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The  United States Of Hunting From Wide Open Spaces 







” The infographic kicks things off with the Grandfather of American hunting, Teddy Roosevelt, and a great historic quote of his. From there, well, you know what an infographic is. Some of the numbers are pretty impressive: $10.4 billion in travel expenses? That’s pretty significant.

  Take a look at the rest of the facts and figures in the infographic, and be sure to click on the image for a larger, zoomable version.”



Thanks To Wide Open Spaces & Bass Pro Shops









Health Benefits Of Fishing [INFOGRAPHIC]






” This infographic from our friends at Bass Pro Shop shows the health benefits of fishing.

  You knew fishing was good for your health all along, but now science can back it up.”


From Wide Open Spaces











Wal-Mart Will Meet With Holder, Not Biden




”  Wal-Mart’s envoy to the White House’s gun violence task force will meet with Attorney General Eric Holder, not the group’s leader Vice President Joe Biden, an administration official said Thursday.

Wal-Mart is one of ten retailers meeting with Holder Thursday, the Justice Department said. Other stores expected to be represented at the 3:15 p.m. ET meeting include Dick’s Sporting Goods and Bass Pro Shops.

Biden is scheduled to meet with gun owners and gun rights groups Thursday, including the National Rifle Association. Later in the day he’ll sit down with representatives of the entertainment and video game industries.

The NRA is sending James J. Baker, the head of its federal relations office, to meet with the vice president and other administration officials who comprise the panel, which is charged with developing proposals to stem gun violence. Those measures will be presented the President Barack Obama upon the conclusion of the meetings.”





Related : A List Of Attendees To The Farce Led By Mr “Fast & Furious” Himself . Will These Other Retailers/Organizations Sell Out As Well ?



Sportsmen and Women and Wildlife Interest Groups (11:45 a.m.):

Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

BlueWater Strategies

Bull Moose Sportsmen’s Alliance Action Fund

Ducks Unlimited

Outdoor Industry Association

Pheasants Forever

Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

Wildlife Management Institute

Gun Owners Groups (1:45 p.m.):

Defense Small Arms Advisory Council (DSAAC)

Firearms Import/Export Roundtable

Independent Firearm Owners Association (IFoA)

National Rifle Association of America

National Shooting Sports Foundation

National Association of Arms Shows


Representatives from the Entertainment Industry (6:00p.m.):

Branded Entertainment

Comcast Corporation

Directors Guild of America

Independent Film & Television Alliance

Motion Picture Association of America

National Association of Broadcasters

National Association of Theatre Owners

National Cable and Telecommunications Association


Representatives from Gun Retailers (3:15p.m.):

Academy Sports + Outdoors

Bass Pro Shops

Big 5 Sporting Goods


Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dunham’s Sports

Gander Mountain

Sportsman’s Warehouse


National Retail Federation  (unconfirmed)


  We’d be very sorry if we have to cease doing business with Cabelas . Gander Mountain and Bass Pro Shops would be missed as well . But make no mistake , we will vote with our pocketbooks . Any business that chooses to enjoy and profit by some of the Constitutional rights of this country yet will be bullied into abandoning the one most precious to a large portion of it’s customer base should not be surprised when they face a sudden downturn in their bottom line .


 Remember , all this political theater is an attempt to manufacture a crisis where none exists in the interest of further a political agenda . Banning gun-ownership in the US .


FBI Murder Stats


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