His purposes through different people. Even those who aren’t baptized or following the accepted Christian religion.
  4. Not only have I received flack for this painting from Liberals, but also from the Right as well. Why did you include JFK? Why Lincoln? Why Teddy Roosevelt? I painted this picture to reflect my personal feelings about America. This is not a Republican painting. This is not anything other than one artist’s personal feelings about his love for Christ, this country and a desire to make a point about where we are headed. I hoped that this painting would encourage dialogue and debate. It is important that you understand my position before you make assumptions.
  5. One of the most ridiculous criticisms I have read is that I don’t have enough minorities in the painting. The way people throw around the word “racist” these days is overkill. From the beginning of the painting I chose to include a variety for ethnicities under the “Strong Americans” category. I also used different races in the background where I could. One of the most important positions in the painting is where the black U. S. soldier is standing.
  6. Some of the chatter going around on these liberal blog sites I feel is unfounded. One of the things I said to myself from the beginning was the knee jerk reaction some people would have to the painting would be very revealing as to which side they personally stood in the picture. If you don’t believe the Constitution was inspired of God, fine. We will agree to disagree.
  7. Some so called “art experts” feel that a true painting should not be explained, but left to the viewer to interpret. I may not reveal all my thoughts, but I want the world to know what I think and feel—that’s why I painted it! Great art causes one to feel. To feel deeply. I knew this painting would evoke emotion on both sides. I knew it was a unique concept, having never been painted before. I don’t care if the composition is outdated or whether some other artist may have painted their composition better than me. The message stands alone.
  8. Why Satan? I don’t for a second believe he looks like that, but I do believe he is real. Again, the image is symbolic. Having Satan near these people doesn’t mean that they are Satanic. If you believe in God, surely you would believe in a Satan.
  9. OK, how could McNaughton be so ignorant about Charles Darwin and “Origin of the Species?” Yes, I have read the book and yes I do believe in many of the theories it espouses. What?! No, I don’t’ think the book should be burned and kicked out of the school curriculum. Some of the rebuttals I have heard in regard to this subject in my painting are unfounded. I believe that this book is a standard that the left uses to push Christianity out of the Educational Forum. I believe that we need faith in our schools. I believe that I did not evolve from an ape. You may disagree, but that is how I feel. Do I believe Evolution should be taught? Yes. Should Christian thought or any other religion be allowed to be discussed without reservation? Yes, as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others.

This is my personal witness and testimony as to the state of this nation. If you would like to ask more questions about my painting, I invite you to do so. I would be pleased to answer any honest questions regarding, “One Nation Under God.”





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A Little Late But Fun Never-the-less 


Christmas Rocketree Part 2: The XMS Missiletoe

Part One From 2010 Can Be Found Here

The 100 Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time

” Cinema exists to project our dreams. Science-fiction cinema exists to project our most creative dreams—time-travel, alternate worlds, expanded consciousness, and more. That’s why we’re science-fiction maniacs and why we gathered up our top 100 movies. And if your favorite isn’t on here, we want to hear about it. (Warning: Here be spoilers.) ”



” 31. Mad Max (1979)

It’s a classic Western seen through the lens of post-apocalyptic Australia. The gonzo cinematography still gets your blood pumping, yet the film is just impressionistic enough to rev up your imagination’s engine. And it’s hard to overemphasize the effect of Mad Max‘s style on other genre films, rock videos, and advertising.

There’s been talk of a fourth installment for years. I, for one, would really like to see it happen.”



The 12 Most Amazing Snow Sculptures You’ll See Today


Wars Captured Through The Lenses – 65 Brilliant Photographs


” Courageous – this is the only term that can be used to signify the War PhotographersPhotography in itself is one the most creative art, War Photography surpasses all the big terms that can be used to represent art, courage and patience. War Photography is representation of armed combat and the current and real situations of war affected areas. The impact of War photography has always been huge right from the first time that it was actually practiced.”


Check out these custom toys from the fertile mind behind Kodykoala


Juliet vs Disco Zombie

 ” Here is Juliet done up in a Pinky Street Style. I was originally just going to do Juliet, but I thought she needed to have someone to kill. I found this great Disco Zombie, and I thought it worked with the Pinky Street Style. “

  Very cool stuff , totally unique and he does custom orders as well , have a look . You are sure to be impressed even if you are not in the market right now .

  Here’s one more example of this creative genius that is Kodykoala.com

Mario's Gun

” I have really been into making custom Nerf guns lately, so I decided to try to make one for good ol’ Mario. Here is what I imagine it would look like. The ammo of choice is a Bullet Bill, and of course there is a working flashlight for all those dark pipes he has to explore. “

… Putting Him In The Pee Pee Only Seems Fair … He Is All About ” Fairness ” After All  


Photo -



 ” A jar of what appeared to be Blaze media mogul Glenn Beck’s urine with a President Obama toy in it is already going for $11,300 on eBay – and bids are rapidly rising.

According to Beck the jar is “art,” his reaction to reports of a painting of President Obama as Jesus Christ. The auction was posted on eBay with bidding beginning at $5.00. “

Honoring America’s Heroes

 ” “Above and Beyond” became a permanent feature at the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum, May 26, 2001. Richard Steinbock and Ned Broderick developed the idea to create a piece that would commemorate all the men and women who died in the Vietnam War. Their goal was to make people comprehend how many lives were lost, all the “wasted potential,” and all the people who were affected by the loss. They struggled with finding a way to include all the names of the soldiers in the artwork. The only other memorial with all the names listed is the Vietnam Wall in Washington D.C. “