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  “Happy Birthday, Barack! GOP Makes 17 Hilarious B-Day Cards For Obama”


” Kudos to the RNC for this; they have really been on top of their game during this election. Obama is far superior in the incredibly
unimportant ‘likability’ category, but the Republican party has continually used humor, wit, and passion to downplay the effectiveness of the President’s often misleading messages. ”

Be sure and read the rest .

IOTW’s take on the Obamas wedding song .

“I Saw Her Grazing There”

Check out the others and add your own in the comments .

Hmm. Obama Headlined a DEMOCRAT SOCIALISTS OF AMERICA Event in 1996

  With word of Dear Leader’s herculean efforts at correcting the entire mistake plagued White House presidential bio list comes notice that Barack has decided to educate us in just how devoted , tireless and pervasive have been his attempts to improve our lives .

Herein , we get photographic evidence . Here is a sample .

Barack with his buddies at Yalta , Winston , Franklin and Joseph

Jim Geraghty on Obama’s Greatness ; “Perhaps the president’s problem as he approaches reelection isn’t the state of the economy, or the high unemployment rate, or the high cost of gas, or the unpopularity of Obamacare. No, perhaps his problem is that Americans just don’t appreciate how great he is.”

Us gun-toting , bitter , clingers are too unsophisticated to appreciate the greatness that stands before us .

Now kneel peasants and pay homage .

Too Funny

Hah! Google Books Lists
“Dreams From My Father”
As One of Bill Ayers’ Books



And I thought Google had their head up Wile E. ‘s  a.s