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Daily Comedy 5.8.13


     Our apologies to those who came expecting the usual morning laugh  but today , May 8th , for Friedrich A Von Hayek’s birthday , we have chosen to honor him throughout our daily posts , thus we present for your enjoyment an animated biography of one of the world’s greatest thinkers .



Friedrich August Von Hayek: (1899-1992)



” This is a project of the famous free market economist Friedrich von Hayek who lived a very long time. Enjoy!
Created at http://goanimate.com/ “

Announcing the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum

“Bestselling author Tom Woods, who will teach history and government courses in the upper grades of the program, introduces the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum.”

From The Jim Turney Collection Comes This Lecture From Murray Rothbard

” A prolific author and Austrian economist, Murray Rothbard promoted a form of free market anarchism he called “anarcho-capitalism.”

In this video from the first Libertarian International World Libertarian Convention in 1982 in Zurich, Switzerland, Rothbard gives a lecture on what he identified as the six stages of building an independent libertarian (or any philosophical) movement. Rothbard identifies possible growing pains associated with the growing popularity of libertarianism but ultimately concludes that such risks are necessary because “Libertarians, it seems to me, are not content with contemplating justice, contemplating truth, goodness and beauty, we’re not playing intellectual games — we mean to change the world. We want to put this thing into reality.” ”






13 Genius Quotes On Free Market Economics


” The free market economy has been taken for granted by the American people as the dynamic generator of the nation’s vast wealth. Our capitalistic economy is currently being “fundamentally transformed” into a central government-dominated system, threatening the vibrance that has made America the land of opportunity. The following ‘thirteen genius quotes’ display the moral underpinnings of the market economy and dispel some common misconceptions. “




Here is a Sample : Click the headline to read them all .


 ” “All other persons and groups in society (except for acknowledged and sporadic criminals such as thieves and bank robbers) obtain their income voluntarily: either by selling goods and services to the consuming public, or by voluntary gift (e.g., membership in a club or association, bequest, or inheritance). Only the State obtains its revenue by coercion, by threatening dire penalties should the income not be forthcoming. That coercion is known as ‘taxation,’ although in less regularized epochs it was often known as ‘tribute.’ Taxation is theft, purely and simply even though it is theft on a grand and colossal scale which no acknowledged criminals could hope to match.” — Murray Rothbard