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Inside The Best Vintage Car Discovery Ever







” $20 million worth of exquisite luxury cars were lost in a French barn for decades. We just found them.

  Like most people, car enthusiasts dream about treasure and usually, automotive treasure is found in a barn: an enthusiast’s collection of exotics abandoned in a dusty structure, left to the sparrows.”






” The Baillon Collection, coming up for auction on February 6th, is just that—a forgotten hoard of gorgeous European cars left for decades under open-sided sheds in southern France. Their owner, shipping magnate Roger Baillon, fell on hard economic times in the 1970s and was never able to build the automotive museum he had worked towards. Instead, his cars became a ghostly testament to the power of neglect. “


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GI Joe Style Osama bin Laden Doll With Detachable Head Designed For CIA Project Goes To Auction With £1,600 Starting Bid








” An Osama bin Laden doll made as part of a secret CIA project in 2005 and designed by the creator of G.I Joe is up for sale by online auction.

  The 12-inch bin Laden doll, one of only three to be made, was part of a programme called ‘Devil Eyes’ which planned to distribute the dolls to children in Afghanistan to encourage them to reject al-Qaeda.

  Donald Levine, a proud Korean War veteran and creator of GI Joe, designed the doll with manufacturers in China.

  The toy has two detachable heads, one ‘normal’ head with a turban and a beard and another demon-like depiction of the now dead terrorist group leader with a red face and green eyes.”

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America’s Most Prolific Car Collector Is Selling His Entire Collection








” The Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona is one of the biggest auto sales events of the entire year. For the last decade, it’s been about what one man, Ron Pratte, would buy. But in 2015 he’s selling every single car he owns at that auction, including a GM Futurliner. And he hasn’t given a reason.”

” The notoriously private Pratte has a car collection with some of the most significant cars in the world. He got his start in 2003 when he bought 52 (that’s not a typo) cars at the Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, and he’s been coming back ever since. His collection includes the aforementioned Futurliner, one of two Shelby Super Snakes, and the first production Ford Thunderbird, among other crazily significant cars.”


Here is a link to a private tour of Mr Pratte’s garage complete with many photos like the one above and the one below .

Wyatt Earp Gun Sells For $225,000 At Auction


Wyatt Earp's Pistol




” A gun thought to have been carried by Wyatt Earp during the famous O.K. Corral shootout in Tombstone has sold at auction for $225,000.

  A telephone bidder in New Mexico made the winning bid for the Colt .45 revolver Thursday night.

  The auction of numerous items related to Earp and his family in Scottsdale, Ariz., brought in more than $445,000, officials with J. Levine Auction & Appraisal officials said.”

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Gettysburg Wax Museum Selling Historical Figures




” The American Civil War Wax Museum has occupied a prime spot near the center of the battlefield for more than half a century. But it recently underwent an extensive renovation and wants to take a new approach to history. As part of those changes, it is preparing to unload dozens of its historical figures – most made of vinyl, not wax – in what the auctioneer calls a once-in-a-lifetime sale.

  The March 15 auction will also feature diorama contents, tapestries, furniture and books. The items include soldiers, a Southern plantation scene and the Lincoln-Douglas debates’ stop in 1858 at Knox College. Also for sale is an enormous reproduction of Gilbert Stuart’s 1796 portrait of George Washington, which hangs in the National Portrait Gallery.

  When the wax museum reopens later this year as the Gettysburg Heritage Center, its focus will have shifted to the experience of town residents before, during and after the July 1863 battle between the Confederates under Gen. Robert E. Lee and the federal troops commanded by Gen. George Gordon Meade.”


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Camera That’s ‘Walked On Moon’ To Be Auctioned




” Looking for a truly out-of-this-world camera? Then an upcoming auction in Austria might have something to interest you — at a price.

  Vienna’s Westlicht gallery, the world’s largest auction house for cameras, will auction in March a camera returned to Earth, having been used on the moon, during NASA’s Apollo 15 mission.


  Compared to present-day cameras, the Swedish-made Hasselblad, used for landscape photography on the lunar surface, is something of a dinosaur. Inconvenient for selfies, it could never be slipped inside a pocket, weighing in at several kilograms.


  Its lack of electronic wizardry means no geotagging, hence no metadata. But if anyone was concerned about the NSA getting wind of what it was up to, it’d be hard pushed to film anything surreptitiously. The Hasselblad, a boxy brontosaurus of a camera that Apollo 15’s Lunar Module Pilot Jim Irwin used to take nearly 300 pics while on the lunar surface, couldn’t be said to have a stealth mode.”

     Here is the webpage to the auction house but if you want to get a catalogue of the upcoming sale you’ll have to shell out 50 Euros for the privilege of viewing the items for bid . The bidding will start at 80,000 Euros and is expected to go as high as 200,000 . 


Camera Auction Vienna

Francis Bacon Painting Sells For $142 Million

Titanic Violin Sells For More Than $1.6M At Auction





” A violin believed to have played on the Titanic before the doomed vessel sank was auctioned for more than $1.6 million Saturday, a fantastic figure which one collector said may never be beaten.

The sea-corroded instrument, now unplayable, is thought to have belonged to bandmaster Wallace Hartley, who was among the disaster’s more than 1,500 victims.

The story of Hartley’s band, which stoically continued playing on the ship’s deck until the disaster’s final hour, is a memorable part of James Cameron’s “Titanic,” when Hartley and his colleagues are seen playing “Nearer, My God, To Thee” as the passengers around them scream and drown in the icy water.”















1965 Cobra 427 SC For Sale

For Sale At LegendaryFind



1965 Shelby Cobra 427 SC CSX4000

Pinned Image



” Shelby : Cobra 427 SC CSX4000 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 SC CSX4000 Continuation Car With 4,900 Miles From New”









‘Bowled’ Over! NY Family Buys Bowl For $3 — It Sells For $2 Million






” A New York family scored a huge payday when this small bowl, which they bought at a garage sale for $3, turned out to be a 1,000-year old Chinese piece that sold for $2.2 million at Sotheby’s yesterday. The family bought the rare bowl at the secondhand sale in 2007, and kept it sitting on their mantle for years, the auction house said.

After becoming curious, the bargain hunters began consulting experts about the bowl. They finally brought the piece to Sotheby’s, which estimated it would sell for somewhere in the $200,000 to $300,000 range.

But yesterday, London art dealer Giuseppe Eskenazi blew away those figures when he plunked down $2.2 million for the museum-quality piece.”





See the Original 1960s Batmobile
That Just Sold for $4.2 Million


” The Batmobile just sold for $4.2 million. It seems that’s the going price these days for vintage, television vehicles. The original 19-foot-long black, bubble-topped car was used in the 1960s “Batman” television show. On Saturday, it was sold at auction, offering its owner a
pretty penny. “







 Bid on an exclusive opportunity to be a Guest DJ on B.B. King’s Bluesville Channel on SiriusXM for one hour, where you’ll be able to play your favorite blues songs from past and present while you’re on the air at the studios in Washington D.C.



bluesville dj





Learn more about WhyHunger’s 2012 Hungerthon Auction

…  Another Historic Sale

” In March 2012, James D. Julia Auctioneers conducted what is reportedly the largest grossing firearms auction in history. It was hard to imagine ever putting together another sale of such monumental proportions, but the recent October sale, which grossed almost $16 million certainly approached it.

Savage 99 TD Monarch Grade .303

One fine example was on the first day of the auction, which began with the second session of the Wes Adams Winchester Collection. Like those offered in Julia’s March auction, the participation was extraordinary. In fact, the crowd in attendance was one of the largest in recent years; many had come for the Adams’ Winchester and/or Savage Collection, both of which are considered to be the finest of its type ever offered at auction. Highlights included a fine 1860 Henry rifle; the piece de resistance of this Adams’ session, however, was, a spectacular cased, silver-plated and L.D. Nimschke engraved Model 1866. ”

Want A FAMAS ?

  “Here is the super rare National D’Armes De Saint Etienne Famas bullpup French service rifle! In the late 80’s, Century Armes produced a very small amount of civilian Famas F1 style assault rifles, called the Mas .223. The exact number imported in the U.S is unknown but from what we have found it is very close to 100. So it is no question that this isn’t something that comes around often. Most who own will never sell and those who don’t, here is your chance! This compact bullpup is in excellent condition, displaying minor handling wear. The finish is very smooth and appears rugged. It is chambered in .223 and 3 magazines are included. There is a sling and bipod attached as well. There is a cheek rest on the stock that can be attached on either side for ambidextrous shooting. Very low recoil and accurate shooter! A must for any serious collector! This one is it! Best of luck bidding! ALL FIREARMS SOLD MUST SHIP TO A VALID FFL DEALER! Please check with your dealer before bidding/buying. If you have any questions please ask before bidding/buying. SORRY NO SALES TO CA. All firearms are currently for sale locally and we reserve the right to end an auction early even with bids. So if you are interested, let us know! Don’t be shy or it will slip away. Thanks and Good luck! A copy of drivers license and receipt will be sent with every firearm. Insured. 2 Day Air.”


Century Arms Mas .223 Famas F1 RARE Saint Etienne

Oh to have a few million to spare …