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New Playground Safety Requirements Are Absurd





” A combination of government regulations and free market innovation has created playgrounds that are incredibly safe for kids… except if they die of boredom. All the fun stuff is gone, but boy is what’s left non-lethal!”







” The CDC reports that in the 10 years from 1990 to 2000, there were just 31 deaths from playground falls, and 70 percent of these were at playgrounds in someone’s backyard. This means that on public playgrounds, there was an average of about one death per year from falling. With about 40,000,000 kids in America under age 10, that means the chances of a child dying or seriously hurting himself in a playground fall are infinitesimal.”






” Nevertheless, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has proposed new standards that would revamp the surfacing materials on playgrounds. ASTM’s stated mission is to prevent concussions and head injuries. But with the chances of these accidents already so low, you have to wonder about their true intentions.”



    There are no slides , no swings and no seesaws left thanks to this insane pursuit of safety uber alles by the do-gooders of society and yet they are still not content ? What is left to take away from the kids ? More importantly , one wonders how much of this over-regulation of our lives results from a real desire to save lives and how much of the Nanny State is driven by lawyers and the fear of liability ?

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Daily Comedy 2.8.15

Top 10 Best Funny Commercials Compilation – Sexy Funny Banned Commercial – Funny TV Ads




Published on Jul 30, 2014

” Enjoy the top funniest commercial video clips ever!

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Daily Comedy 10.30.14

Porsche 911 Funny Banned Car Commercial









     This commercial was produced by the Danish government in order to get their youth to go out and vote . Watch it and see what you think . WARNING: NSFW 












Watch our neighbors to the north . Gun owners are even under siege from their “allies” on the right .

Man Exposes Wife’s Breast And Strips Her On PS4 Live Stream





” As reported by website GameRevolution, the couple sat on their sofa drinking until the woman passed out. He then lifted her shirt and exposed her breast for “about 15 minutes.” After that he went one step further by briefly turning off the broadcast only to return with the unconscious woman completely stripped naked.

  The user was reportedly banned instantly but they were not the only ones getting up to naughtiness. Some other users made videos of themselves parading around with guns, while others also exhibitioned instances of nudity.

  It was only a matter of time before PlayStation users exploited and defiled the live-streaming feature. At the moment the feature is open for any gamer to publicly display all manner of X-rated shenanigans before they are banned. What this means for its future and the implications of censorship will surely be a big issue for Sony.”



   This sort of behavior is both to be expected and regretted and is sure to become ever more commonplace as we not only welcome the spyware of the 21st century into our homes but demand it . The double-edged sword of technological advancement is dramatically outpacing the growth of human nature , and the question is , “Are we better off for it ” ?

    It is ironic that the very same technological progress that is growing at an amazing rate coincides with a corresponding loss of moral character just when that upright character is needed most . The society of 50 years ago was much better equipped to handle the freeing up of the information stream than are the people of today who wallow in the sty of moral turpitude .








Daily Comedy 11.17.13

Banned – Hit the Road Jack On Buffalo Bill




Uploaded on Aug 29, 2010

” At last — the segment they couldn’t show on DVD: a surrealistic segment from the Buffalo Bill show featuring Ray Charles’ version of Hit the Road, Jack.”









‘Naked’ body scanners scrapped

“Controversial ”naked” airport body scanners are to be scrapped in Europe after failing to receive approval.

The machines, which have been tested at European terminals since 2009, scan passengers’ clothes for any concealed items, creating a detailed ghost-like image of the body.

Despite only being viewed by security staff, critics have said the scanners are invaders of privacy and pose a health risk, though independent health experts found that was untrue”